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  1. Indeed, I have bought several from onboard! Including the Solstad from Stockholm whilst offshore Norway.
  2. It looks like it is all go for tomorrow A few friends are running a sweepstake on it so I will go with the same number I have there. 365bhp
  3. Well, that didn't go as planned! No photos as I was a bit* busy. It stopped snowing around lunchtime and the sun came out. The forecast is for a week of hard frosts (-15c or below at night) so decided it would be a good idea to clear some of the snow so, should I need to, I can get out with the Discovery. First, the snow was deep enough to go into my wellies. I then had to clear the door into my shed with a piece of ply as my shovels are inside the shed! Got in and fired up the 4x4 Kubota with loader. Unfortunately it is on grass tyres (its main function is my lawn mower) but it worked as long as I did not try to move too much at once, right up to when it all went wrong and got well and truly stuck! Walked back to get the shovel, and paused for a cup of tea. Half way back to the Kubota I realised I was being an idiot and went back and fired up the Komatsu mini digger. A few minutes later and the Kubota was free. The Komatsu was so good, I decided to use the blade and ploughed my track, all 3/4 of a mile of it. Took longer than planned and it was nearly dark when I got back. Still, good fun!
  4. Well it is not improving here! About another 6" down overnight. Yesterday the snow was level with the floor of my caravan (this is sheltered near to my house) this morning it looks like this: The forecast is for more and no sign of a thaw for as far forward as the forecast goes. Good job I am not going anywhere
  5. I will do a post on the history of the car later in the week. It was originally fitted with a brand new 357 but when Carroll Shelby drove it (I have a picture of him at the wheel) he insisted on a 427 and a 400 out of a 73 Chevelle was acquired and built to what it is.
  6. As far as I know, it will be at the wheels. It is fitted with a manual 5 speed Tremec box, and my mechanic has suggested a self imposed rev limit of 5500 due to the large amount of reciprocating mass!
  7. After nearly a year away being fettled, the Cobra is nearly finished and had a small road test at the weekend (it is a long way from here so the weather was not a problem). On Friday it goes to Northampton Motorsports for a tune and dyno run. This car has a 427 cu in engine fitted (7 litre) and the engine was originally a 400 cu in which in factory tune produced 185bhp. It has been bored and stroked to 427 cu in and allegedly has forged pistons and a performance camshaft, but never has been dyno tested. I estimated (judging from performance compared to my Saabs, the weight estimated at 1100kg etc that it was producing around 260bhp since I have had it. BUT during the fettling many faults were discovered, including a broken distributor clamp, the wrong firing order and set up with number 1 cylinder on the wrong bank! Good job you can trust specialists So, the question is, how many horses will it produce on the rollers on Friday? Nearest to the actual peak recorded will receive a free pint at the next AS meet we are both at, or can be collected from here at any time! I really have no more to go on than what is above but will put up my guess before Friday lunch time when it goes on the dyno. Guesses below please!
  8. Not improving here, still snowing and a just measured 18" plus drifting in places I am bored now so decided to make a break for my shed. Unfortunately one of the mentioned drifts is about 3ft deep and 5ft wide and is across my outwards opening shed door. I will need the shovel then. Where did I leave it? Oh yes, inside the shed. Bugger.... Back inside for coffee now......
  9. Yesterday I had to take a trailer of pigs to market, in Dumfries, about 200 miles away. I was towing with a Land Cruiser van, very competant. To get from the farm to the road we had to tow the trailer out with a 4wd tractor. Hitched up at the road, diff lock in and away we went. 10 miles in and the roads were wet, by Perth they were dry. Saw no snow until about 5 miles from home on the return journey, but just a sprinkling. This morning we have over a foot down, a bit of drifting and still snowing heavily. Not even battling my way to the shed today.
  10. Road trip on Sunday! The prospect has cheered me up no end! I have not been further than 20 miles from home for months, but on Sunday I have a 400 mile round trip to Dumfries courtesy of my neighbour. Yes, it is an essential trip, I am taking a couple of tons of unprepared Bacon to the mart. Now nervously watching the weather forecast.....
  11. More hopefully tomorrow! You are very welcome to visit anytime, spare room available. Sure we can make it an essential journey as well!
  12. Can't believe it is nearly two months since the last update. I have never done so few miles (unless offshore!) with barely 500 miles covered in the last 2 months, about 100 in the Disco and the rest in the 307. Have to say the little Pug is better than I expected, fairly comfortable, goes OK and about 45mpgees. Only thing I don't like is it is Boring with a capital B. Sadly this is the most important thing for me, so it will have to go, either a swap for different shite or offload post lockdown. Life is too short to drive boring shite! I have spent the last three weeks or so tidying* my shed but I soon get distracted. I am making progress but it is slow. (*moving shite from a pile on the floor to a slightly tidier pile on a different piece of floor). The first target is to get to the Saab Sonett that needs the timing setting up after the distributor came loose. We got it roughly correct (enough to start it) at the NEC in March 19 since when it has sat awaiting attention and slowly getting swamped with shite. For the first time in about a year I could actually get to it And a bit later I had it on my hydraulic wheel skates so I could move it so I could get the bonnet open. A turn of the ignition key resulted in a running fuel pump, but no turning. I put a charger on and left it overnight and this morning, for fun, tried again. It started second try! Tomorrow, I am going to try and set the timing, and more pictures will follow. On another subject the Cobra is nearing completion and it goes for a half day rolling road session on Friday 12th. Sadly COVID means I cannot attend but really want to know how much (insert Jeremy Clarkson voice) POWER it is producing. My friend has promised pics and videos. It is sad I am looking forward to next Friday more than I did for Christmas.
  13. No point in buying roffle tickets or lottery tickets. All your luck was used on that timing belt! Worst one still working I have ever seen!
  14. Buy a few more to keep them company? It's what I did
  15. Took your time Shalien!
  16. All these stories of forgetting to refit the oil cap (I have never done that, no, not me) reminds me of the attractive young lady who used to call at the (serviced) petrol station I used to work at. For no* reason other than good service, I would always check the oil when she came in (about every 2 weeks). The garage went self service, but the young lady still came in, and after a couple of months reminded her to check the oil occasionally (hoping for an invite later on to call around to her house to check her over the oil). This failed when she said she said she would get her boyfriend to do it. Next time she came in it was in a different car. Turned out boyfriend checked the oil and left the cap off. Young lady smelt oil, boyfriend checked, found the cap missing and temporarily replaced it with a bit of rag. Two days later, there was an almighty bang and the car stopped. Turned out the rag had been picked up by the rocker shaft, wrapped itself around the shaft until the shaft broke out of the head. Dead car. Sadly the boyfriend remained, and the last time I saw her they were engaged. This was about 40 years ago, so console myself she is probably an overweight grandmother now!
  17. In a drive a long time ago....... My second car, a Mk3 Cortina 1600XL. Blew the engine. Fitted a secondhand replacement. This went well* and took all day, with the biggest problem getting the engine back on to the input shaft. A lack of engine crane, gravel drive and outside in the cold/wet did not help, and it just would not go. After several hours, it finally went on, so was tightened up and work on the ancillaries and wiring continued. By now it was nearly dark, but everything was almost ready for a start. Decided to leave it until the morning so I could check everything in daylight before going for it. My brother came out to help tidy the tools away. "Where do you want this putting" asked my brother holding up an object. Wandering over with the glow from a rapidly failing torch, I was delighted* to see him holding the clutch actuation lever complete with thrust bearing. Oh good. Next day the engine came out again, rest of clutch fitted and amazingly the engine went back on easily. By late afternoon, the first start was made, and engine sounded good. Put foot onto clutch for the first drive and the sodding thrust bearing fell off the lever. Next weekend, out it came again, the thrust bearing (which is a press fit in the lever) was permanently installed by peening over the lever and back on the road it went. I was working for Ford at the time, and over the next 2 years I spent a fortune in parts and huge amounts of time upgrading it to the point it was still to this day probably the best sorted daily I have ever owned. Bought in 1981 at 9 years old, it rewarded my efforts by failing the MOT in 1985 for an almost total lack of boot floor, inner sills and inner wheel arches. Sold for parts to a friend who stripped off the new stuff I had fitted and bridged the rest. Despite it all, I still have fond memories of my Daytona yellow reg GAP 678L. I have never had a Ford again as a keeper. Don't plan on doing so either!
  18. Apparently, after all the shenanigans in the USA this week, Mexico has agreed to finance the wall and Canada has asked if they can have one too!
  19. You can also avoid them by being in Scotland Queen Nicola has decreed that there is no point in offering something that *may* contribute towards safety when a fine and points *will* contribute to the coffers. Posted by a pissed off Cobra driver caught by camera van on bridge on a dry, empty motorway 2 miles north of the border for doing 81mph and whose points expire this year. In days of old* I would have been pulled and given a ticking off and maybe a fine but I would have known about it before continuing my journey that would have resulted in me being more aware. As it was, the first I knew was a fine in the post several weeks later (it arrived within 14 days but I didn't, I was on my way to France at the time).
  20. I guess you could not get on with the right hand gear change then Is that a blue A50P Suzuki, ie the unrestricted one? If so, more pics please, my second bike (after an NVT ) was one of those and loved it!
  21. 2020 - A quiet* year! I am going to tempt fate and put my totals up for the year, despite there being 3-1/2 days to go, and I have not visited either of my chod suppliers* since Christmas. I thought that 2020 had been a quiet year due to both travel restrictions and my being away for work for 3 months, coupled with my determination to stop buying shite and actually reduce the collection. Lets see how we did: OUT: First out was the Saab 9-5 shell to the bridge: Also out early in the year was this little beauty*, collected by @Kiltox of this parish and providing hours of fun* for him Next out was this after many years ownership to @Cavcraft Next out to the bridge was this Next the Modus left to a new home and most recently this also left for a new home So, that is 6 that have left this year. Not bad (for me). IN and OUT A couple arrived and departed this year And now to the shortest section, those that came IN First, from Billy in exchange Then a new tow car was required Then these arrived, one for spares and one to sell on for the owner. The pandemic put paid to that so it is still here Whilst offshore I agreed to buy this which has turned out to be brilliant This seemed a good idea at the time, but now I am not sure what I am going to do with it. Not much I think I was then offered this to save it from the bridge. Might have a good look over it in the next few days I then made an investment to save me effort So of course I had to buy this to move it I will not include the digger and trailer as they are not really chod based Finally, as the Smart, AX and Modus had gone, I needed* a shopping trolley so this arrived So excluding the digger and trailer, that makes 8 in. So, in total 8 out and 10 in. Yep, the fleet reduction is going well. Must try harder.
  22. As I have had to cancel my Christmas trip away, I am still at home so can report my parcel arrived today. Thank you Santa, it will be opened on Friday!
  23. Just postponed (again) my trip to France due to the closed borders - just have to hope there is not too much rain in my area of France until I get there. I have gone for mid January for now in the hope the border situation will have settled a bit by then, I can always move it either way. At least the insurance company have accepted I can do nothing about the work required as it is out of my control so will continue the insurance until I can get there. Better unload the digger off the trailer then.....
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