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  1. The new switch/cut out thingy turned up today for my old compressor and it stopped the air loss but it still wouldn't get above 20psi so I pulled it apart and found this... The outlet valve/flap had snapped,I looked on eBay etc but couldn't find a replacement then I had a eureka moment... One feeler gauge blade cut to size and secured with a pop rivet. So no excuses I'll have to clean the underside ready for stone chipping now. Boris came with the wrong late type indicator/side light lamps. Which I don't much care for so I have acquired a pair of early side lamps to use as indicators (amber led bulbs) and moved the side lamp up into the head light. You would not believe how happy I am finally fitting these original glass lamps.
  2. While I was on a roll / still interested I thought it might be worth finding out if the wing I repaired off the car in 2020 would actually fit on the car. The answer was nearly. Ah that's not so good. I think the problem was with the outter wing and inner wing. With a bit of trimming/welding of the mounting flange and some hammering/ repositioning of the inner wing I was able to get a satisfactory alignment after all. Before calling it a day I popped in a flat glass H4 headlight and fitted the chrome hockey stick. Visible progress it's like Boris is getting his face back.
  3. I still can't be asked to crawl around preping the underside for stone chipping so I faffed about with the front panel and grill instead. I had bought some Clarendon grey enamel paint but it was way too dark (almost blue) so I diluted it down with some white radiator paint it's not bang on but better than before. I painted the cross member and chassis legs,it'll do for area's that are out if sight. In the future i am going to fit an electric cooling fan but for now I've put the blade back on again. I fitted the slam panel with the rad already bolted on then realised you needed it out of the way to be able to secure the top chrome strip fixings. I think the bonnet might need some tweaking as it seems it's front edge is totally the wrong profile. Or it's a 64 year old bitsa so it really don't matter...
  4. When I was on the RAC i was always surprised just how many non starts were due to low fuel. Volvo V70's were a sod for refusing to start if low on fuel and parked on a slope.
  5. Every now and then the littlest dog comes in the house with stinky oil on her back much to the other halfs annoyance. I know exactly where she is going but keep stumm but after the latest occurrence I thought it's about time I changed that weaping diff seal before I get rumbled. How hard can it be to undo a nut torqued up to 140ft/lb ? Well my battery nut gun and old air powered gun wouldn't shift it so I needed to be able to hold the flange still while I cracked the nut off with a breaker bar (with or without added jack handle). I consulted my BMC Minor manual and there was talk of special tool no.18G 34 A. I made something far simpler out of a length of angle that was long enough to wedge against the floor. I dot punched the pinion shaft,pinion nut and drive flange position before loosening the nut. The old seal instead of being pliable had turned solid and plastic in nature and swapped over with its replacement easily enough. When I torqued the nut up to the required 140ft/lb it was nice to see my punch marks were still aligned. Fresh oil was added and so far no leaks or soiled Beagle. While I was under there I thought it prudent to renew this brake hose. I did it twice though as i'm a muppet and neglected to fit the copper washer on the end that connects to the T piece first time round. The propshaft was devoid of paint so gave it a nice coat of some of Screwfix's finest jet black rattle can. I need to get under the car and clean any road crud and lost fluids from the underside before I can stone chip it but my mo-jo for this task is currently non existent so instead I seam sealed where required and coated the boot area instead. Not to everyone's taste but it had sixty years of various paint and under seals splattered around in there already so the black Gravitex is fine for how I want the car. My old Wolf compressor is normally able to keep up with a Shultz gun but today it was struggling badly until it wasn't getting much above 30 psi and not sounding it's normal angry self. Looking closer it was leaking loads of air from around the switch/pressure valve thingy. Replacement thingy now ordered from eBay for £8.50.
  6. I had a visit from a more senior member of the family today. He's had this 'distinctive' Rio for twelve years and loves it.
  7. I have to agree with Mr Pastry it's a horrible job repairing random inaccessable rot. I have an elderly relative with a Rascal Camper van that needs front arches,seat belt mounts and front panel sorting out he has tried local garages and mobile guys and got nowhere so reluctantly he asked me it i could have a look as he knows i am busy with a house move and my own crap. I don't want to do it but i've looked at it and it doesn't look a lot but it's fiddly,awkward shapes and has been bodged before and i know once i start cutting i will end up finding more corrosion. Flanges that have gone crispy and swollen are far more time consuming than they they look. I estimated three days to do a nice tidy job and as he is family quoted him £240 labour plus gas and sundries say £300 all in which i thought was reasonable but i have now heard back through the family grape vine that i am being greedy and ripping him off. I am in a no win situation here as if i just patch over the rot or ignore the flakey bits it will look crap (and its an area that is very visible) and it'll need attention again in the future and i'll get called a bodger and expected to put it right for free.
  8. My old Avensis has been giving me a concern for the last few weeks. First start of the day it would briefly run on three before being ok for the rest of the day. I checked the glow plugs and one was dead but modern HP diesel systems don't really need them for starting but I changed it anyway but it still fired up on three. Then one morning it reverted to starting on four again but it now had a noticeable diesel knock between 1200 and 2000 rpm until it had warmed up instead. I don't possess a scanner as I only run old jap stuff so I couldn't look at what the injectors were up to so instead I splashed out £8.35 on a bottle of snake oil and glugged the whole lot into the fuel tank. Well its taken about 100 miles but last week the old girl finally stopped knocking from cold and is now positively brisk again (well as much as 154k/126hp Toyota can be). Was it the fuel additive or just coincidence I've no idea but whatever has managed to unclog the injectors nozzle then happy days.
  9. Joey spud


    That's good knowledge,I thought it was a Mini with a Hornets nose grafted on too.
  10. I didn't realise it was drive it day but I did move my Subaru MV284 aka 'brat' about a mile down the road to where I will be moving to after it has sat around since 2018. Although I had recently added a can of E5 to its tank I think it mixed with what was already in there to produce a fuel with the octane rating of a can of flat Tizer as it wasn't at all happy off choke or pulling away. It was better when fully warmed up but still had a big flat spot when moving off. One wheel arch and sill end left to fabricate and I can't see why i can't be mot'd and used as a useful rolling project.
  11. Joey spud


    In the mid eighties my mates had Escorts and Chevettes but I had a white G reg Hornet with white eight spokes and black plastic wheel arches I also painted the roof black with a speckled coating that was supposed to look like a vinyl roof. Everyone laughed at it but I loved the little thing and surprisingly so did the girls. A dismal MOT failure saw it scrapped so I swapped the wheels and arches onto a K reg black tulip coloured mini 850. I looked at putting the Hornets nose on too but that needed skills I hadn't yet learnt.
  12. Joey spud


    On Bangers and Cash this week an old boy was selling a '74 Granada XL estate a '70 P6 2000sc and a '53 Sunbeam Talbot 90 that was gorgeous and had done sod all miles in the thirty plus years he had owned it. The Granny made an obscene £16k the very honest Rover £7.6k but the lovely Sunbeam struggled and finally sold after the auction for £4.5k. £4500 for a really nice 50's Sunbeam Talbot 90 has to be the bargain of the century it's a seventy year old car can still be used everyday no problems and has buckets of style and charm. It's old stuff every time for me,how can an admittedly very clean Granada be worth £16000.
  13. I have to agree the Dolomite would be a bridge too far for me. If it was loosely put back together would you get most of your money back on it ? There's no shame in bailing out on a project. Run the P4 untill early Summer season and move it on and maybe it'll wipe its face too.
  14. Joey spud


    A nice easy fix then. Maybe this guy had been here too,I wonder if a old copper gasket is better than a unknown branded fibre one ? Those rocker arms are the later solid ones that I also have in my 1275 midget engine and not the weaker old pressed steel jobbies so that points to a better than 1960's spec engine. It wouldn't hurt to measure your valves to see if their bigger than standard too.
  15. Joey spud


    If a head gasket blows between two cylinders the ignited fuel in one cylinder can travel across to the other cylinder causing a horrible knocking / pre ignition noise Lazy arse of a patrol could of lifted the cover off to see if there is any obvious valve train damage I know I would have done just to satisfy my own curiosity.
  16. Exactly that's why I bought the place. To be honest i think he was more concerned about the quality rather than the quantity.
  17. Subaru Brat news. I am about to put my house up for sale and the estate agent has advised that seven cars and an 80's caravan with half a floor on the front (I don't think he clocked the Minor up the end of the garden) might put potential buyers off. So the old Subaru in the corner by the road was unearthed and moved up on the driveway. Its had a cheap car cover on it throughout the winter months for the last four years and despite internet opinion saying otherwise the paint hasn't bubbled or been abraded and allowing for it being red it hasn't particularly faded either. I have changed the tyres to 195/60's instead of previously fitted rakish 195/50 x15 tyres. I think the bigger tyre suits it and will give it longer legs too,alas my son says the opposite. And while having a dig through the shed a while back i refound the bash plate and wing undergaurds for it so spent way too long remembering how they fitted and what fixing went where. I needed a battery too so at around four pm yesterday i went on to the Tayna battery site and ordered a nice Exide jobby and it turned up at 9.30 today. Happily it's charged to the brim and not been sitting around for weeks on a cold concrete floor somewhere degrading. I can now drive it down and park it up at my vacant new abode and now just need to re-home the soggy caravan.
  18. I am twenty mins up the A2 eastbound from the Dartford crossing or 270 miles. I like me old BMC stuff but not that much...
  19. I did the terrible chrome on my Scimitar SE5 with satin black I think it worked against the white body.
  20. Small update time seeing as there's been a raft of old shite on parade here this week. The welder has now been packed away as i can't find anything ferrous left to cut out and replace. And I have bought six litres of Gravitex stone chip and a new shultz gun to liberally coat the underside and the floor/boot area with. I just need a couple of dry days before I can splash it about. While refitting the the front hub assy I managed to mangle the brake pipe from the flexi hose to the caliper. In the olden days any independent motor factor would be able to knock me up a new pipe for a couple of quid so I ventured into my very local spares shop and left disappointed they had a roll of pipe and an assortment of fittings but no way of creating the flares (something about H+S / public liability etc). I used to have a decent flaring tool but can't remember who I lent it to so I bought the cheapest one eBay could offer. Not great but not bad either. It did the job ok,just needed the pipe to be perfectly squared off and deburred first Although I had previously rehung the n/s door and was well pleased with its fit I hadn't yet fitted the window frame/glass so it could still end up being iffy. But no the door still fits the hole just fine. This is my next easy job. This gearbox cover is an aftermarket one (designed to clear the bigger Sierra gearbox) and needs the unknown gunge cleaning off it where it screws/butts against the floor. I have ordered a 5m roll of inch wide caulking that should seal any joint gaps and any left over can be also used to seal the fuel tank against the boot floor too. I need to get Boris sort of mobile as I am moving about a mile down the road to my late father in law's place which is also lacking a garage but it has a large garden which I can access via its driveway. So this mess. Has turned into a nice 10x5 metre pad which will have a big comfy timber workshop built on so I can play with my Tat in the dry for the first time in twenty plus years.
  21. I quite like the bumperless look. Maybe the plate could be loosely attached with hairy string.
  22. My Minor (which is January '59) hasn't got a fixing point on its pillar but I saw this ''solution'' recently. I can't honestly remember but I think this was a convertible moggy.
  23. I keep looking at this one on eBay. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/334790809082?hash=item4df31655fa:g:visAAOSwIkJkEOHc&amdata=enc%3AAQAHAAAA4DZQSyexsvx7Z7ydNayG4SAm3rfH70tTZn3Nt3M%2F1Vb2w%2BpuvuqprASZC%2FpBRqDv4OHlNGs581Z0Ingp%2BcQBEeBwnzZEQMyA915kMSudSvQUuhtLQaASDvJLVtaOc3D3zv2K%2Bis5GjAc8tLORu%2F4Zhp7NkFxtO1OGP%2Bpb3cNszFaKf0NABu3IsDRp%2B6o3z85sSM9jP8KSdSf8guhgzrek7a3fu8T1jMikdZWY%2FWkkoEnJuIxA4o3LsfzPN47%2BRIIx6wh1aX%2BZ8VZ14T8kyT0sNjmRHo49x2i9cjNkhBzGnbd|tkp%3ABk9SR8LigcXnYQ Over priced but a handsome thing that's begging for a bit of love.
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