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    Joey spud reacted to jon.k in Deletion of comments and/or threads by members   
    I’d prefer to know when posting that I have the option be able delete my own comments and threads at some point if l’d like to, just for general security/privacy reasons. Otherwise posting would seem like a pretty  big commitment.
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    Joey spud reacted to lesapandre in Deletion of comments and/or threads by members   
    Given this is a user generated site - I would say leave as is. An OP - like myself would prefer the option to delete threads I have started once they are life expired.
    My most successful thread is the:
    "New Citroen Ami - with 100% certified AS cred?"
    This has 32,000 views and 1,500 comments. Fantastic. I would not dream of taking it down.
    However there are other more personal or less popular threads I have deleted after a while as they were no longer attracting comments or had been answered.
    Personally I'd see the ability to delete as an important internet security option for the original OP. Also the continuing ability to delete individual comments.
    I blog all sorts here including trips into Europe and all sorts of things about my old cars and what I do.
    They are for entertainment or information purposes or to get info or support from members - some I have also subsequently met.
    I'd not want some of this old material left on the internet in perpetuity - it's just past events. 
    The internet is  also a somewhat strange and evolving place - AI will make it even more so. I'd like to continue to control the data I post and where it ends up.
    If people occasionally throw they toys out of the pram - no sweat - another thread will be along shortly...
  3. Haha
    Joey spud reacted to purplebargeken in 2004 BMW Z4 2.2 - Live Collection   
    Train from Lime Street to London on Xmas eve many years ago. Had a reserved seat in cattle class. Boarded the train, some cunt is in my seat. Train rammed. Spoke to conductor person who basically said tough, they may get off at Crew. People sat in the space between carriages. Bollocks to that. 
    Sat in 1st class as only one person there. Conductor comes over, all indignant and says you can’t sit in here, people have paid extra.  I slowly looked around and said, don’t you mean person? I also paid for a seat but it isn’t available, so I’m staying here. Tough.  She went away stuttering and sputtering and I journeyed all the way to London in my 1st class seat.
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    Joey spud reacted to SiC in 2004 BMW Z4 2.2 - Live Collection   
    It's going to be a longer one. 4hr15 or so on the train and similar driving back. 
    First chariot of choice

    Fast golf bros

    Split ticket nonsense 

    Next chariot 

    Has just arrived. Early!

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    Joey spud reacted to Cookiesouwest in 2004 BMW Z4 2.2 - Live Collection   
    Its always grim up north
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    Joey spud reacted to Dyslexic Viking in What makes you grin? Antidote to grumpy thread   
    Finally got the summer wheels and tires on the modern after almost 6 months on noisy studded winter tyres.
    It is so quiet and nice to drive now and can finally hear the noise of the 3 cyl engine again.
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    Joey spud reacted to Jikovron in Tales of a new business, trials and endless uphill battles   
    For aslong as I can remember I've wanted to be directing my own path in business but never had the actual confidence to overcome huge self doubt and fears of failure, in 2021 when I nearly met with my mortality thanks to covid I remember hating that I'd played things safe as houses like a boring nobody and literally despite continued health maladies I feel that I've got a second run up at life , so I'm starting from nothing at 35 and want to get pushing forward with what is abit of a dream for me .
    So basically my sister and I have teamed up to create a new garage/engineering works of which provides the usual bread and butter garage services and also more specialised work less commonly found like large manual machining capability and welding.
    We're looking to stock up on a range of common classic parts too so that we can take on most project work without waiting on parts turning up in ebay etc albeit limited space prevents stocking a vast amount.
    So far over the last 8 months !

    Obligatory huge lathe brought back somewhat inappropriately 

    Company car brought down , inappropriately 

    Lathe electrical rebuild done because it was dangerous as hell, 415 through the soaked push buttons etc ,,horrible ! Once cleaned and generally setup it's been put to work straight away!

    this s100 k series swap was quite aquite to drive, getting one to fit the earlier car isn't bolt in like with the estelle and rapid !

    Cambelt snappage job on an iveco 2.3, lots of new valves and lapping required!

    loads of work done, and loads more hopefully to come ! 

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    Joey spud reacted to grizz in Grizz’s OCD Awesome ASTRO Van 🚙, VW Caddy Van 🚐 Now a Green Toad 206 CC 🐸   
    Jobs that I really hate. 
    Pressure washing all of my concrete surfaces every year. 
    Then sanding in all the joints with kiln dried sand. 
    For those who have no idea, a lot of my hard standing surfaces have what is known as block paving. 
    Small individual bricks laid and compacted as driveway. 
    Pretty, but a bastardo to clean up yearly. 
    Those in sunny climates like Africa, Australia and lots of the USA will never understand. 
    Moss and fungus, weeds and whatever can germinate will grow there in the grooves, so you need to spray poison like Roundup or pull the weeds twice a season as well. 
    When you then come with the pressure cleaner, and I buy the most powerful one you can get for the money, you blast all the sand, moss, roots of weeds out. 
    Keep in mind that every brick has four bevelled edges to deal with plus the flat, mossy green top surface. 
    I hate it. 
    Takes me three days to do all of it. 
    Keeping in mind you cover everything in a 10 meter radius in sh!t and constantly have to go back to clean where you left off. The amount of debris from the cleaning builds up so sweeping it up, collecting the dirt etc is more time consuming. 
    I am 1.83m or 6 foot tall. 
    The lance or sprayer is made for a 1.65m or 5’5” short person. So you are bending over all the time to get the nozzle working 80-100mm off the ground. Don’t tell me about those sexy round brush things. THEY DON’T WORK for my application. 
    So I started at the garage. First job……. 
    Clear all my junk, left after the big clear out the last few weeks. 
    Clear a years worth of leaves and dirt under the hedge. 
    Then start the torture. 
    What you have after a year. 
    Junk moved. 

    The target. 



    Takes time.  
    The before and after images give an idea of how important this actually is. 
    Never looks that bad, till you start. 

    Two hours to do this section so far. 

    Next day some more. 

    Once it is dry, the idea is to sweep and brush kiln dried sand into the grooves. 
    This prevents stones moving once you drive over them. 

    Wet sand is not ideal. 
    But I paid for it, so I would use it. Right? 
    Garage area done. 

    Concrete strips next. 

    Video shows it a bit weird but trust me…… horrible job. 
    Then area behind the kitchen, followed by alleyway and out front. 
    Kitchen parking done. 

    Front area. 
    Bloody storm winds were not helpful. 


    Almost done. 
    By this point, I was cold, sore and tired. 
    But I finished the rest of the drive. 

    Next job was to grab the VW Caddy and go fetch a massive wooden double bed frame. 
    The rest was good, but I almost couldn’t get out the van I was so stiff and sore. 
    Loving this van doing it’s job. 

    So next job is to go buy some fresh kiln dried sand for the driveway block paving. 
    Till next year. 
    Three days worth of work in 6 minutes video. 
    Thanks for watching. 
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    Joey spud reacted to grizz in Grizz’s OCD Awesome ASTRO Van 🚙, VW Caddy Van 🚐 Now a Green Toad 206 CC 🐸   
    Summer is coming. 
    Antihistamines and cutting grass. 
    Also parts of the garden waking up, bringing once a year beauty in the form of certain flowers and plants making their reappearance. 

    I just couldn’t get going yesterday. 
    Opened my woodwork shop and started dragging parts out to build an oil can ukelele with. 
    Mickey popped around, twice. 
    We had coffee, chatted, I enjoyed the distraction as I really wasn’t feeling the shop. 
    I searched for a small cheap, working ride on mower for him. Unsuccessfully. 
    I am sure Wolf tools used to make an extremely simple one, but finding something that works is not that easy. 
    Then went around to his place to help him lift some stuff in his garage. 
    He is 78. Years old and forgetd that he is slowly getting older. 
    He offered me a gazebo frame, before he scraps it. 
    So I now need to order a 3x3 meter canvas roof for it. 
    Could be useful when working on the C10 outside in the sun, if we have a summer. 

    Of course after all the wind and drizzling rain the van once again looks like a step child, grubby and neglected. 
    But I did take a few pics and took some measurements……
    Based on a conversation I was having with a long time friend. 
    My Suburban comes in right around 80 inches to the tyres, The ##### is 79.5(ish) to the widest point on the arches and the K5 Blazer is about 79.5 too (not including mirrors on any of them!). Makes the Jag and Merc look positively skinny!
    Always something brewing. 

    When I reverse (the only way I park cars out back) down the alley, the mirrors both have to be folded in. 
    You can’t get down there unless you have done that. 

    Measurement of the alleyway. 
    You need to subtract 3 inches from the 80 inches to accommodate the boiler pipe and windowsill on the one side. 

    Life’s challenges ehhh??
    Saved by the tape measure? 
    Have a good week. 
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    Joey spud reacted to barrett in 37th time lucky: Palladium goes for a drive   
    Last weekend was the VSCC Light Car Section Welsh weekend. this year marked 100 years since the RAC Small Car Trials, which inspired the event, and in which a Palladium did exceedingly well over 1000 miles of hard test driving at the hands of its designer H F Smallwood. Since the aim has always been to take my Palladium on this event it was absolutely essential that it was back up and running in time. Sadly it hasn't been driven for about 4 years, since it suffered some mechanical problems (on the way home from Wales, funnily enough) which resulted in a load of water in Number 4 cylinder and a couple of bent valves. Anyway, we rallied some troops and had a mad week of putting it all back together (absolutely minimal input from myself, obviously) and a few days before the trip it was running for the first time and sounding nice and healthy. I did a quick trip round the block and all seemed well, so all that was left was to keep a positive attitude and pack lots of tools. Here's how things looked after about 100 miles.

    And approaching the border

    Noo hood or weather equipment wasn't great considering we were in the grip of Storm Kathleen, but the weather was pretty kind on the way up and I did 200 miles behind the wheel with no problems whatsoever. Made it to Wales and spent two days fannying about, actually much more challenging than the drive up, driving on small roads with lots of hills etc. Here it is in the middle of a section through normally-closed Forestry Commission roads

    It shed a sidelamp lens going over a nasty bump annoyingly. Here it is resting at the summit of Bwlch-Y-Groes, 'the Welsh Terror', a absolutely nasty very long climb which saw off a few competitors back in 1924, but which the Pall sailed up without any problems (in first gear)

    And here it is going down the other side

    After all that, we set off quite early on Sunday. The first leg was quite tough going with awful rain and wind, but the last 100 miles were pretty great going.

    Got back by 6pm which was alright. The best part of 700 miles covered in four days, which might not sound like much but it takes a huge amount of concentration and energy to drive this thing at speed. Apart from a blocked slow runnning jet there were zero mechanical issues for the whole weekend. The number plate bolts came loose, one of the wing valances sheered the rivets holding it in and was rattling around, I think the gearbox is possibly even nosier than it was before but otherwise it was smooth sailing! So glad to actually get this heap to Wales and re-enact the 1924 event, which was the marque's most notable achievement, particularly on this anniversary year. Next stop: get a hood made.
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    Joey spud reacted to Saabnut in LightBulbFun's Invacar & general ramble thread, index on page 1, survivors lists on Pages 24/134 & AdgeCutler's Invacar Mk12 Restoration from Page 186 onwards, still harping on...   
    Today I swung in by Duncans workshop to have a discussion on the way forward with the kingpin on REV, He has it fully disassembled and we measured everything and came to the conclusion that it is worn!  By kingpin standards not badly worn, enough to probably induce a speed* wobble but nothing dagerous. Fortunately the housing for the bushes is showing no wear at all, so the new kingpin and bushes should be an easy fit and solve the problem. The bushes do in fact appear to be oilite type, and the bottom of the kingpin tube is open into the front drum, which explains why no grease nipples are fitted.  In the bottom of the tube was a ball of rock hard grease that had obviously been put in many many years ago.  Dunc has also spoken to a few of the old boys who tend to congregate at interesting workshops, including the fella who maintained the 1920s bus in Aberdeen which used a similar, if somewhat larger, kingpin assembly.
    The unanimous decision is to leave things as original and reassemble with a good coating of heavy weight oil. After all, it was good enough for the government for the lifetimes of these vehicles. He will hopefully start putting it back together later this week.
    We started discussing speed wobbles, as you do and we decided to see if we could improve the aerodynamics of REV
    The first attempt using Seat parts was not great
    So we looked around and found a yellow and white body kit on an old Audi in the corner which we think will work better!

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    Joey spud reacted to Richard_FM in One (shite) picture per post.   
    More than a minor problem (Sorry!)
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    Joey spud reacted to Vimesy in The new news 24 thread   
    Blowing a gale up here today, so I retreated to the garage with an idea of fettling with the Spitfire.
    The stitching of the soft top seams has gradually been unravelling over the past year, I had them held together (more or less) with many pieces of gaffer tape - which wasn't really an ideal solution - so I thought, how difficult can it be to re-stitch them?
    Never having sewn anything for at least half a century, after some advice from my wife, I set to the task!
    Turned out okayish, won't win any prizes for neatness but better than sticky tape.

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    Joey spud reacted to stuboy in The new news 24 thread   
    This parked up at the auction outside pen whilst at the boot fair

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    Joey spud reacted to Tickman in How much shite is too much shite? Delivery but much much better than Amazon   
    Looking forward to see what the dream car is for a man that has an AC Cobra.
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    Joey spud reacted to Saabnut in How much shite is too much shite? Delivery but much much better than Amazon   
    In typical fashion today I have another blood letting at the hospital (I am being cremated in instalments to see if I like it before booking the main event) so today is also my new to me dream car is being delivered. As I sit awaiting my appointment in the oncology waiting room I have just had a text saying it has arrived at my friends in Perth. My friend is going to store it for me whilst I make room in the shed. 
    I am going to ask for a big bore pipe to be installed so I can get out of here and head south ASAP. 
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