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  1. Always nice to come back to the Beige :)

  2. Things like this make me want to keep my cars hidden away out of sight and not even bother to go to shows any more. Can't have anything nice these days it seems
  3. It was your car which made me want to follow and have a closer look !
  4. Nice to have met you in person today Trigger
  5. Once it's on the MOT certificate, it remains on the MOT history permanently then unfortunately
  6. That CE will easily come back to a better standard of life again; lovely cars
  7. I would have wanted more compensation than that, but full marks for persevering with the car; these are a lovely car Keep the underside pipes and bodywork well rust proofed and she should last a while
  8. If Alfa are anything like Fiat, it's probably a 6 year change interval. The Rover V6 will be about 6 years also, but Ford and a few others did give service intervals of around 10 years or 100000 miles. Not always the belts that go, but the pulley wheels can give trouble, so always fit a full kit for peace of mind. Some belts come out looking good as new,but sadly you won't always get a second chance ! I have heard of Renaults snapping belts at 5 years, but we did remove a 28 year old original belt from a Honda Accord, and it still looked reasonable !
  9. The sound of something that has been sat for a while, especially with a drop of stale fuel finally coughing and spluttering into life; the thrill of the battery dying, and then at the last second before all hope is lost it finally kicks into life
  10. Keep the areas covered until the warmer weather as already mentioned, and then have a sand back, zinc prime, and then build up to the final top coats. Petroleum Jelly, or plain grease are good for sealing the nasty's in away from the winter salt and wet
  11. You should NEVER read the instructions until after you have done it, that is the golden rule
  12. If the neighbours locked their wi-fi, that un-neighbourly gesture should be repaid with 4 flat tyres
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