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  1. Woke up Saturday, can't see out 100% of my left eye, ffs. Hospital today, got to go back next week.
  2. What's the best thing to clean "cockpit spray" off? I've had enough of slipping of everything in the car for now. I think they put it on with a garden sprayer or something.
  3. Couldn't quite figure it out - but nearly everything still has wheels on.
  4. Bought a car today. So that was 25 weeks without a car at all. Big up the AA and their ambulance chasers making me go through their sham of a claims process especially when it wasn't my fault. If your insurance goes up blame them. I'll be making a complaint that they wanted more money for the insurance changing despite 6 months of paying for a policy when they left me without a car, bastards.
  5. £1393.00 If i didn't have a 70 mile trip to work I'd buy this rather than an Astra.
  6. Won't leave with any Dyson's either as they pass them to their "mate", might take my phone and ask them to check his plate as I thought he was stealing so took his photo.
  7. Jobsworth at the tip, I'm sure I heard one of them telling the other to take my registration number... - Good luck with that as it's not my car. I'm going back tomorrow with some more stuff on purpose.
  8. This cost me about £55.00 for a full day with a £200 deposit on a bank card.
  9. Get a photo of him and tell him you are selling them on Ebay.
  10. Job cuts at the BBC because I won't pay the £145.50 along with a few others. Nothing to do with losing the £150 million from top Gear then?
  11. Pressing a steel insert into aluminium tubing. How much force can you apply in a large vice by hand? - how I currently make them. I want to make a bottle jack type press but only as big as I need etc.
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