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  1. 3 dr Nova hatch arches probably ... ( right whinging jizzweasels - do that establish my shite licking credentials enough for you ? )
  2. got to love a bit of cardboard aided design
  3. registered in line with year of build but not first registered with DVLA until discharge from service
  4. not ex MoD was it ? ( as their civvie regs if worn are ghost)
  5. exactly that the 'large' none premium market died on it;s arse, but the Insginia and Mondeo are now that size ( as seen by the current Dunnydore being an Insignia) the 'small family car' (escort / astra size) is now the size that the Cav and Sierra was which means the fiesta and Corsa and now doing Astras and Escorts did and the Ka / Viva etc are now doing what the Fiesta and Nova di
  6. that is exactly what IR 35 is about ' contractors' who sit at the same desk for decades in some cases as an integrated and integral part of a business, no ability to sustitute , have to book leave etc etc etc ... but supposedly self emploed or 'company directors' of a company that has one client and one contract ...
  7. definite showman's / circus vibe to those vehicles
  8. despite the name sounding more like it's from the far Orient , they are Spanish https://www.sunsundegui.com/en/presentation/history/
  9. my dear departed dad had a Nautlius 1.7 td as a company care in the mid 90s ( either an LS or a GLS )
  10. demand management for you from Anagram town to London , it;s not unknown for first advance to be only a couple quid more expensive than standard advance , and in fact cheaper if you count the 1st catering offer
  11. best Crouch wagon is the one where the sign writers got it so in a side on view you opened one of the lockers and it read 'ouch Recovery'
  12. looks like a motorbike battery ... commonly used in cheap and dirty emergency start solutions on emergency vehicles rather than second full sized battery
  13. back up 'one shot' start battery ?
  14. 3.5 V6 Frontera II response vehicle spec with a fuel card ... and livery that was ambiguous as feck to front and rear ... and a very clearly blue light bar ...
  15. indeed US size plates and the tacked on under the bumper rear fog very strongly suggests import
  16. aren't they foot on hand off ? used to drive Vito Incident support Vehicles for a volunteer emergency services role and they had foot on hand off parking brakes ... the main change there was you had to modify ' the system' to go neutral > handbrake when you came to a stop rather than handbrake >neutral as the system teaches ... that said the thud as you pulled the release lever was something which took getting used to
  17. sort of aimed at the renault scenic market , however given that VW had the Touran ? ( the 7 seater Zafira competitor) at the time it;s a bit salami slicing
  18. hardly it;s a tray back P100 ...
  19. probably a 'flower car' but specced as retail vehicve rather than for sale into the funeral trade to match Hearse and Limos
  20. the LR 2.5 - even right up to the 300Tdi is a development of the 2.25 the classic Rangie and SD1 diesels were a brought in VM unit ... it wasn;lt until the discovery 1 and the very late Classic Rangies with 20) or 300 Tdi engines that it was the 'same engine' by which point LR and rover cars were well on the path to divorce
  21. even if not being cheeky with cherry , quite a lot of farms do bunker white especially if they run LGVs
  22. given D1 and D2 like the classic Rangie are body on frame it;s relatively easy to do this
  23. 8 v 1.6 ? once those engines start havign cam problems it can be fairly terminal, i know a couple of mechanics i've spoken to over the years have commented ' spent more than a few of them over the bridge' just not worth trying to fix them once they reach banger age ... suggestion beign it was an overstretch of what was fundmentally a 1970s engine design ...
  24. the cooker feed is likely a 30 / 32 amp spur from the DB so that would be fine , as it's outside RCD and 60309 command o plugs for full pukka ness
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