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  1. Publicly they are against theft and vandalism, behind the scenes they are very light-fingered and don't think twice about breaking into buildings.



    I don't object to taking the odd keepsake, but ransacking places makes you no better than a pikey.


    The implication in your posts is that the 28DL forum membership are all thieves & pikeys, breaking in & loading up the swagbag, and that is misleading bullshit.


    I haven't denied that the forum has it's bad apples, but your statement  encompas's the entire membership & it's simply not accurate. Maybe I'll accuse you & some of your mates of being thieves and see how you like.

  2. Grind two ibuprofen, a paracetamol, an aspirin and two fizzy-make-feel-good alkaseltzers in a pestle and mortar. Mix with a pint of flat ginger ale and the blood of your firstborn lamb.

    Consume at the break of first light.


    Recipe from Aristotle's annals of quackery.


    flat Dr Pepper & a big bag of low-quality onion rings. Works a treat, IMO.


    My grump is the new brake flexi for the Fiat turned up today but Im in tatters today with some sort of lurgy and unable to take advantage of my last day to fit and go for a blat.


    Even watching endless top gear on Dave is failing to keep me awake

  3. You can hardly call someone a bullshitter because you have been out with a few of them, you would have to have been with every single member on every single sortie to be confident enough to stick up for them.

    Was it not one of the founder members who sold light fittings and other trinkets on the bay of e which alerted members to what was going on.


    This is what he posted, garbaldy:-


    Publicly they are against theft and vandalism, behind the scenes they are very light-fingered and don't think twice about breaking into buildings.


    And it's bullshit. They (and that includes me) are not very light-fingered. LP is posting his usual misleading bullshit to claim that the whole forum are thieves. People have used photo's on there to identify places and then go and steal stuff, that's very different. LP has a habit of posting misleading statements to support his views.


    There may well be one or two bad apples amongst that forums membership (as there probably are here) but I'll repeat, I've never seen it happen and it's bullshit to post this:-



      behind the scenes they are very light-fingered 

  4. I've been a member on there for years, the long timers' attitude towards theft from sites that are visited mirrors that shown here. Unfortunately, pictures shown on the public forum have been used to identify locations and subsequently stuff has gone missing.

    The bulk of that forum are no more light-fingered than we are. Couple of bad apples, etc


  5. A tunnel please, at the Birdlip end of the A 417, to connect the very good dual carriageway from the M4 at Swindon with the M5 at Gloucester. At most 2 miles long and through soft limestone it would delete a serious bottleneck and accident spot as well as improve life in two Villages. Win, Win, Win.


    Tunnels are widely used for roads everywhere else I have been, but they are rarely used here.


    agreed, all tunnels are most excellent

  6. 87.4% of all motorway congestion can be solved not by adding more lanes but teaching people how to use the ones that are already there.


    And when I say "teach people lane discipline" I mean slit offenders throats and leave their bodies hanging from overhead gantries and bridges as a warning to others.


    quicker and easier to turn every road into an 8 lane super highway #welshpavingisforwinnerz

  7. Because they have just imported them to sell on at profit?


    I am puzzled by this trade: much as I like giant maroon estate cars, they aren't going to be an easy sell in Britain are they? It can't be worth the work and risk just for a few quid surely? The quantity and type of U.S. tin that turns up on eBay UK is bizarre.


    And why is so little of it ever driven?

    Imported, sold, bought, parked, sold, stored, sold, on blocks in a council house garden for years and then scrapped. What is the point?


    It's a very good point. Certain stuff will always sell, and fairly easily too. JM, Dan and Eddy plus the other yankophiles will have their own spin, but I would suggest Tri-Chevs, good honest muscle (not necessarily restored, just honest cars), 50's station wagons, 49-51 Mercs, early 50's pick-up. Quite easy to move on swiftly, and make a few quid too.


    But importing a car isn't an expensive process, as a rule of thumb I would add $1000 to Ã‚£1500 to the US$ sale price of the car you have bought. That figure includes the physical act of shipping, getting it from the vendor to the boat, the paperwork at both ends. So buying and shipping a car yourself can be much cheaper than buying one that someone else has shipped in to sell on. Plus you get what you want, rather than getting what is for sale.


    So, in my case, at US$2750 plus £1100 shipping, by the time it was parked on my driveway, the Galaxie stood me at just under £3k and was just about a bargain. Selling it for a profit (despite it's rarity) is another matter.

  8. This is so simple.


    Start building at Southampton, head north until you get to the Scottish coast at Durness, 8 lanes all the way and as close to perfectly straight as possible. Fuck whatever is in the way, this is progress and YOU can't stop it. Every 25 miles, have a junction with a 3 lane motorway going off at right angles and heading for the coast.


    Sorted, next.

  9. Because the aluminium head and block warps and the liners move I reckon.

    I 'fixed' mine several times and ended up binning the block and putting a new engine in. I think the sentence 'head gasket failure' is wrong as the head gasket didn't fail on mine, it was the most reliable thing on the whole car.


    I think Station is onto something. I had a natter with the local F specalist about mine, asked what to check for, keep an eye on, dreaded HGF etc. He reckoned that it was rarely the HG that went.

    Now, he reckons that the cooling on the K series is "lean", he described it as maybe 10% wriggle-room if the system isn't looked after properly. He went on the say that this was when the K was out in front of a car, hanging there in the breeze. Not when you stick it in an enclosed metal box at the back.

    So, his advice to me, with a K-series engine (in an MGF in my case) and no history whatsoever:-


    Check the rad. Make sure it's unblocked, undamaged. Replace if in doubt, standard radiator is more than adequate.

    Check the hoses & clips for damage and leaks

    Check the metal full coolant pipes for evidence of corrosion. Stainless replacements are available but realistically, new mild steel ones are adequate and last a mere 15 years if looked after.

    Check the OAT, keep it topped up with the correct stuff. Change annually

    Bleed the system correctly, do not cut corners on this bit

    Keep an eye on it. A quick glance under the car for drips and check the level when you are in the boot.


    I've done all that (he bled the system for me) and mine seems fine. It even drinks a bit, about 100ml a month, but shows no sign of deteriation.


    I hadn't seen this thread before, I note it's been ongoing for a few years now. Seems a shame to have killed the car for the sake of a radiator.

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