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    Saabnut reacted to Inspector Morose in The hydrogen Chevette   
    Apart from the glaring miscalculation in that the energy drawn by the alternator in producing the Hydrogen is far greater than the energy created from burning it.
    it was a conversion that was sold a few years back and was fairly well publicised as a leap forward in reducing emissions - it showed great promise until someone did the figures.
    Grossly inefficient it may be, I still like the idea though.
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    Saabnut got a reaction from Low Horatio gearbox in Old cars in the fold…   
    T'was me that had the Saab! It is currently awaiting its turn for some work before (hopefully) returning to the road
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    Saabnut got a reaction from Cord Fourteener in Old cars in the fold…   
    T'was me that had the Saab! It is currently awaiting its turn for some work before (hopefully) returning to the road
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    Saabnut reacted to Flat4 in Being sensible   
    Stopped for a burger First impressions - I'd forgotten what a big lazy engine this is Too easy to go over the limit and it not feel that fast. I'd also forgotten how nice the waste gate chatter is on these We'll see how it behaves over the next week and hopefully, some how, get another year's ticket on it.
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    Saabnut reacted to Zelandeth in Zel's Motoring Adventures...Jag, Citroen, Mercs, AC Model 70 & A Sinclair C5...25/09 - Cavalier Decisions...   
    Why do I do this to myself?
    I'm currently two cars above capacity, and three out of the five are broken/have issues.
    [] Jag: Intermittent charging fault.  I keep putting off fixing it...because Jaguar.  I know I'll remove the alternator and somehow that will break the rear suspension or something like that... It's also technically sold, though the new keeper doesn't move into their new house until mid November, at which point they'll have room to take it on.
    [] BX: Hasn't been on the road for at least 11 years.  It's getting closer to an MOT, but still needs a fair bit of work done.
    [] Merc: Currently lacking a camshaft because it's eaten it and the camshaft has then proceeded to eat it's way through the head.
    This leaves me with the van and the Invacar.  Neither of which are exactly the most practical all purpose daily transport! 
    So why the hell was I out looking at another car today?
    As far as I can tell it's basically because I'm an idiot.  That and because people insist on putting things I have fond memories of up for sale.
    Of course this went predictably and I've basically decided that it needs to be mine.  Which means I need to make space for it. 
    My current thinking is that it will probably be the the Merc.  Much though it is a nice way to waft around, getting it tidied up to a point I'll really be happy with it is going to cost a small fortune.  I knew going in that trim and the like was expensive for these cars, but I guess I hadn't appreciated quite *how* expensive.  Which is probably partly my own fault...last time I'd really looked was probably over ten years ago when I was helping a friend back up north with the odd job on theirs...and it was a saloon, for which things are generally easier to find.
    Current plan I think is to swap the cylinder head over (I'm already half way to having it off, may as well at this stage) and see if that resolves the issues I've been having.  If it does, excellent.  If not, at least I've tried and I can give a more definitive diagnosis than "it *might* need a new engine." Will all have been an interesting learning experience anyway, whatever the outcome.
    The BX is a little bit of an unknown as I've yet to drive it more than fifty feet.  However it is such a comfy thing that I can see myself very much liking it.  We should be *relatively* close to at least being able to throw it in for an MOT and see how long a fail list we end up with.  A lot of people on here have put a lot of work into saving this car so I would really like to justify those efforts by getting it back actually onto the road.
    Obviously neither the van nor Invacar are going anywhere.  Despite the market meaning that it would be a good time to sell the van if I were being strictly sensible about it.
    Being sensible I definitely wouldn't be looking at possible project cars either.
    Like this one.

    I made a very specific point of *not* looking too closely at this car when I was over there a month or so back as I knew I'd be drawn to it and end up asking "how much?"
    Then it popped up in the classifieds. 
    So I went to have a look.
    Overall observation... basically that for a 70s Vauxhall it is astonishingly solid.

    There are a couple of bits of rust though, would be incredible if there weren't.
    The first I found was the inner sill just ahead of the offside rear wheel.

    Sorry, not the best photo as I was taking it blind.
    Oddly the *nearside* which is the side I usually expect to be rustier is solid there.

    That'll be fun to weld up from underneath the car with spatter going in my ear.
    The other bit I immediately spotted was on the nearside front chassis leg.  There was a repair  done there for the last MOT the car had, but being 10 years ago it's really in need of cutting out and doing properly as it looks like the rust has got into the seam.

    On the plus side, the whole area feels solid and for a change access looks to be fine.  Only thing that needs to be moved out the way is the wheel and one plastic fuel line.

    I was kind of braced for the whole area going "scrunch" when I poked it but it didn't.
    The other one is a bit of a potential can of worms - sill covers can hide all sort of sins.

    This one looks to have separated a little at the rear.

    However the sill wasn't crunchy behind it, so hoping a localised repair will be all that's needed.  It's likely a vain hope...but I'm going to hold on to it for now!
    No horrors hiding in the door shuts.

    Apparently I totally forgot to take a wider angle photo of the nearside rear.
    The nearside rear is probably the worst of the arches.  Might need some TLC on the leading edge at the bottom.

    Rest are all in good shape.

    Inner wings are in really good shape under the bonnet.

    The battery tray has a couple of tiny pin holes in, but that's something even I should be able to patch up.

    Unlike a lot of cars I won't need to dismantle the entire interior to sort that.
    The bonnet needs drowning in Vactan and Dinitrol to catch it but it's not rusted through anywhere.

    The interior is in really good shape, the seats just needing a deep clean.

    The choke cable hanging out of the dash is because of the currently fitted carb having an automatic choke.

    I do like that dash. 
    Someone in the past has cut holes in the parcel shelf for a set of 6x9 speakers... though to be honest that's fine by me as it makes me feel fine about installing some.
    Only had it running for a couple of minutes before we ran out of fuel, but she started up without any complaints and sounded really smooth albeit a bit tappety - though if I'm remembering right that tended to be the case with these engines anyway.  I know the previous previous keeper had been chasing around a running issue for quite a long while, but we don't know if it was ever resolved... hasn't presented itself so far though.  Kinda hoping they did as they were quite an expert in the field I believe and it was giving them a right runaround.
    So... banking on needing the following in addition to the aforementioned welding and a good service.
    [] Tyres.  They're all 10+ years old and one has a huge bulge in the sidewall.
    [] Brake calipers.  One of them is known to be seized, don't imagine either are going to be in great shape.
    [] Brake discs.  In addition to being rusty they've both got quite a big lip on.
    [] All fuel lines.
    [] Battery...I stole one from one of my cars for the test today.
    [] Rear silencer.  It's missing.
    The paintwork is very, very thin throughout.  It's not hard to see why these cars tended to rust badly basically everywhere when they were ten years or so old in their day.

    Given this and the dents and scrapes which have happened while the car's been in storage bodywork tidying is going to be an ongoing job for a while.  Worst looking issues there are the nearside doors, though I reckon with the right leverage (or one of those fancy air bag panel jacks) they would at least mostly pop out.

    Is this even vaguely sensible?  No.  Do I care?  Not really.  It's a car I never would have expected a chance at...and it's local which makes life a lot less difficult compared to quite a few cars I've bought over the years.
    Also, you only live once.  Following your heart rather than your head now and then is okay.
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    Saabnut reacted to JMotor in JMotor's fleet 'o shite. Saab content wie some other stuff ken!   
    New pipe on. 
    Filled up with fresh ATF. Bled. Success! 

    Car taken up the road. 
    It's quite nice. But I see how a map would liven one up too. 
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    Saabnut reacted to JMotor in JMotor's fleet 'o shite. Saab content wie some other stuff ken!   
    Duly noted. 
    Thank you @Saabnut 👍. 
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    Saabnut got a reaction from JMotor in JMotor's fleet 'o shite. Saab content wie some other stuff ken!   
    In future can I suggest www.saabits.com - better service and much nicer people.
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    Saabnut reacted to Crackers in Cars of Crackers: Another One In!   
    Y'ever wake up and think to yourself, "I fancy another car?" 
    Me too. 
    Dad and I are off to somewhere near Skegvegas today to look at a new handbagcar. If it comes home with me I will update later. 

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    Saabnut reacted to JMotor in JMotor's fleet 'o shite. Saab content wie some other stuff ken!   
    New addition to my collection. I'm officially blaming FB marketplace! 

    9-3 S Turbo. Good running B205, 88k on clock and has a power steering leak. 
    Didn't need it and REALLY shouldn't of bought it. 
    However I did. 
    Shall replace the rotten PAS pipe I found and take for a quick drive. Then see if it stays. 
    Oh the wheels suuuucccckkk. Would of preferred the standard steels and trims instead. Unfortunately the last owner binned them!
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    Saabnut got a reaction from Coprolalia in Great number plates - got any?   
    One of many I have, and the only one I have ever bought (direct from DVLA)

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    Saabnut reacted to lesapandre in Mercedes 124 European Roadtrip is Completed   
    So thanks to Daimler AG, Saabnut, John Buchan, the boulangers of France, the nice lady at the Air-BnB, P&O Ferries staff for being so great, various cafe owners, the French health service who did my covid test and all those French car owners who provided photo  opps....and of course your good selves for tuning in.
    Tune in for another  installment - same channel.
    I hope you enjoyed this trip.

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    Saabnut got a reaction from binhoker668 in Mercedes 124 European Roadtrip is Completed   
    If you are anywhere near the Sarthe (72) you are welcome to call. Tools/garage/tea/beer/biscuits and spare room available.
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    Saabnut got a reaction from BlankFrank in Back in time to pre-COVID - Continental Road Trip   
    As next month would be the second anniversary of my last visit to my pad in France, I decided that sod the consequences, I was off. I booked the tunnel in December 2020 for the Disco and a trailer to take the digger over before Brexit happened, but the borders closing the day before I was due to travel scuppered that. I have been unable to clarify customs requirements for taking my own machinery over tempoarily so decided to take a different trailer and some tanks over that I wanted over in France. As the tanks have no value, I was given all of them, I thought it would be a good test and if it became a problem I would gift them to the customs service!
    I booked the tunnel for 0320 on Thursday morning, and left home around 0730 Tuesday and headed to my brothers near Gatwick.  No problems encountered and at 2230 Weds I left his and headed for the tunnel. I arrived at the tunnel at 0020, saw the next train was 0120 and thought it was a pity that all the paperwork would mean no time to catch that one. At check in, the nice young man offered me the earlier train, saying there was loads of time, so of course I accepted. Through to UK border control, a quick look at my passport and waved on. Next was French customs, and every car in front was being pulled in for swabs and checks. Nice young Frenchman said "Empty?" whilst looking at the tanks and I said yes so he waved me through.  I asked about bringing machinery through next time, and he said he didn't know, should be OK but things change every day!  
    Next was French border control, stamped my passport (with the wrong date - 3rd instead of 2nd), glanced at my bit of paper issued by queen nicola instead of the QR code the civilised world gets, and he wished me a "Bon Tur". Rest of the journey was on empty if expensive autoroutes because I was towing this trailer

    On arrival, there is a lot of grass! A LOT of grass! Last cut July 2020! The trailer above is parked on the gravel drive! I am slowly getting it down, after 2 days I have done about a third with the first cut, using a 4wd 28hp Kubota and flail mower. An idea of some of it, though the camera flatters it, it is between waist and shoulder high and thick!

    One "lawn" after first cut (so much dust!)

    and the drive

    I have now had enough and I am sitting under my Linden tree in the evening sun, now it has cooled off a bit to about 22c and I am slowly wrapping myself around a bottle of red! My favourite place and position!

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    Saabnut got a reaction from BlankFrank in Back in time to pre-COVID - Continental Road Trip   
    Several days later, large quantities of beer and slightly smaller quantaties of red have been consumed. The weather is not helping with peak temperature today at 32c which was a couple of degrees more than the previous few days. Tomorrow is supposedly warmer! As a result, my daily routine has been a late start, a walk to the village about 1km away to collect a fresh baguette and a couple of croissants for breakfast, usually eaten while watching "Grizzly and the Lemmings" and my favourite "Les Lapins Cretins" on French childrens TV. After breakfast, fire up the lawnmower to go over the previous days cut areas, with the blades still on the highest setting

    As it is a bit* dusty, as soon as the temperature gets too hot, it is time for lunch and maybe a cold beer or two, sitting in the shade of the linden tree. . When it cools off a bit, it is time to fire up the bigger mower and attack the as yet untouched bits

    Fortunately, both mowers started easily once the batteries were charged, as they have been untouched since July 2020 (the Kubota was on charge in the pic hence the side panels being off. I am making progress with most of the first cut completed and some second cut

    Once bored and/or hungry I stop for tea (under the tree) and the time to play with chod. My friend left a couple of cars here in November 2019 while he went back to the Bahamas to sail his boat back.  Sadly, things did not go to plan and standing on a bit of wire from a wire brush saw him ending up with a leg amputation and then of course Covid. He is back in the UK at the moment but the cars are still here. Time to resurrect them.
    First was his 1966 Triunph Spitfire Mk2. Battery charged for 24 hours, a turn of the key and we had life! Drove out and back into the garage fine.

    Next, his everyday car, bought from this very parish.

    Unfortunately this ones battery refuses to take a charge, so tomorrow, possibly  I will see if the one I brought down with me as a spare for the Kubota will fit

    Realistically, I have probably done 2 days work since I arrived on Thursday, with the remainder either faffing or sitting under the tree drinking beer, but I really don't care! Life here is hell* and I am making the most of it!
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    Saabnut got a reaction from BlankFrank in Back in time to pre-COVID - Continental Road Trip   
    Visitors can always be accommodated and I am hoping things will have returned to near enough normal next year to resurrect the International Shitefest idea. As how you get this life, hard work, saving, remaining single and most importantly Bullshit!  
    Today it was a bit cooler at 26c so had a look at the pug. It was parked in November 2019 expecting it to be for 3 or 4 weeks so no lay up precautions were done. It had been established the battery was dead so decided to see if the spare I had with me could be made to fit, but whilst the size looked ok this one is my winch power battery from my trailer as it is well past its best. Removed the old battery and was amused to see a quality* brand (Pro-bat) but surprised to see it was an 063 as my spare is also a 063. I also noticed my battery (a YUASA) weighed approximately twice the old one!
    Connected up the battery  and gave it a try. It fired once immediately much to my surprise. Another couple of tries and it spluttered into life and settled down to a smooth tickover. Blew up the flat tyre and drove it out without issue. Not bad after 22 months sitting. Left it outside tonight as rain is forecast and it might* save me washing it tomorrow!

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    Saabnut reacted to Zelandeth in Zel's Motoring Adventures...Jag, Citroen, Mercs, AC Model 70 & A Sinclair C5...25/09 - Cavalier Decisions...   
    Actually had a few consecutive hours available today so flipped a coin between pulling the alternator on the Jag (which has of course started working again) and delving into the diagnosis of what's going on with the Merc.
    Merc won.
    Step 1 I decided was to have a proper look at the camshaft.  I knew a couple of lobes were badly scored but wanted to see what state the bearings were in - I had a feeling they were likely to be shot and haemorrhaging oil, hence the less than stellar pressure at a hot idle. 
    Off we go again.  Getting used to doing this now!

    Number 1 cam rocker assembly off revealed...

    An impressively scored up bearing with a lot of slack, which you can actually see looking closer.

    Don't think I need to get a Plastigauge out to confirm there's too much free play there.  You can easily get a fingernail into the gap.
    The cam followers feature some epic scoring too.


    Number 2 was pretty similar, though with slightly more severe bearing scoring, cam followers were *slightly* less mangled.

    This was the first one where I couldn't remove all of the bolts from the rocker frame itself because of how much carbon buildup there is in the bolt holes!
    Number 3 however was where things got real exciting...
    The cam followers are utterly wrecked, both inlet and exhaust.

    That however pales into total insignificance compared to the state of the camshaft...

    Wait...that doesn't look right, let me move a bit to get a better look...wait...what the?  Oh fluffing hell...

    Yep... pretty much the entire cam lobe of the number 3 inlet valve has been totally *obliterated.*

    I'm pretty certain this is the most mangled non-broken camshaft I have ever seen... it's *definitely* the worst I've ever seen on a running engine.  Never mind one that seemed to be running quite happily aside from being a bit rattly.  That's easily 5mm plus change of material that has been worn away.
    Number 4 also has quite a lip on the exhaust valve...which would have been impressive wear if we hadn't just seen the above photos.

    The followers on this one were probably the least badly deformed of the lot, though that's not saying much.

    Goes without saying that the whole camshaft assembly inboard of the timing sprocket is scrap metal.  Well I don't think it is actually...this is more the sort of artefact that should be hung on the garage wall as a warning to future generations!
    I did start the engine up with the rocker cover off briefly simply because I wanted to confirm we did have good oil flow up there, as there's obviously a load of damage been caused by oil starvation or *severe* contamination.  We do - in fact so much oil is gushing out from around the rear two and front bearing that it totally overwhems the drains in the respective areas of the head and starts flooding over the top of the head after the engine has been running for about five seconds.
    Probably why everything under the car looks like this.

    Definitely plenty of oil getting to the camshaft now...

    Though sadly too late, this hardware was mortally wounded years if not decades ago.
    There's like 1/8" of this gritty sludge just caked over everything.

    If you remember back to when I first set the valve clearances I checked and found that the spray bar which runs above the camshaft was about 70% clogged, with the front most jet being the only one that was working properly.  This ties in with where the most damage seems to be...so I'm calling on oil starvation as the main cause.  The lack of zinc additives in modern oils probably hasn't helped given the cam follower design.  A separate additive will definitely be going in with the oil once this mess is sorted out.
    It's a bit hard to see, but in person you can make out glittery residue in the head valley around number 3 far more than anywhere else, which supports the thought that the mangled camshaft may be where a lot of the glitter I found in the oil had come from.

    So if the bottom end has survived, we might just get away with a head swap.

    Before going all the way down that lengthy road (being used to OHV engines a head swap on an OHC engine feels daunting!) I'd really like to take a look at the condition of the engine bottom end.  Simple enough to get a quick health assessment done, drop sump, pop a couple of bearing caps off and see if we can see copper and if the crankshaft looks smoother than the surface of the moon.  Simple enough.

    How the bleep do you get the sump off this thing?  There's a stinking great cross member in the way.  Sump appears to go back to about the red marker in this photo, a good foot or so behind the front of the aforementioned metalwork.

    Even if I could figure out how to get to the half dozen or so bolts buried above it and removed the engine mount attached to it... I'm not convinced I'd have enough clearance to pull it out.
    Think I need to go do some reading to figure out what really simple trick it is that I've missed...or getting the sump out will wind up with me 3/4 of the way down the road to removing the engine...by which point I may as well just take it out anyway!  Feels like I must be missing something though given how serviceable most things on this car seem to be.  I did wonder if the sump was split into a front and rear half, but if so I can't see the join.
    Definitely an instructive day...and kinds good news in a way.  The camshaft being so chewed up to this extent definitely would have an impact on oil pressure I'd think and we've definitely found a likely cause for the glitter.  It's just possible the bottom end might have survived...
    Either way I want to check the condition of it before going to the trouble and expense of a head swap.  Plus given the amount of grime in and around the top end I fully expect the sump to be as bad or worse...and worry about the oil pickup strainer.
    Now I just need to figure out how the fluff to get the sump off!  Simple right?
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    Saabnut got a reaction from LightBulbFun in Back in time to pre-COVID - Continental Road Trip   
    Not much to report as grass cutting makes for boring photos, but I do have a visitor at the moment

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    Saabnut reacted to Dyslexic Viking in Dyslexic Viking's Audi 80 B2 and more.   
    Then this was delivered to my local car workshop just before 12.

    And while I was waiting, I took a look at the workshop's owner's Volvo 240 which has been in the area since new.

    So after a little while I got the result.

    It did not pass. The faults are 1 brake pipe at the rear must be replaced, a brake pipe front is poorly attached, a brake shield left front is loose it can be removed, And the brakes hang on the right front. So I'm very happy with this. The car will be in again with them on Thursday next week and they will fix the brake pipes and possibly the other but I will try and fix the hanging brake before that. I was also told that the front brake discs are almost worn out, so I will replace them this winter.
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    Saabnut got a reaction from Coprolalia in Back in time to pre-COVID - Continental Road Trip   
    Not much to report as grass cutting makes for boring photos, but I do have a visitor at the moment

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    Saabnut got a reaction from Dyslexic Viking in Back in time to pre-COVID - Continental Road Trip   
    Not much to report as grass cutting makes for boring photos, but I do have a visitor at the moment

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    Saabnut reacted to Dyslexic Viking in Dyslexic Viking's Audi 80 B2 and more.   
    Today at 12 this will go in for inspection (equivalent to MOT) so it will be exciting how it goes. I'll come up with an update later.
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    Saabnut got a reaction from Fumbler in Back in time to pre-COVID - Continental Road Trip   
    Not much to report as grass cutting makes for boring photos, but I do have a visitor at the moment

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    Saabnut got a reaction from BeEP in Back in time to pre-COVID - Continental Road Trip   
    Well you asked! It is a 1989 Kubota L2850 which spent its working life on golf courses in South Yorkshire. It has close to 5500 hours on it, so not huge numbers. Because it was only ever on golf courses, it was fitted with grass tyres, but when the rears wore out a set of super singles as fitted to artic trailers were fitted. I suspect they will never wear out the tread!  It is fitted with the Kubota 4 cylinder engine and has 4WD, high and low ratios and in addition has a "planter" gearbox which when engaged in low 1st gives a speed of about 200m/hr, the idea being the operator can get off and walk behind planting by hand.
    I bought it about 5 years ago and brought it here where it does general tractoring duties but mainly drives the 1.75m flail mower.

    As to things going well, the car owner phoned me from Montrose today and informed me they had heavy rain and about 12c. He was quite upset when I said I was sitting under the tree in shorts and tee shirt with a cold beer  
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    Saabnut reacted to lesapandre in Mercedes 124 European Roadtrip is Completed   
    Here the everyday survivors are Twingos, AX, C15 and the odd off-beat Japanese.
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