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  1. New plan for this seeing as the buyer has seemingly done what 99% of ebay and gumtree buyers of cars under £1500 do, vanished off the face of the earth.


    I'm taking it on Monday down to a welders for him to have a poke around under it and see if he thinks it's worth taking on and get a rough estimate (knowing what Discoveries are like, rough estimates for welding usually double), and if it's a no go for whatever reason, I'll remove what's easy to and it'll be weighed in along with an old Fiat engine, old batteries, Honda Del Sol exhaust, various cylinder heads, cinq gearbox and whatever else metal i have lying around that needs shifted.


    I'm genuinely done with the Ebay/Gumtree crowd!.


    I had to move it tonight as it had sat for 3 weeks and the neighbours starting to get a bit pissed off at it taking up space, it started instantly at the first flick of the key.


    I really hope it can be saved, the Disco 300 TDi is a truly ace vehicle & fettled ones are already starting to fetch decent money.


    I can't do any more than wish you the best of luck unfortunately, I don't have the space or time for another project :-(

  2. I don't do spannering for a living, but fabricating a new rear body crossmember & plating up the floor in my old 300 TDi took me about 200 hours all-in...!


    I'm sure a proper fabricator could do it quicker, mind. And I did some gearbox work while I was in there.


    Also, you can get pre-fabricated crossmembers and panels, that would save a lot of time. I only used a pre-fabricated boot centre panel when I did mine.



  3. ^ Good idea mate.


    There's a chance that the debate about whether a thread deserved locking might spawn another thread to discuss it, but if it's in the Open forum why not just let it take place? Mods can either participate or ignore it, and the community will decide whether the measures were justified or not. If not, maybe the mods can learn from the discussion?


    I'd rather be part of a community where we're all subject to review by our peers than have our social interaction dictated from on high, so to speak.

  4. I didn't agree with some moderating decisions whilst I was a moderator, but they were/are all undertaken with the best interests of the whole forum and it's membership at heart. There are no hidden agendas, no personal vendettas, and no unilateral moderating actions.

    Cavcraft works harder than anyone for the good of the forum as a whole. It would be a hugely sad day if he were to be hounded out by a vocal minority who know/care little about the immense work he does behind the scenes.

    It is a fact of life that there will always be a percentage of the population that are dickheads, and as the forum membership has grown greatly in the last few years so has the (still thankfully relatively small) number of unpleasant people who treat this place as somewhere to let their rampant narcissism run wild, shouting their opinions about matters for which they don't know (or care about) the full story. Usually while posting nothing about cars.

    Take for example the absurd outcry over the recent temporary ban handed out to a member. This particular member has ignored countless polite requests and subsequent warnings about posting vile derogatory slurs on people of a different race, gender, sexuality, size, and the disabled. During my time as a mod he probably accounted for half the total forum posts that needed to be hidden and yet not once showed the slightest care or inkling that he might be doing anything wrong. It seems that after a frankly astonishing amount of patience and leniency on behalf of all the moderation team he was finally banned as a last resort. This has lead to a slew of posts from a shouty minority defending him and slagging off the mods, saying that they never saw him post anything bad. You'd think the clue in the term 'hidden posts' would be picked up on but seemingly not. You don't see the bad stuff, the disgusting bigotry and whatnot, because it has been HIDDEN. Barring heavily edited (and often false) versions of what happened from the member himself, people do not see the full picture yet still some are desperate to yell their uninformed opinions.

    There is not an increase in moderation, just unfortunately an increase in posts that need to be moderated. The guidelines have never changed. There are a few simple rules to follow which boil down to 'don't be a dickhead' and 'POST ABOUT CARS'. It's not difficult.

    I, like The Moog, stepped down as moderator not because we disagreed with any moderating decisions or fellow moderators but because the troublemaking minority on here were making the job so massively unbearably unpleasant. If these people used even a fraction of the time they spent trying to cause disharmony on trying to add something to the forum then this would be a much brighter place.


    Alex, I've supported this site for many years. I'm rarely one of the trouble-causers, and have never received a warning.


    However what I cannot understand is why it is so difficult for the moderation team to seek the community's opinion when making important decisions, and to provide us with an element of transparency about decisions taken.


    Many years ago I suggested that a poll was held to decide whether to split the board into the Main forum & Open forum, or to leave things as they were. This was not done, the decision was taken by persons unknown behind the back of the community.


    Then I asked for a short message to be added to the "Members who have left" thread whenever (rarely, in all honesty) someone was banned, briefly explaining the circumstances. This has not been put into place.


    A decision has been taken by the moderation team about what subjects are 'banned', again without the community being consulted. And nor, importantly, has the mod team explained why the community cannot be consulted.


    Honestly, mate. It's like DaveGate all over again. The new site admins are doing a great job of running the website in a TOTALLY TRANSPARENT MANNER. Why can't the mods do the same?


    This is my point, and the reason for my current deep frustration. I love this community, but certain people here seem determined to mould it to their own shape without giving the rest of us a say.

  5. Saabnut, I understand what you're saying about running a forum, and I appreciate that the job of a moderator is not easy.


    But I no longer get the feeling that Cavcraft is impartial.


    Impartiality, I feel, is a critical characteristic in a website moderator.

  6. Laseraligningfoofooflanges, on 21 Feb 2019 - 12:56 PM, said:



    While i cant say ive had any run ins with the mods or anyone for that matter, closing certain threads has turned this place into a bit of an echo chamber (and yes i am a lefty ffs!)


    Poll would be good IMHO


    I'm probably left of centre myself.


    But so was the STASI, allegedly...



    Cavcraft, on 21 Feb 2019 - 1:21 PM, said:

    Did I actually read that someone who it could be suggested partly caused one of the best moderators to leave here is now shedding crocodile tears over him standing down?


    I'm struggling to parse that sentence, are you accusing me of something?


    Not that it matters. Any thoughts on what I wrote, Billy?

  7. Oh, The Moog. That's a shame, he was genuinely OK, but I can understand why he might have wanted to leave the moderation team.

    It might have saved me a bit of typing.


    Everyone that disagrees with a certain - and actually rather small - element  within the Autoshite community has been told to "fuck off" to a new site.


    That site was created by the AS management, and then abandoned to its fate. At least one other member of the 'management team' have been closing threads for dubious reasons and pointing long-standing contributors away from this site.


    Now call me cynical, but what the fuck is going on here? So much for light-touch moderation, which is what we originally signed up for.


    Billy, I'm calling for you to step down as moderator. I no longer have faith in your impartiality, and you have repeatedly swerved any and all attempts made by contributors to introduce an element of community control into this website. After all, AS is its community - not its moderators. You were chosen initially as a long-standing member that had the respect of the community. I think you've lost that respect.


    And I'd like to vote Dave_Q in to replace him. From what I've seen he's done a great job of remaining impartial on the other forum, and he's been a member of our community for years.

  8. It's that sort of behaviour that gets threads closed, members banned and forums killed.

    I was going to pm cavceaft as to why it was closed but in the end I couldn't be arsed. I'm not that bothered.


    Oh, well done for missing the point entirely.


    Threads are ALREADY getting closed because a small cabal of self-important people have decided how we should interact so that nobody can possibly be offended.


    Now you might not be bothered, but I remember when this used to be one of the most laid-back forums out there.


    And I'm becoming increasingly disgusted with the direction it's heading in.

  9. ^ Soz, I gave up on that after 27 seconds (that I won't get back) because I can't see how it's applicable to the issue at all. Also, it's unpleasantly cheesy in a transatlantic way that doesn't gel with me at all.


    Do you not think that people ignoring threads that may offend them is a good idea, especially since it doesn't impose social constraints on others that might not be so thin-skinned?

  10. warren t claim, on 20 Feb 2019 - 10:12 PM, said:

    All topics being discussed without shit fits on our grown ups forum.


    Which proves that it can be done, if people behave like adults.


    I've been a member of this community for about 8 years now, I'd much prefer to stay here. Also, I feel morally obliged to give the whining cunts both barrels... :-)



    garbaldy, on 20 Feb 2019 - 10:14 PM, said:

    So if we are 100% no politics does that make the forum a dictatorship ?


    It's certainly not a democracy at the moment. I'm not blaming the mods for this, but if they organised A POLL about how people wanted the site to be run then they wouldn't have to worry about people whining to them all the time... the majority will have spoken.


    Unless it ends up like a certain word beginning with B, of course... lol

  11. Seriously, though... two of the most important social issues in Britain today are B****t and the Shamima Begum citizenship debate.


    And we're not allowed to have an opinion of either of them on the "Open forum", because they involve politics. And possibly religion, maybe even race. So what's better? To disagree about currrent issues, perhaps, or to be BANNED FROM EVEN DISCUSSING THEM?


    For fuck's sake.

  12. OK then, I have a suggestion.


    Revoke the no politics, no religion, etc. rule - it doesn't work, and forces people into a deeply unrealistic minefield of self-policing with no strictly-defined borders... then we mention the naughty subject matter in the thread title, e.g. "CAUTION contains politics" so that these egregious perma-huffers don't get hot under their collars? You know, then they could just IGNORE THE FUCKING THREAD.


    Then we could get back to dealing with stuff like we used to do, without having these pathetic, dripping-wet petals constantly sighing and tutting and demanding that we all conform to their peevish Victorian social standards.


    Or maybe we could create an entirely new part of the forum for them, with nice primary-colour pictures of Red cars, and Blue cars, and with all the edges covered in strips of foam so they don't bang their little heads when having a tantrum? Oh, and there'll be strictly no naughty words in there, of course. They must be protected.


  13. Throwing the baby out with the bathwater that. There's some great thread in there about household DIY, vacuum cleaners, electroinics, etc.


    I am getting really fucking sick of the Professionally Offended getting illuviated man-cunts about stuff they could just fucking ignore.


    Simply put, these perennially-whining tossers are ruining the forum. If it's got to the point where we can't even discuss an automotive factory closure (ffs!) because it might stray too close to the strictly forbidden subject of politics, then this place has run its course.


    Mods, can you start naming & shaming these hand-wringing CUNTS so we can post them many, many Argos catalogues please? Ta muchly.

  14. Freedom!

    This makes me happy to be alive.


    This morning I had to pick up a lady from Heathrow T5 at 9 O'clock , beforehand I took a guy down at 5, so made sense to park up and have a kip/ watch I-player( how has no one on Shetland noticed Perez has gone from a £300 52 reg V70 to a brand new V90 ?)

    Anyway woke up went into the carpark, parked in my usual spot on the deserted 2nd floor, the relevance of which will become apparent.

    Obviously this was about time for my morning poo, especially after an hours kip in the car.

    Went into the nice clean toilet, in the quiet bit of the carpark remember.

    Phone buzzes, " I'm through, just getting coffee do you want one?" Timing perfect.

    Go about my business, turn handle to unlock door, and...

    Nothing! It just spins not attached to anything.

    Trapped in the bog, I give the door a shove, it's massive and VERY solid, I kick it , nothing.

    I notice a red rubber strip around the wall- it's an emergency call button- I push it, a siren starts up, quite deafening inside the toilet.

    Nothing happens.

    I start yelling and shouting- nothing.

    I start kicking fuck out of the door, bits of frame fall down, the handle comes off- the door doesn't budge.

    Phone rings, it's my passenger, " Where are you"

    I explain.

    She laughs, a lot .

    I then explain where exactly I am.

    10 minutes later , the door opens.

    It's her, she rescued me!

    To make matters worse, the first thing she says is" That must have been awful, it stinks in there "

    I said " Yes it was like that when I went in there" !?!

    "Mmmmm" says she...


    Did you at least badly draw a penis on the door whilst you were in there?

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