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  1. After 4 years with no work, last year I landed some that got me out of the shite! Employer very happy, but advised no work this year due to oil industry collapse, but maybe next year (2022) but no guarantees, This morning I was offered a months work starting second half of April. That'll do pig. That'll do.
  2. Indeed, I believe it is not enforced much, they keep it for the "bad boys" mostly as a threat. Of course, they could have dropped it altogether now.
  3. Certainly up to two years ago (not checked more recently) the blue book contains details of not entering non MSUK events and the consequences are up to a lifetime ban. I am a registered MSUK Marshall so am supposed to follow this stuff. Agree with the bit about safety though.
  4. Also, as it is not MSUK registered, if you take part in it and MSUK find out, they will revoke your licence and give you a lifetime ban. MSUK - Promoting grass roots motorsport........
  5. Hovercraft are a separate class. Not road legal in any size or configuration. They will not pass an IVA
  6. Only a partial success today. Spent most of the morning on the phone chasing work, and most of the afternoon waiting for a call that did not materialise! Oh well. The buyer of the Subaru turned up on time, checked the engine and drove it to his trailer for the return journey back to the borders. The engine is going to replace the rattly one in his hovercraft, the rest of the car will be broken for parts. Shame in some ways as the bodywork was good, but very little interest in a car needing a clutch. Still, I have a tiny bit more space, so tomorrow it will be some decent photos of the next one for sale after a trip to restock the fridge.
  7. Snow has all gone and at long last it has stopped raining! Today was actually pleasant outside, so was a day of footering (one for the locals - general messing). Yesterday evening I drained the Disco cooling system and refilled with finest Aldi diet Cola. Today I drained it and it seemed to remove a load of crud, but the heater is still feeble which was the reason for doing it as per @dollywobbler. I think I now have air trapped so will revisit tomorrow. Next was to get the Subaru ready for collection, received a fair offer (among the chancers) after advertising it on Gumtree from someone in the borders. Communication has been good and now spoken on the phone so fairly confident he will turn up. Battery charged, one tyre pumped up from soft and it started first turn of the key. Next, fired up the Saab c900 vert (the one behind the digger) after several months and would have started the other one if I could have found the key. After that, decided to sort the ramps on my plant trailer. Securing them were nuts and bolts secured with the worst welding I have seen for many years, one had already broken free. A few seconds with the angle grinder and new Aunty Luce (all right antiluce) fittings crossed that off the list. This evening I put together the history of a Saab Sonett for a Frenchman after a request via the SOC (I am their Sonett Registrar). With some help from @LightBulbFunI think I have it sorted, but decided to test myself and reply in French. I am expecting an email saying WTF did you say soon The rest of this evening I have been filling in forms to register as a dating club with DVLA for Ducati Cucciolos which took a while (my friend is the true expert but they needed two names). Will be interesting to see how that goes. Tomorrow, after the Subaru has been collected, I will either get on with my own Sonett, sort the brakes on the Enima or go shopping as the fridge is empty! Time will tell.
  8. In @LightBulbFun defence, the "special tool" he has is a commercial product that you too can have. It only costs an initial £150 to get plus there is a charge for every search.
  9. Going as expected! NEC cancelled, Lemans 24 put back to August (but may be behind closed doors). Waiting on the others....
  10. This years list is not looking great TBH. The ones I was planning on are NEC Resto show (postponed from March last year to March this year and now June but the same weekend as Lemans 24 (13th ish) so unlikely to happen. Lemans 24 hour - unlikely to happen. Lemans Classic in July, unlikely to happen. Macon Classique in August unlikely to happen. So far the only thing on is the Saab OC shindig at Prescott at the beginning of August so the 2 stroke Sonett will get another outing Hope to attend the FOD and anything else I can get to!
  11. Spoke to mthe PO at the weekend who is delighted to see the old girl saved. The car is a Tayside car, LSL is a Tayside number and it has been in Tayside all its life. Probably explains the grot! The PO knows most of the history (verbal only) of the car should you be interested, I suggest a run up to see him in it when it is finished!
  12. All voxalls are shite! Sitting comfortable, cup of coffee in hand having just finished my tea and about to catch up on AS when there is a knock at the door. Now, those who have visited here will realise that it is a rare occurrence when pitch dark and 8pm. Gets up, looks out the window to see a gentleman with a torch shining on his "Police" badge on his uniform. Of course, my first thought is what have I done now? Quick conversation and it turns out some people had got lost in the forest behind me (out for exercise in daylight and taken the wrong path) and police had told them to make their way out and the PC had come to collect them. At least this was the official story, not that I believe it, but not for me to question. The relevant bit was he was stuck in the mud in the entrance to the field behind next door and had discovered there was no mobile signal. Could I help? Grabbed a selection of ropes and shackles with a torch and headed over in the Disco. It was a 14 plate Disastra diesel estate in full markings but both rear wheels were off the ground due to the build up of mud under the axle. After looking under it I found there was absolutely nothing to attach to on the back. After a search we found the unused towing eye, popped out the cover and discovered all the thread in the socket had rusted away! After 20 minutes prone in the mud I found a transit tie down, but any rope that would go through would not be strong enough to pull the car out. At this point the PC asked if he could use my phone to call for help, though it was very obvious he did not want to when I realised it was a police car so all normal rules were off! I threaded a ratchet strap through the spokes of the nearside rear wheel and hitched it onto the disco, and low ratio and diff lock soon had it out. Annoyed with myself for not thinking of doing that earlier and save myself from a mud bath! No damage. Turned him round and he thanked me profusely, saying he was very grateful. My parting words well, if you see me go past, don't check the MOT and tax too carefully! He was still laughing as he drove off. Beats watching the telly!
  13. The PO always tried to buy from down south as less salt in use. Both that and my red estate came from the southern hemisphere (of the UK)
  14. Thank you. After the lockdown is over, feel free to visit. In other news, the ice has melted today and managed to get into my shed today so hopefully work can start again tomorrow. As a bonus I managed to get to the shops today, all be in in low ratio with diff lock in on the drive. Roads are clear though!
  15. I try very hard not to comment on these things, but just occasionally it is even harder not to. I have my own forum so see things from both sides. There are always people who are not happy with the mods. There are always questionable decisions when viewed from one side, but only the mods know what is going on in the background. One major car forum no longer exists because a post was not moderated, the site had to close, either that or the mods faced court. Never under estimate the vindictiveness of people. The comparison with FB is laughable, they have the budget to fight back, AS (nor my own forum) does not. When these subjects come up, every year or so, it is the same few who are (mostly) active on the other forum who make the most noise. That forum shouted about no moderation, then through necessity became light moderation. When I tried to sign up in the early days, my request was ignored, so I am not a member there nor will I be. The ultimate moderation is surely selecting who can join? Right, you will be pleased to hear I am going back to being quiet, but somebody has to support the mods occasionally, who whilst far from being perfect, keep this OLD CAR forum going and out of court.
  16. Well it is not getting any better! According to FB most of the roads around here are closed. Last night we had Thunder Snow, apparently a rare phenomenon of thunder and lightning whilst snowing. Today it is drifting.....
  17. I cannot be sure but memory tells me 285/50-15 - the only reason they are still available is they were fitted to early 60s Corvettes, hence race tyres being the default.
  18. Just spoken to my friend who took it down. First he reminded me that it was wheel HP so add 20-30% ??? for transmission losses. The printout shows losses as 19HP but I am unsure of what these things mean. He said that to increase HP we would reduce Torque, especially at low revs. He said it drives superbly and would not change a thing! Coming home at 85mph it was sat at 1800 rpm and just lolloped along! @hairnetthe tyres are super sticky, the last attempted 11 (on the Mulsanne straight) destroyed the clutch...... When lockdown ends I can go and fetch it..... The printout:
  19. A pint to @Fumbler and to show I am not a poor loser one for @Skizzer as well! Having thought about it, one of the priorities with this car is reliability as it will be making fairly regular trips between Aberdeen and Lemans (just under 2k miles round trip) and having a relatively unstressed engine should help with that. The torque should ensure a fun drive whilst retaining some semblance of control. There are only 2 tyres still made for the rear, BFG All terrains and Avon ZZR semi race tyres. The last set (9 years ago) cost £1200 trade, and they will need changing at the end of this year. They are superb tyres though.
  20. I have a video on a run but a) cannot figure how to get it off my phone and b) it is very muted due to the exhaust collectors. Anyway, the results are in. I am still awaiting confirmation of the weight but believed to be 1075kg. Very happy with the torque, a little disappointed with the power output.
  21. First run completed, no figures yet (git!) but primary and secondary jet change underway
  22. Set up and ready to start....
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