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  1. Dual wall fuel hoses: The inner layer breaks away from the visible outside and gets sucked closed by the fuel pump.
  2. Its probably the ribbon as I have put all new bulbs in and it lights up fine but most of the pixies are asleep. I tried rubbing over the ribbon connections without disassembling to zero improvement. So I looked on Ebay and they aren't that expensive second hand but they are all different to mine. I was going to have a go at removing and reconnecting the ribbon once I had a working unit so I had nothing to lose if I messed it up. I still have a DS speedo unit in bits from about five years ago which I should reassemble but never seem to have the time. Second hand price/faffing ratio puts the ball firmly in the second hand court.
  3. Rolls Royce no longer look classy, just nouveau riche
  4. I've just put an ad in the for sale/wanted forum because all the clock/display units on ebay are for the post millenium cars. Are they compatible with the early cars? I see they have reduced manufacturing costs by reducing the number of backlight bulbs.
  5. Option A They have been using it as a gopher and it has been fine. So we collected it this afterlunch, nice day for a drive across the weald in the sunshine. I might treat it to a new clock/information display if it is going to behave itself.
  6. Me and friend bought a Riley 1.5 for £50 to do autotests in. Had some fun then scrapped the car and sold the reg for £50. I still have the original front plate inside the lid of my tool chest. It was three numbers and letter D. I used to see the reg about on various cars. It is now on a Mclaren.
  7. Sitrep! In January Local garage removed cylinder head, sent it away for skimming and pressure testing and relieved us of lots of money. MrsDS used the car to go shopping a couple of times then I used it to take parrot to vet because Saab battery was flat. I quickly found out that the heater didn't work and that temp gauge was erratic. Local garage spent a week finding out that there was a blockage in the gearbox oil cooler so bypassed it and didn't charge us. Also replaced filler cap with a new one because it looked a bit tired. When they reckoned it was ready I asked them to MOT it as it is due at the end of the month. It passed after a couple of minor faults were sorted. MrsDS has used it only a couple of times to go shopping. Last weekend: I checked the coolant level and found it to be nearly at the bottom of the reservoir. Filled it to half full with OAT. Tuesday 23rd. Phoned garage and told 'em. "Bring it in and we'll have a look at it" which we did. Today - Wednesday 24th. Nothing heard yet. They must be having a good look!
  8. I was just about to type the same thing as my old 940 was bought by a chap who flew down from Scotland.
  9. I bet that rig never went near a VOSA weighbridge
  10. A random selection from the gallery on Dr Danche DS website. Try and find it if you can.
  11. Initiative that's the word - teachers are always telling kids to use their initiative).
  12. I hope you got high marks for such blatant... erm how can I put this politely?
  13. This would have been mid sixties before Bromley Tech became Ravenswood. I had a good time at the school, but the attrition rate on teachers was quite high, several committed suicide whilst I was there, I hope it wasn't all because of me.
  14. ... and another non-conformist, technical drawing teacher Les Hartridge Had a lovely petite French wife who played havoc with the imaginations of hormonal schoolboys
  15. ...and our English teacher Mr Neal was the most unlikely person EVER to turn up at school in a huge American car but he did, apparently because he and his wife had a vast amount of kids. This was in the days before seat belts, the pill, and all that nonsense.
  16. My form teacher and art teacher Mr Frampton had a Consul 375 Classic with the Z back window. Because he and his wife were vertically challenged it had blocks of wood taped to the brake and clutch pedals. It was maroon.
  17. This should be interesting, how many of us don't wear trousers when using the computer and how many of us are cat people. Seriously though, I couldn't get past the Zoom introductory video because there were so many rapid image movements I nearly had a vertigo attack.
  18. This is the 21st century equivalent to the apprentice pillar in Rosslyn Chapel. Don't let your boss sneak up behind you with a lump hammer.
  19. I am going to have a random guess of 403. If I am right you will be required to stick a Peugeot badge on it
  20. Why is it only 10 eurodoshnotes?
  21. Citroen DS, Bentley Continental series 1, Austin 7 = Comfort, style and simplicity
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