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  1. Does anyone remember the Matchbox Lightning Wheels series, from the late 80's - early 90's? The models had printed 'refelctions' on the windows & wheels & were finished in vaious garish bright pastel colours that were in fashion in the late 80's - early 90's. Each model came with a storage tube that had a tech spec printed sheet on the side. I had the Nissan 300ZX model (not mine in the pic), indeed I might still have it somewhere! There was a series of models, I dont know what the others were though.
  2. Do you want £250 worth of silver Fever? (looking at the stae of the interior you could catch something far worse than just a fever.....) https://www.autotrader.co.uk/classified/advert/201907220342947?radius=35&price-to=1000&postcode=pe261uu&sort=price-asc&onesearchad=Used&onesearchad=Nearly New&onesearchad=New&advertising-location=at_cars&page=1
  3. Early ('93 K plated) Mondeo GLX saloon - still has 1 original wheel trim attached! https://www.autotrader.co.uk/classified/advert/201906018572190?price-to=11000&sort=price-asc&radius=60&model=MONDEO&onesearchad=Used&onesearchad=Nearly New&onesearchad=New&postcode=pe261uu&make=FORD&advertising-location=at_cars&page=1
  4. This is the current view from by bedroom window.......our house backs onto the local fire station & this is their current extracation training chod (they recently had an early J plate mk3 Astra in as well but I didnt get a pic of that 🙄 ) M678AVW was last MOT'd June 2017 at 59590 miles
  5. Pair of axle stands made by Melco in decent condition, never used them, just been sat in the garage - rated capacity of 2 ton each or 4 ton the pair. Minimum height 12", max height 22" £25 (ish) ? - could possibly post at cost but they are quite heavy!
  6. It is a lovely clean & straight car that polishes up really nicely! It was mine before I sold it to Sims00 & I would have kept it myself but a growing family regretably meant a bigger car was needed - it might well be the car that I will come to regret selling! I think I still have a pair of door tweeter speakers (located in the door mirror trim) if you want them? (I was intending on replacing them as the drivers side one used to buzz occasionally)
  7. Bournite, I think I have a full range 'Cars' brochure from late 1992 / early 1993 that covers the Sierra range (just before the Mondeo was launched) not sure it would specifically cover the Azure model though..... I will dig it out if youre interested?
  8. Nice to meet you Sims00, hope the Mazda gets you back home safe!
  9. I'm attempting to sell a childs highchair for £20 on Facebook, WCPGW?....... Person A (replies to ad 1 minute after its posted) - Still available? Me - Yes it is Person A - I need, Hw much? Me - £20, as stated in the ad Person A - No. wen I collect? Me (a little confused by their message above) - when did you want to collect? I never hear from Person A again, which is probably for the best. A few days later...... Person B (gets straight to the point) - 8 Me - 8 what? Person B then vanishes, presumably down the same black hole that Person A fell into. Again probably for the best. At this point I think the high chair will be going to the charity shop.......
  10. I realise that this might be a bit 'new' to be of much intererest here, but I thought I'd offer it on here before I have to deal with the pond life that inhabits Gumtree & Facebook Marketplace........ 2007 '57' plate Mazda 3 Sport 2.0 petrol in Aurora Blue with 11 months MOT (due Sept 2019). Currently on 108000 miles the car has had 3 owners from new & I have owned it for 4 years. The engine is chain driven producing 149bhp (when new) & has a 6 speed manual gearbox, its quite good on fuel - I get around 40mpg on average. This year it has had new discs & pads all round, 2 rear shock absorbers & 4 new tyres fitted (all the same brand) which have still got plenty of life left in them. It is equipped with DSC, traction control, cruise control, 4 elec windows, elec heated mirrors, leather interior, 6 disc cd changer (with factory fitted Bose sound system), climate control etc The aircon doesnt get too cold (probably just needs a regas m8!) The car has been very reliable & for the past 3 years has been used daily for a 50 mile commute & has never let me down. Has some service history, I change the oil & filters myself every 6 months during my ownership, although I had it serviced by the garage that did the MOT earlier this month. The car is in good overall condition (surprisingly un-rusty for an 11 year old Mazda, not even any previous MOT advisaries for rust!!!), and has some stone chipping / car park dints / general wear & tear for an 11 year old car. I am only selling as I need a bigger car for the family, so I am offering this fantastic piece of far eastern engineering for £1250 for it as it is (if it goes to Gumtree / Facebook I will add a £250 idiot tax to the price, and I shall eagerly await offers of broken Xboxes, stolen pit bikes & flat screen TV's, Staffies, requests to pay for the car at £3 per month etc..........) In the unlikely event that one of you chaps is interested, the car will be available after this week (collecting the new car at the end of Sept) Located between Huntingdon & Peterborough (PE26 postcode) Pics - Thanks Matt
  11. When I was stripping & repainting diecast models (I used to make code 3 police models) I made a stand out of an old wooden shelf about 3ft long (for the base) then drilled 4 holes and attached dowel rods glued vertically into the base to act as stands for the models being sprayed. I used a blob of blutac on the top of each dowel stand to hold the model in place for spraying.
  12. Thanks for the info guys, all I have to do now is sort them all out now & hopefully get a few listed on here soon! I have literally hundreds of models in my old collection, some I will keep for sentimental reasons, but most can be moved on - I haven't displayed them for years & they have just sat in storage under the bed in the spare room & in the loft so its time to part with them (I dread to think how much money I spent buying them all).......
  13. Just a thought.....have any of you guys used any websites (not including ebay) to sell diecast models? I have a large collection of models I want to shift, mostly 1/43 scale (some are older / rare models and include a large amount of 'code 3' police models). I used to sell models regularly on ebay about 10 - 15 years ago but I would rather avoid selling on ebay if possible (with the higher fees & idiot buyers the site seems to attract these days), although I realise it probably has the largest 'audience' for selling. Has anyone had success using Facebook or other sites for selling models? Thanks, Matt
  14. What about using headless matchsticks to panel out the inside of the bed (I assume its the finish inside of the bed you are not happy with?)
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