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  1. Monies Sent ,plus good luck money
  2. SAO Penza , I would give my Gran away in a raffle to own one
  3. Hi Rovhunter , welcome to Autoshite You Know Myself And Ghosty Squire Dawson and Austin Rover from Lancashire too
  4. Ok Ghosty Baby Number 4 Please Intresting to have a twin of mine The Running, ,I may have to suck and see Matt
  5. Wonder who put you onto the green one ?? Think the Piss was the Late Elsie's Dog ...Not Elsie The MK2 looks epic , You are a Winnahhh Wonder if Chris has done test on a city before ? I dare you to bring it to Tatton 2019 .lets see some #FOEM
  6. Great Vid Squire Sounds like a Bentley Cant wait to see it
  7. Salutatiations Lovely Car Needs to be preserved over winter I trust your driving skills but one never knows who is coming (And I really don't recommend getting T Boned ) Your fleet is a credit to You
  8. Salutations Really is a Lovely Car Squire Waxoil the underside Replace Panels in Spring Mr Hubnut needs to do a u tube video of this car
  9. This Montego is That epic that the chap behind it has fell down
  10. If Alan Bennett and Julie Goodyear had a French lovechild ....
  11. Hola ,Buenos dientes Some great chod there , I Often see old stuff in Benidorm Next Time I go ,will pap some Buena vida
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