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  1. I've had several of the later ones but never a phase one. Would really love to try one but as you say, the chances are extremely slim.
  2. Neon. A favourite of mine. No MOT since 2014. Sat behind a block of flats
  3. Apologies for the American-themed post but I know you all love something a bit different. I'm currently in The States and doing a bit of research on the whole GM brand and all the sub-divisions that were dissolved throughout the consolidation of the company in the 90s/00s. One victim of the cull was the Oldsmobile brand, founded in 1897. Towards the end of their final demise in 2004, they were making some typically American comfy, albeit rather soulless, barges. To mark the end, each model left in the lineup was given the runout treatment badged as the "Final 500". 500 of each model t
  4. It's been too long, shiters. Pursuing the dream of building a moderately successful car sales business (why would anyone in their right mind even want to?) has taken up a lot of life recently. But I'm currently on holiday in The States visiting family for Thanksgiving and what better way to fill my gift of time than trawling almost a year of missed posts on here. Also..... my daily for the past few months has a been a 2006 Nissan Murano 3.5 V6 on LPG. I have PLENTY to write about on that front so I'll get to it soon. In the mean time, take a look at what I'm coming home to next
  5. This is a charming old thing. Black bumpers FTW https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/SAAB-900-2-3-AUTO-5-dr-HATCH-MOT-330/113688681529?hash=item1a785f9c39:g:-GwAAOSwBG9cjXop
  6. I'm currently on the mainland and in that beautiful position of having to find something interesting to drive back to Belfast after delivering a Mercedes CLK to my aunt in Walsall. I had a Renault Megane auto lined up, a potential next car for my grandmother, but the ebay auction was pulled early. Having not won the Buick roffle..... I'm seriously struggling for something to buy. The last two times I have done this, it was a 2006 Laguna V6 Initiale and a 2005 Cadillac CTS (formally of this parish), both of which I still have. But didn't mean to keep. I just ended up liking them that m
  7. I'm surprised this didn't sell out in minutes. The look on my neighbours face if I was to park this next to his immaculate Tiguan is worth a tenner alone (plus the £300 I need to set aside to get it back to Northern Ireland). Winging my wonga imminently.
  8. Number 11 please. I've almost bought this thing a few times and winning a roffle would be an undeniable sign that I need to finally own a Buick.
  9. They're spectacular. Mine is due MOT next week. Need to get the headlight washers working
  10. RML2345 - Thank you massively, the emissions light is on so I'll have a fiddle with that later. Much appreciated. As for the mats - Scrap of Axminster (which matched their hallway), sitting on top of a Lidl universal car mat, sitting on top of the big Volvo heavy duty scoop mat, underneath that there's the totally unmarked blue carpet. Thanks for the comments, always so much more enjoyable looking after something like this with the support of you lot.
  11. This is a heart-warming tale, if I do say so myself. So about six years ago, I had a Rover 820i Fastback. It was stunning. Beautiful metallic red, J plate and in superb condition all round. A chap around the corner from me took a real interest in it, an elderly gent, in his 70s. Before this I had known him purely as "Volvo man". Anyway, his name was Brian and he had a real passion for older stuff. He told me he had a lockup with quite a few things in it and would I like to take a look. He had bizarre stuff with no correlation as to his shite fetishes. At one end there was a Rover SD
  12. I second this hahaha. Congrats, I hope this car gets the love it deserves
  13. Yeh you're right, engine parts etc shouldn't be a problem. Mine has the air suspension which gives me a shiver up my spine every time I open the boot compartment to reveal the ECU, compressor and all the wires for it that look like they were intricately positioned by Jean-Claude on his Vendredi overtime back in Dieppe in 1992. I dread to think what even one shock absorber would take (time wise) to source. They are unreal wafters though, yours really does look lovely.
  14. 'Tis indeed sir. Had it four years now. I dread the day I need parts for it
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