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  1. Came across this sorry looking bit of blue fibreglass poking out from underneath a pile of dumped rubble in Darvel Scotland this week - Can any Invacar lickers confirm/rule out what it is? Looked to have at least a partial plywood floor and the rear suspension looks quite distinctive if you know what your comparing it too i guess! Didn't have time to dig about and see if there was anything else identifiable Dave
  2. Theres not much to tell about the trip home really there were no drama's the auto route was clear and smooth all the way to where thanks to deviating off the main road into the town and a strange post code in the sat nav we wound up on a tour of the docks... and despite going to a commercial shipping terminal by mistake we got the ferry home without any excitement once we'd actually found the right place... Heres a final few pictures of the AX lost in the docklands: It needs cleaning again, but I'm pretty sure now that its capable of being driven anywhere at a moments notice with no drama. Not bad for a car at this price point.
  3. Cheers all thanks for all the positive comments. For anyone keen Chris shot a video as we went round the Arc De Triomph: And a bonus shot where we photo-bombed the tourist bus stop at the Eiffel Tower:
  4. The Following morning we had a few hours to kill before getting the ferry so set out to Drive the AX round Paris for a bit. I'd come this way so it seemed rude not to visit the center, and rag it round the Arc de Triomphe a couple of times. So heres an assortment of AX pics.
  5. Sorry live reporting dropped out on Saturday when I forgot my password, (For some reason the forum software won't remember me when using my mobile.) In anycase theres not many more AX pics from the Saturday, We made amazing time and were in the city by about 10am, We'd actually not got anthing planned until meeting for a social event later that evening. So we Dumped the car in a car park and went off to kill some time... Heres an assortement of Paris things that were seen and done: These Beers Cost €17! Visited this Bar near place de la bastile as a student 10 years ago and was pleased to find it unchanged I then went back to the AX and managed another hours sleep, I'd finished work at 11:40 The last night and we'd come straight to Paris from there, So was getting pretty tired at this point! We then headed for the main event which was a Haloween / Post Halloween party. I'm only a few of pics of that as this post is already a bit light on car content! Theres More AX content in the next post I promise!
  6. First destination achieved... Les Caves du Roy la fée verte aquired!
  7. Reaching the Paris suburbs now! Delightfully grim!
  8. Obligatry Petrol station shot on the A16
  9. Weather is a bit better still raining: also: Just rolled over 92,000
  10. Just off the ferry, we’ve swapped and chris is at the wheel. Driving conditions grim
  11. Roadtrip in progress, will the ax achieve paris, will chris and i be stranded on an autoroute.... bet now. will try and do updates as we go but i’m really shit at live reporting!
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