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  1. This little Saxo is wonderful! One of the more interesting special editions. Local too....
  2. Having owned a few CL500s, I really do lust after the 600 V12 for it's sheer capability of bankrupting even the most wealthy of owners. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/2001-Mercedes-Benz-Cl600-5-8-V12-Pillar-Less-Coupe-Chalze-Don-Blue-Metallic/402757009040?hash=item5dc6303e90:g:qYwAAOSwJ0ZgVUyW
  3. Oh, definitely consider the Irish Wild Atlantic Way, if you haven't done so already. Just the most stunning scenery, fantastic roads and bloody brilliant boozers. If you can manage 5-7 days, it's the perfect amount of time to take it all in. Once it's legal to cross the border of course!
  4. Yeh, the boat is very quiet at the moment. But prices haven't changed. Averaging about £140 one way, though coming back I pick the generally undesirable late sailing because I'm 5 minutes from Belfast port at the other end so don't lose much sleep. It's usually £109. Absolute key! The dread of hitting real speed in an auction car still fills me with anticipation. Wheel bearings hanging out of it!? Limp home mode ready to kick in!? You can get such a story of how a car has lived through it's first minute or so on the road. They must've been great days for all of that fu
  5. I agree. I never quite got to experience the good old days of the Auto Trader magazine and a printed Glasses guide, but I’ve learnt a few golden rules to limit the exposure to mongrels. The golden one is - Facebook marketplace is where they ALL live. When I first started working at the auction, Gumtree was a basic, free platform, long before eBay got their greedy mits on it, and it was incredible for buying ANYTHING for £2-300 on the block then advertising it for double the next day and it would be gone in hours. Obviously now, having a business name and a reputation attached, it’s
  6. Isn't it just. So clinical and soulless.
  7. I just had a lady buy a 2004 V70 off me because she didn't her grandkids and dogs ruining her week-old Tesla. My first experience of one of these. Terrifying.
  8. You would probably be best to replace the battery altogether. They're very sensitive to the wrong battery / small drop in voltage.
  9. ^ Sorry to bore you. For those who are interested, the trip was a great success. The Volvo was booked for an MOT on Monday before I left for the ferry the next day, so everything was crossed. Unfortunately the handbrake cable was damaged, and idiot me didn't prepare for that despite a forewarning. Amazingly, the tester managed to bodge it in order to satisfy the brake test and the old girl got herself a new ticket. Emissions were right on the limit, which would explain why this came on on the way back from the MOT I have to say, it ate the 300 mile trek from Birmingham to
  10. Fantastic day all round yesterday. My first taste of a Volvo 960, great to meet Austin-Rover and give this proper beige beast a new home. Did the 120 miles down to Birmingham lovely, let’s hope it does the same for the 300 back to Cairnryan on Tuesday 😍
  11. Correct. A strange group of people uphold extreme values of Sierras, 405s, Omegas and Lexus IS200s on this side of the water! Today should be a good day. I’m currently sat on the Stena, 5 decks above this beauty who is heading for Blackpool this afternoon. I’m then heading across to Huddersfield to a pick up a 26-year-old, beige, land-yacht and hoping that I reach Birmingham for sundown.
  12. I've sold a few. I once paid far too much for a Megane dCi that ended up needing a clutch. It had an NIL plate on it (which for some reason people go nuts for). It ended up paying for the car, plus profit, plus I had great pleasure of personally ridding the world of another Renault diesel. This morning I have three viewers booked in, a few more usually get added on throughout the day - Friday is always the same. Hopefully a few more leave to make space for whatever I buy on the mainland over the next few days 😬
  13. A real honest, clean looking, proper survivor of a Mk1 floppy top Mégane here. Shame it ain't got the 2.0 F4R but still, what a little honey. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Renault-Megane-Coupe-Convertible-1998-Phase-1-only-49000-miles-ONE-OWNER/154366625568
  14. Thanks Cav, I sure will. I'm actually delivering this rather tidy V50 SE Lux to a shiter in Blackpool at the weekend to replace his Rover 75 as a workhorse. I guess you just never know what'll take somebody's fancy. Oh of course, balls of steel that guy. I've gotten used to the odd car coming back for a warranty claim, but I think standing over a Bentley Azure gearbox fr six months is a little different to forking out for a failed wiper motor on a Renault Scenic. Hats off to him! I should finally get around to editing the footage I have reviewing m
  15. It depends what way you look at it. Yes, they can hang round for longer, but very often mine is the only one (or one of a handful) for sale in that guise, so you're not pitching against 20 identical cars all at the same price, as you would be with a TDi Golf. Also, the more "in demand" cars cost more to buy within the trade in the first place. So, they may sit around a little longer, but the profit is good and the pleasure of driving it in the meantime is unparalleled. A strange business model, but it's working, quite well. The Alfa was a £100 trade-in from Dublin! They couldn't shif
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