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  1. About as local to me as London is to Bristol, the difference is it would take twice as long with the roads here. Trouble is, there is not much or many people local to there...
  2. Wednesday evening saw the old starter off. Thursday morning phoned the factor with the number and they called at lunchtime to say it was in. On arrival they had ordered two, a cheap one and a Bosch which was roughly 50% dearer. The old starter had 13 teeth, both new ones a slightly smaller cog and 11 teeth. They assured me it would work, but I was not convinced. As the cheap one had a 2 year warranty I took that and fitted it fully expecting it to have to come off again! To my surprise, my factor was right and I was wrong and it works a treat and has cured the sluggish starting. Friday I went to Teeside and back, covering 525 miles on just over a tank of diesel and never missed a beat. Trouble is I have to book an MOT for this week and my original plan of the bridge if it failed significantly has been complicated by the expenditure this week. Will have to see how it gets on.
  3. This! Over 30+ years I have killed 3 good make grinders (and lots of cheap ones when we had the workshop) and now have 2 mains ones and a battery one. Most useful and often used tool in the box.
  4. I think that is "Espresso", not very common and a nice colour. What spec is it? Better call dibs then
  5. It is a good job I spent money on the ungrateful bar steward otherwise it would now be heading for the bridge! When I got it from my trusted mechanic, he told me the starter motor was getting tired and after sitting for a few days it would require a jump but it would always go. After sitting for a few days before fixing the exhaust yesterday, sure enough it needed a jump, after which it was fine. Today it FTS and again needed a jump, so I concluded a boost to the battery would have it ready to start in the early hours on Friday, my logic being it needed the full oomph to get the tired starter up to speed. Drove it down to the shed and put the battery on charge. Just went out to see if it seemed faster spinning over to confirm my theory and it let out a whine and the unmistakable smell of fried electrics and resolutely failed to turn over at all. That will have been the starters death throws then when it failed to start this morning! OK, onto the bay of evil and there are several hundred hits on "307 2.0 HDi Starter motor" so it is obviously a rare* problem. Narrowed it down to two who seemed to be the exact spec, both of which asked for the reg number to confirm, and both were a few pence under 60 quid. Emailed both the reg and both promptly replied. The first said no, but we have the correct one at 90 quid! The second said no, but this one will do it with a link to another ebay listing. Following the link it came up with a starter for an early 90s XM V6 petrol for 76 quid! When quizzed they said check the number with Peugeot! Remembering the hassle of the exhaust, I phoned my factors. On checking the reg, they said there are 6 options listed and they would need the number off the old one and it would take a couple of days to arrive. The good news is the most expensive is less than 55 quid. So now I have to take the starter off, a nice* simple* job and leave it in bits while I wait for the new one. Any wonder I hate moderns?
  6. Wimp! If you spent 100% of your net pay for the year on fuel you would only have to borrow a significant sum for the trip!
  7. Are these what you are looking for? ! The choke cable still moves and the oil pressure gauge worked the last time it was used - but that was back in 1992! The problem is I have no idea when I will get time to remove them! I have meetings all day tomorrow and Thursday and I am in Teeside Friday and that will decide how much time I have next week or two and after that I am due away for a month. You are welcome to come and remove them yourself - roadtrip!
  8. Assuming this is on tonight I will try and join in. I have a new laptop so it will be the first meeting I have used it for so we will see how it goes. If you end up seeing and not hearing me or vice versa that is my excuse and it may take a few attempts to get it working. That is of course assuming you let me in at all
  9. This was discussed a few years ago on UKSaabs. Turned out the whole thing is fake with most of it being a RC plane cleverly edited.
  10. Decided today would be a good day to hide in the shed to avoid the snow. Then decided my mates shed would be better as a) he has a working 2 post lift and b) his good lady would bring me tea and homemade cake. The cake was the decider. Job of the day was the exhaust on the 307 HDi as the parts arrived on Friday. I didn't buy clamps as I know I have a box of them in the shed. I would only need one where I was going to cut the intermediate pipe post cat and I had bought the joining clamp for the back box. Two hours of searching resulted in finding 2 too small and 4 too big, but no box of assorted ones. I really must tidy my shed! Grabbed the big ones and some jubilee clips (I know, I know) and off I went. Got it in the air and joy of joys, the intermediate pipe was reusable so 20 minutes later the exhaust was fixed, tea drunk and cake eaten! So that is the Pug ready for a run to Teeside on Friday (allowed, I am working) then an MOT the week after.
  11. Have you bled the fuel system through? There is not much else to go wrong with these. Make sure there is fuel in the tank and wind over with the decompressor lever engaged a few dozen turns. Crack off the fuel supply line a couple of turns or so and wind over until fuel comes out from the joint. Close up the pipe fitting almost all the way, then wind over whilst nipping it up. Wind up to a fair speed and drop the compressor lever and sit back in a cloud of smoke and noise.
  12. Saabnut

    DCD Autos

    Good luck with it!
  13. Happy Easter - Spring has well and truly arrived here in the North East. Oh, wait......
  14. Test run with the Enema reveals it seems to have cured its reluctance to roll. Of course the front CV joints have started to click, oh well. Fitted a new wiper blade insert then added the finishing touches.
  15. I *might* have a gauge and possibly even a choke cable in the spares car. Will have to have a look
  16. Ugga Dugga Gun got the bottom bolts out but no room for a socket let alone gun at the top Corrected your statement.
  17. Well the VW T2 sold to someone local who viewed before bidding! Will be collected in a couple of weeks but deposit paid. As a bonus fetched a lot more than I valued it at but then I don't like them. To celebrate my new found enthusiasm for reducing numbers, all 3 of my moderns decided to cost me money this week ('96, '97 and '05 are moderns, right?). First the 307 sounded as though the back box had started to blow a little when I started it to go and fetch milk, which made me a little grumpy as the MOT is due in a couple of weeks. By the time I returned home, the exhaust had broken in two in front of the rear axle. Cheapest price on the bay of evil was close to £250 as the intermediate pipe includes a Cat. Being a cheapskate I decided to weld a repair section in, but of course I had no pipe small enough. Phoned my factors to see if they had the right size sections, and in a moment of madness asked them to price the two sections. A muffled "ouch" told me the news was not good. More clicking of his keyboard and he came back to say he could do a repair section post cat and a back box but it would take a couple of days. Ordered for a total cost of less than £60 and it is now in the car waiting to be fitted. Next the Disco 1 was pressed into service to take my Komat'su mini digger to the borders to help a good friend out. Whilst it did it fine it was Slooooow and obvious the lack of power had not been resolved. After talking it over with my diesal mechanic, we have decided to admit defeat on the EDC injection pump and get rid of the electronics and fit the pump off a manual Disco. I have the donor car but it will need throttle cable brackets making. Of course, whilst we are in there it would be daft not to replace the timing belt and tensioners, and we will need a crank locking spanner and timing locking pins. All ordered and here, just awaiting my mechanic having time, but another £200+ in parts and tools. Finally, the Toyota Enema. The last few times I have used it, the front brakes would sometimes bind on, and often badly. I thought it was because it sat for a few weeks buried in snow so the slide pins would need cleaning and greasing. Started on the nearside and sure enough it was all gummed up. Pads were about half worn so back together it went. Onto the offside and this is where it started to go wrong. The pins had to be hammered out, the pads were 90% worn and the calliper itself totally seized, even the heavy vice and a hammer would not move it. Decided that as the car owed me so little, I would sort it once and properley so ordered two callipers, discs and pads. That will be 300 quid please sir! From here on it fought me all the way! To change the discs, the carriers have to come off, and the top bolt is only accessible by ring spanner. And it was tight! Grabbed a 17mm ring from my "good spanner drawer" and only realised I had chucked one of my cheap disposable spanners in there when this happened: Now with a sore hand, I found a good spanner but it would still not shift. Out with the MAPP gas blowtorch and eventually it went. A lot of time was wasted whilst I worked out where all the spring clips went to hold the pads in (which sadist came up with those?) and eventually it went back together, which just left the nearside. Yep, just as big a pain! Eventually it looked like this: and all I had to do was bleed them. It was now getting dark and my usual brake pedal pusher would have by now wrapped himself around a bottle of red so an alternative was required. Found my eazibleed but of course none of the reservoir caps would fit on this grey import. Then I remembered I had kept my air line operated vacuum bleeder from the workshop and amazingly I found it. 20 minutes later and job done. Tomorrow I will go for a test run and see if it has done the job.
  18. Engine and container have left the building I am afraid.
  19. Aaah, I know the location. The owner at the time was Peter Thornton who had a recovery business. The site also had a Humber "Pig" and a Scamell 6x6. When Peter retired the site was cleared so it went about 6 or 8 years ago, maybe longer.
  20. Let me know the location and I will see if it is still there and current condition
  21. Oh yes. It is getting nearer the top of the list.
  22. After advertising it on here and on a facebook Saab group, the '01 Saab 9-3 departed today to donate its vitals to keep others going. Starting to like the space so this evening I have listed the T2 camper on ebay. We will see how that goes......
  23. Starting procedure for a P6B from Cold. Full choke. About 1/8th throttle. Don't pump the throttle. As soon as it starts, down to half choke. Check for spark. These are points ignition, they may have closed up.
  24. Fortunately* Scotland has postponed the census to next year (Queen Krankie has to be different) so I have a year to work it out!
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