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  1. Off jct 2 of M876 Straight on at 1st roundabout then 1st left at next roundabout and it's on the right.
  2. Looking at moving around for grub and to allow more ppl to attend. This one is in Larbert nr falkirk just off the M876 jct 2. It's a 2 for 1 pub so good cheap grub. Will book the table on Monday if ppl could let me know for numbers. Other cheap grub venue suggestions welcome for future meets.
  3. Congrats Tam...... I look forward to the next raffle ðŸ˜Å
  4. Surely u can shift 6 numbers by Wednesday!
  5. Go and stick me down for another number. I'll have 18 this time. Will send payment through. Surely we can get these last few numbers sold........
  6. Could I have number 35 please. Let me know payment details ta
  7. No worries but we aint all gentlemen! There are ladies too!
  8. Of course! We have no boundaries up here for fellow shitters!
  9. Yeh still the last Wednesday of the month and still at CraigMarloch. Hopefully see u guys there
  10. Great night and good to see some new faces and a variety of different chod! Fantastic food as always, great company and cheap drinks! Quote of the night 'Were they raw?' What a peach!!!! Hoping for another good turn out next month and might see a few of you at Moffat on Sunday if you're going. Xxx
  11. We'll be there. Can I just remind everyone who may be sitting on the fence thinking that they cant come coz they dont have a volvo........... ITS NOT THE VOLVO MASSIVE MEET! There are other cars, granted the volvo has the majority vote, but we do want more ppl to tag along and bring their interesting jalopies. Ps you know i love u volvoists but I like a bit of diversity in my life so many older cars around this area it would be nice to see their owners turn up for a natter and some great grub..... egg included if you wish xxx
  12. Not at all..... We've been coming in the zs during the winter
  13. Thank goodness for that......... please No more Volvos!!!! Its becoming a bit of a boredom for the photo line up!
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