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  1. Funnily enough i've already been and viewed / rejected that on account of lacking a fourth wheel!
  2. The panels will need to be recrimped over the door and window apertures and then mig welded across the A and C Posts where I cut them to remove. It appears that non of the panels are intended to be removable - even the front and rear valances which are bolted to the wings with lag screws and spire clips are then welded on the return lips behind the panels. Its my intention to strip all the panels off up to window height hopefully allowing decent enough access to remove the steel inner body panels and get to the chassis areas that need repairing, there's also potential for losing quite a b
  3. Well despite not really being at the front of the project queue the Enfield has had a little bit of work done to it: After much thought and procrastination I cracked out the dremel and cut the alloy rear quarter panel along its original weld lines and carefully opened out the crimped over edges around the door and window apertures allowing me to remove it exposing the steel skeleton of the car. Crusty folded steel sections which will need replacing, annoyingly they're a straight folded channel on the inside but then the outer flanges
  4. The motor is a Mawdesleys of Dursley series wound brushed unit. probably about 12" diameter and 20" long I'd guess. I'm expecting it to be Heavy with a capital H when it comes to removing it for servicing! Yes apparently the weight on the V5 is without batteries. Supposedly its normal for cars to be weighed "without fuel". Also anecdotally I have heard that the MIRA crash tests which enfield were very proud of the results of were also performed "without fuel" ? So effectively the car weighed half of what it would in normal roadgoing form when they crashed it........
  5. I've used far worse - just run them against a sharp edge of 6mm plate very carefully to true it up again ! Then again I regulary misuse 0.8mm discs for grinding out stop-start weld defects which probably isn't recommended either...
  6. Hi Avocet, The Crossflow Rebel has been hibernating in a lockup garage ever since the last post as other projects have taken precedence and work and personal commitments have reduced tinkering time for both myself and Joe. By some entirely random coincidence though I did just source and buy a Ford Type 9 five speed gearbox and bell housing a week or so ago with the intention of fitting it at the same time as changing the clutch and shifting the engine back a bit. Mind you I've also bought a pile of panels for my Capri, and an Enfield 8000 in need of major welding so don't hold your
  7. The motor is horizontal and mid mounted in the transmission tunnel with a short propshaft and rotaflex coupling onto the (bond bug) rear axle. Four 6v traction cells under the front bonnet and another four in the boot with an auxiliary battery under the rear seat to run the lights etc. Original control system was done with a huge array of solenoids switching the 6v batteries in various combinations of series and parallel to provide voltage based speed control. Due presumably to its previous ownership its had a lot of chopping and changing done to the wiring and currently has a S
  8. I think we can all agree that lockdown was a difficult time for many. With less actual work to do I had more time to take stock off just how many projects I have ongoing, realistically i don't have time to progress all of them as much as is needed - Red Rebel, Scimitar SS1, Capri, Boat, etc etc. Thinking about that was a bit depressing so instead I bought a small aluminium bodied electric car with a rotten steel space frame chassis and £1200 of missing batteries to add to the project queue! First three photos taken outside the previous owners house where its been sat s
  9. CND IOW Division has taken delivery of another project, It's Orange... Aluminium Bodied... It's got 6kw of motive power....
  10. Engine overhaul update! As covered earlier in the thread my gearbox oil cooler rebuild snowballed into a full cooling system strip down. Which then extended into stripping down the exhaust manifold, and once I was at that stage it seemed silly not to whip the heads off and do a top end decoke. As per usual its not all gone as smoothly as it could and its still partially in bits! Heads all removed: No2 piston crown looking rather manky and pitted: Lets have a look at the head off no2 cylinder: Well that explains the pittin
  11. Not much has happened to the poor little rebel really, It sits in the carpark most of the time apart from the occasional brief trip to sainsbury's! The supposedly "genuine aeroquip" hoses I had used for the full flow oil filter conversion had started to look decidedly dodgy after only eight months so those have now been replaced with ones from a more trusted supplier: At some stage last year when I had moved into the new workshop but not yet filled it full of tat I stuck the rebel in for a few days and did some odd jobs; I have modified a 750
  12. Seems like I might as well try and bring all or my various project threads up to date so here's another 15month update! The Capri mostly sat around unused last year, When the MOT was due it got treated to some new tyres of the correct profile to replace the smaller nankangs one of which had an impressive sidewall bubble: The higher profile tyres have actually made a surprising difference to slow speed manoeuvring making the steering a lot less of a struggle when parking. I also pulled the front struts off to change the shockers and springs: New
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