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  1. My lad has just sorted out his Xbox one and look what car he bought me Handles just like the real thing when I'm in charge!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. The implication in your posts is that the 28DL forum membership are all thieves & pikeys, breaking in & loading up the swagbag, and that is misleading bullshit. I haven't denied that the forum has it's bad apples, but your statement encompas's the entire membership & it's simply not accurate. Maybe I'll accuse you & some of your mates of being thieves and see how you like.
  3. flat Dr Pepper & a big bag of low-quality onion rings. Works a treat, IMO. My grump is the new brake flexi for the Fiat turned up today but Im in tatters today with some sort of lurgy and unable to take advantage of my last day to fit and go for a blat. Even watching endless top gear on Dave is failing to keep me awake
  4. I fancy this too, which firm did you do with?
  5. This is what he posted, garbaldy:- And it's bullshit. They (and that includes me) are not very light-fingered. LP is posting his usual misleading bullshit to claim that the whole forum are thieves. People have used photo's on there to identify places and then go and steal stuff, that's very different. LP has a habit of posting misleading statements to support his views. There may well be one or two bad apples amongst that forums membership (as there probably are here) but I'll repeat, I've never seen it happen and it's bullshit to post this:-
  6. I've been out with a fair few of the members on there who are local and never seen any of them take anything. Hence calling you a bullshitter. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. Went to buy some bugs fir my Dragon earlier and this one had gone free range Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. Calling bullshit on that. Trespassing yes, but bullshit to the theft Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. I've been a member on there for years, the long timers' attitude towards theft from sites that are visited mirrors that shown here. Unfortunately, pictures shown on the public forum have been used to identify locations and subsequently stuff has gone missing. The bulk of that forum are no more light-fingered than we are. Couple of bad apples, etc
  10. quicker and easier to turn every road into an 8 lane super highway #welshpavingisforwinnerz
  11. It's a very good point. Certain stuff will always sell, and fairly easily too. JM, Dan and Eddy plus the other yankophiles will have their own spin, but I would suggest Tri-Chevs, good honest muscle (not necessarily restored, just honest cars), 50's station wagons, 49-51 Mercs, early 50's pick-up. Quite easy to move on swiftly, and make a few quid too. But importing a car isn't an expensive process, as a rule of thumb I would add $1000 to £1500 to the US$ sale price of the car you have bought. That figure includes the physical act of shipping, getting it from the vendor to the boat, the paperwork at both ends. So buying and shipping a car yourself can be much cheaper than buying one that someone else has shipped in to sell on. Plus you get what you want, rather than getting what is for sale. So, in my case, at US$2750 plus £1100 shipping, by the time it was parked on my driveway, the Galaxie stood me at just under £3k and was just about a bargain. Selling it for a profit (despite it's rarity) is another matter.
  12. you will need my new roads to get to your airports, #buysharesinTaffsTarmac
  13. Yup, I (for reasons I no longer remember) once swapped Mk2 units plus the grill into my Mk3
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