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    Alanism reacted to Six-cylinder in SAVED for a 2nd time Visa Cabriolet in Edinburgh! - New Clutch fitted   
    Ever wondered what happened to this Visa you all helped to save?
    The answer is it ran out of MOT and ended up needing to be saved again!
    Dodgy Bastard leapt for the save when he heard of its plight, only to find the owner's brother had moved it to another location because of a traffic warden in the area. The same brother then arranged with a local garage to get it off the road and put it though an MOT, but it failed, although not badly.
    Mrs6C spoke to the owner who explained while he had enjoyed his Visa over the years, he was no longer able to take care of it due to now looking after elderly parents. He wanted a good home for it long-term and offered it to Mrs6C. She agreed she would become its keeper and pay the bills to get it MOT'd and safe.
    The Visa has now been MOT'd and taxed and we have paid the bills.
    The plan now is to get it down south and maintain it on our fleet. Before that happens, if anybody who helped save it before wants to try it for a bit, that would be fine.
    It is still parked in the street in Edinburgh, so the first move would be to collect it and park it safely off road somewhere, while we sort out the plan for folk who want to do so, to make use of it and help bring it south in due course.
    We understand it drives OK and is ready to go, showing up on the DLVA  as MOTed, Taxed and insured. 

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    Alanism reacted to Mally in Saab 9-5 2.3T Arc auto estate £5/6for£25 (BFGOF) SELTOOT   
    I'm on a bleedin plane.
    Actually I'm not now, give me 5 mins.
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    Alanism got a reaction from 4wheeledstool in Two wheeled stool - Lambretta bitsa   
    Sad news on the work situation and I hope things come together for you soon relating to such matters.  I had to comment on what a magnificent build this is.  I tend to mess about with newer Ducati (post 1990) but I keep admiring the scooter builds I see.  This is a beauty.
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    Alanism reacted to 4wheeledstool in Two wheeled stool - Lambretta bitsa   
    Smartened up a few pieces after stripping them back to bare metal.

    Made a start cleaning up the engine too. I'd originally planned a complete strip and rebuild, but theres nothing wrong with it, so a clean and spruce up will be fine for now. (gonna replace the carburettor though, the one on it is problematic) 

    Whilst stripping parts off to ease the cleaning process, I noticed that the gear shift tie rod was worn, giving a sloppy gear change. The elongated hole was welded up and re drilled, which should reduce the travel of the handlebar considerably during shifts. 

    Totally regret scrapping the frame that this engine came to me in - would have been an easy fix for me nowadays! 

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    Alanism reacted to 4wheeledstool in Two wheeled stool - Lambretta bitsa   
    Front hub was built up yesterday - really pleased that I didn't mark the paint! 

     Forks next - not looking forward to it! 
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    Alanism reacted to Dick Van Diesel in Two wheeled stool - Lambretta bitsa   
    That blue looks rather similar to my old SX... Mine was a Peugeot blue iirc.
    Looking good!!!

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    Alanism reacted to 4wheeledstool in Two wheeled stool - Lambretta bitsa   
    It's finally ready to collect...

    No idea when it'll be built back up, the sooner I get a job sorted out, the sooner that'll be.  
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    Alanism reacted to TrabbieRonnie in The Current Driveway...   
    Oil and filters changed today, test ride out in the wilds...





    Rusty but trusty!
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    Alanism reacted to Cooper1 in Project "p38" Diary of a 2001 Range Rover   
    "P38 Shenanigans" ☺️ 
    A mundane update this time, just lashed some paint on the heatshields  
    The old stuff was flaking off!  

    simple things eh!  
    EAS Heights.. 
    Access mode



    EAS height settings in order!  
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    Alanism reacted to ruffgeezer in 2004/04 Berlingo Van £SOLD   
    Any interest in an £11 roffle?
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    Alanism reacted to Jim Bell in Shitting in the shallow end.   
    To the nice Scottish man in the middle of the night. 
    Never buy a car in the dark!
    Always plan your collection. Never just decide you're going, then leave the house to go to another country. 
    Never meet a strange man in a eerie car park, always meet in a well lit area!
    He broke all the rules, the crazy bastard. 

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    Alanism reacted to MorrisItalSLX in Learning to drive   
    A certain 1985 Jaguar Sovereign...
    The tester was quite impressed!
    (Technically it was in my Grandpa’s Landcruiser when I was about 10, but officially it was the Jag.)
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    Alanism reacted to bunglebus in The "WTF is that?" thread   
    Screenshot_20190818-084958_Facebook by RS, on Flickr
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    Alanism reacted to chompy_snake in Luxobarge, finally have one.   
    Well I have waited 7 years for the ability to even insure one of these. For 7 years I was given quotes of near £2500 a year because of the V8 and bigness.
    Not any more!
    This example isn't the best but what I paid is reflected in condition overall and the fact that the Nova and V55 needed to be done.
    Every single thing on this car works (except for the removed AC condenser and the inop boot button on the boot lid).
    107k which is still not properly run in really and a chunk of services stamped in the book.
    Behold ....
    shot through its first MOT with advisor on track rod end n/s (and that is bloody slight).
    Nova declaration is in waiting for response and then just needing the DVLA to do their thing.
    Amusingly this car is none sunroof and on coil suspension so even less to go wrong. It is as they say base model but still very nice to drive.
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    Alanism reacted to DVee8 in eBay tat volume 3.   

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    Alanism reacted to DVee8 in eBay tat volume 3.   

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    Alanism reacted to JeeExEll in eBay tat volume 3.   
    Mini Jiffy.

    Really interesting little thing.  Maybe it should be in the recent kit car thread.
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    Alanism reacted to DVee8 in eBay tat volume 3.   
    A CDX auto @Cavcraft

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    Alanism reacted to DVee8 in eBay tat volume 3.   

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    Alanism reacted to DVee8 in eBay tat volume 3.   

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    Alanism reacted to sutty2006 in The 50 quid Omega. To sell, or not to sell. Or break.   
    I’m getting married tomorrow. So between rain showers and the sun coming out I’ve been measuring up this future project. There is plenty of room for the motor. I roughly measured 28 inches engine length which is plenty. Even the omegas radiator mounts are the right width. The only issue I might have are the engine mounts. The BMW engine mounts sit a lot further forward than the CIH diesel mounts. Won’t be too hard making some adaptations to those. 

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    Alanism reacted to New POD in The 50 quid Omega. To sell, or not to sell. Or break.   
    It's passed. 
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    Alanism reacted to sutty2006 in The 50 quid Omega. To sell, or not to sell. Or break.   
    So I bought this omega in 2015/16 with the intention of doing a banger rally to Benidorm. The engine had a horrible grinding noise and the auto box was lazy. I spent £100 buying it, £50 on oil and filter for the gearbox and sold it for £200. I sold it to a distant mate who put another 2.5 Diesel engine in and put it back on the road. He’s been using it as a daily ever since. He bought a later omega in better condition with the same engine and offered me this one back or scrap it. £50 exchanged palms and the Omega is now back on my driveway. Epic. 
    So the plan is this. I’m going to let it sit on my drive for a while, as next year I’m going to do another Banger rally. Cool. Then on return, the engine and Auto gearbox will be transplanted into my diesel Carlton. I hate having a manual gearbox so a diesel auto carlton is a great idea. Whether it happens or not is another thing. But I’ll cross that bridge when I get to it. 

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    Alanism reacted to bangernomics in Black beauty   
    Arrived home tediously without event. Rummage in the garage of things produced some fixings for the dash mounted front plate and a set of pound shop trims.
    Stuck a whole £15 in the tank and it thinks it has 175 miles left. Cruise works, electric windaes work, heater good, radio 4 pre tuned plus, stops in a straight line and a pushbike and lawnmower fits inside.



    The eagle eyed may notice the matching larger version of those trims on the plop in the background.
    Now I need a no1 button for the radio and I’m guessing some front seats or a sewing session.
    Water pump has also landed for the 328 so I may do that shortly if it stops raining long enough.
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