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  1. As the son of a BL and RR dealer I can remember this in the seventies and eighties!
  2. Oh yes! Almost bought this very car a few years ( 20 or more) ago from the then owner of Downton tuning. I went to see it in a barn in Norfolk and was so tempted, especially when I was told Tony Curtis drove it in The Persuaders as well as its regular role in Randall and Hopkirk. The car was almost roadworthy at the time, needing brakes doing and it had quite a bit of surface rust. He was asking £2500 for it which at the time was about a £1000 celebrity provenance surcharge on the going rate for a mk1 mini. As I'm incapable of doing much more than changing a starter motor on a car I deci
  3. And retrorides. Just bought a lovely Polo openair off there!
  4. Compliments to you on your thread title !
  5. I'd like a t shirt in XL please, would need to be posted. Thanks!
  6. Whoever owns these must be one of life's winners!
  7. Oh, and Holbeck (he of Rancho fame) and I may have recruited a new autoshiter as the Morgan dealer that took us to the factory today seems to have a bizarre thing for Austin Princesses, especially in yellow.
  8. I'm very pleased with how it looks. The finish is great. We were very lucky to catch it as according to Morgan it was only just out of the paint shop and in the trim shop. We started to have a little panic when we couldn't find it, but then saw it in the pdi bay. An hour or so later it was waiting to be loaded onto a truck bound for Northampton (Something I cannot explain-like so many things that they do at Morgan!)
  9. And then, an hour or so later...
  10. I expect there would be a surcharge for this! They charge you £1000 if you want to collect it from the factory!
  11. It's going to be red, or 'Sports Red' as Morgan would have it. I really wanted it to be orange but was talked out of it by my other half and then the dealer! You can have a Morgan any colour you like, but it costs a fair bit if you don't go for one of their standard colours. I'm saving a few pennies for some cosmetic alterations when it arrives at the dealer!
  12. I'm sort of hoping they forget their screwdriver...
  13. I second this nomination. They have a Gazebo which was full of the detritus of hog roasts past. We found the 'smoke room' through a hidden passage which had been decommissioned years ago and left to become a ground floor attic of wondrous junk. The selection of fine whiskies is to be admired in and around the sink behind the serving hatch. This is a top top pub!
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