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  1. I’m really chuffed for you. Had this been an auto I would not have hesitated to get in touch. No doubt a bittersweet sale in view of the personal journey you’ve undertaken with it over these past few years. I thoroughly enjoyed all the infrequent but very comprehensive updates 👍
  2. 😂Good point. Tulips from Amsterdam and all that. Anyone for chocolate cake while I’m at it?
  3. In the middle of a forest when there’s no one around to hear it? Unless the falling tree crushes it beforehand?
  4. I’ve a feeling this is a repost. If so, my apologies. https://www.catawiki.com/l/36534829-mega-concept-1996
  5. https://www.catawiki.com/l/36932821-volkswagen-golf-bieber-cabriolet-1980
  6. In France, although I’m sure I could hear that tappety engine from here if try hard enough. https://www.catawiki.com/l/37046233-chrysler-1307-1976
  7. I wasn't aware of the existence of these . https://www.catawiki.com/l/37133201-daf-ya-66-1974
  8. Semi-serious question. Does anyone have any experience of importing from The Netherlands?
  9. Coming up at Brightwells this week. 4x4 Kangoo. Linky
  10. They don’t call them widowmakers for nothing.
  11. Such a sad face. Ebay link For a brief moment I thought this was a bit of “old money” but it’s a Cypriot plate which I should have spotted. @eddyramrod would have clocked straight away. The car is still in Nicosia. Quote of £500 to ship seems reasonable in the context of a £750 quote I had recently to transport a car from Ireland.
  12. Oh, don’t get me wrong. I’m not knocking the enterprise that goes into spotting where a bit of value can be added with some effort. There’s plenty of room for flipping for profit in this world. I like a well set out and informative listing as much as the next person but a good 50% of that listing is just flim flam. In the good old days of printed weekly sales rags when you generally paid per word, there was beauty in economy. In that instance I doubt very much whether The Doctor, as the seller, would have proceeded to give you chapter and verse model history when you called to ask if the car is still available. I question the veracity of such detailed history in the listing of a 40-plus year old car that has passed through a number of hands. I simply don’t buy it. Literally and metaphorically. You’ve called out the upholstery as an error. What else could there be? Maybe I’m just in a bad mood today, although I’ll just about forgive The Doctor for incorrect use of apostrophes throughout the listing and for incorrect use of “warrantee”. eta - apologies. This post is more suited to the grumpy thread. It adds no value to this one. Just needed to vent.
  13. Clearly this approach is a winning formula for The Doctor but it just leaves me cold. I’m far too cynical. Or maybe the good Doc is?
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