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  1. Would a Kenlowe fan be an acceptable period aftermarket add on?
  2. @tobyd did such a good job I didn't realise he was doing it. That is excellent service for which he has my grateful thanks.
  3. The problem a friend of mine had with an E-type he bought from west coast of US because it would be rust free. It was rust free but had huge rear end damage that had been covered up. He then had to buy another one locally to get the measurements right.
  4. If they ain't busy it may be because they aren't very good. Tread carefully! If they have loads of stuff that isn't getting done they may be rubbish as well. Tread carefully!
  5. I think I need to see pictures, despite my art school training and years of working in advertising I am having terrible trouble visualising that
  6. I do like that colour, and the shortage of doors, and the wheels although they look a bugger to clean so much better on someone else's car.
  7. DSdriver

    E10 fuel

    US garages sell ethanol free fuel in areas where people fill their boats on trailers. I wonder if we will be able to get it in British Marinas.
  8. Its raining here also* *copyright Tony Hancock
  9. Motor manufacturers encouraging road rage escalation?
  10. The only advice I can give on engine bay cleaning is to do it on someone else's driveway, not your own.
  11. DSdriver

    E10 fuel

    I bought a tank of Shell Super the other evening and was shocked at how much they have loaded the price. £1.49 a litre was expected when oil was $100 a barrel but it is only $75 at the moment. I stopped the pump when the dial went over £100.00 :(
  12. DSdriver

    E10 fuel

    Back in the 70s Esso petrol was to be avoided because it came out of wells with a red clay in the oil. You would open up the carb and find a red sludge in the bottom of the float chamber.
  13. http://www.nuancierds.fr/imaginaire/polychrome.jpg that went well then! You now don't need [ img ] tags around pictures from elsewhere on the web. Simply paste an address that ends in .jpg or .png etc and it will automatically embed it
  14. DSdriver

    E10 fuel

    Hmm... that could be a problem
  15. Check the wiring plugs to the tailgate for corrosion and then current?
  16. DSdriver


    Even more funny if there is some slack in the mooring lines and the boat moves away from the quay
  17. Not sure if anyone else has already answered this but in case they haven't the mystery object is a Helphos (can't remember the correct spelling). It is a search light which was suction fitted to the inside of the windscreen. The navigator could direct the beam and it had an on/off rocker switch on the back. It was great for lighting up signposts etc. when you weren't sure where you were - which was most the time when I was navigating rallies. There are currently four for sale on ebay if you want a more detailed look.
  18. Bizzare car/woman size changing going on! Top picture big car with small woman (or is she possibly kneeling or standing in a hole), bottom picture small car with big woman (if she was standing she would be much taller than the car. Has anyone got a Renner4 and a medium sized young lady that can show if this is legit?
  19. The standard procedure when running tired Citroens is to have at least one more the same that you can cannibalise. The bus and coach lickers on the forum would agree wholeheartedly.
  20. It looks much neater than my efforts with copper pipe. Probably needs a bit of anti rattle/chafe where it is touching the chassis. I would put a bit of fuel hose over the pipe because I have no idea what the proper way of doing it is
  21. I think I saw that it is up for auction any day now, looking a bit smarter. yep here it is https://www.classic.com/veh/1973-citroen-sm-003b2384-nw7JP2n/
  22. I was so in awe of everything that was going on that I completely forgot to take any pictures. Fortunately the car was papped just as we were shooting off early because I was knackered after the drive up. MrsDSdriver enjoyed meeting everyone as well, and we had a lovely long chat with MrsSixCylinder. MrsDS also said it is not often you get the opportunity to shoo lambs to the right side of the fence on your way to the lavvy.
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