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  1. Long time since I did mine, but seem to remember managing to get some screws which had an allen type head, then glueing them onto the screwdriver bit
  2. Might be worth adding re: Austria, I fell foul of the vignette rule several years ago - didn't realise that one was required and got pulled within 2 minutes of joining a motorway. 120 euro on the spot fine - cost of a vignette is less than a tenner and can be purchased outside of Austria from filling stations near the border
  3. Roffle it, then watch everyone buy JohnF a ticket ..... he loves* these cars
  4. When's the collection then John? Do you want to :- a) Borrow the trailer and sort it yourself? As above, but take me along for shits 'n giggles c) Borrow my disco to tow the trailer and sort it yourself? d) As © but take me along for shits 'n giggles e) Borrow my scooby to tow the trailer and sort it yourself? f) As (e) but take me along for shits 'n giggles g) None of the above and kick a gifthorse in the teeth?
  5. Keep an eye on your bank statements if you paid with a card in that garage
  6. The box of shite was a surreal moment as I'd no idea I was even in the raffle I was completely sober, but suddenly felt pissed
  7. Don't think I can make 2nd July, bugger. Although it will save me the indignity I had last time with my FTP on Hard Knott Edit: Just seen the date change to the 9th - put me as a "maybe" (I don't currently have any chod, so will either be in a Disco 2 or a Scooby Outback)
  8. and here's one that should belong on the "giffer trinket" thread
  9. Didn't take many pictures, but in the bubblecar museum I got several flashbacks to visiting my grandparents houses as a child. The mock up rooms they had done could have been lifted straight out of one of those houses
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