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  1. As blind lockdown purchases go, I'd say this is a win. I'm using it weekly just to ensure nothing seizes up, and hopefully it's watertight now after some sunroof and driver's door seal bodgery that involved gaffer tape. I think the clutch cable needs adjusting next, as reverse can be tricky to engage sometimes. But this also correlates with how feeble my left leg is feeling, so maybe it's me and not the car...
  2. RobT

    Morris 1300

    ULEZ exempt yet it does this... Mind you that's a cold start in 3 degrees, and it soon settles down. Since I've done the manifold gasket it no longer stinks either. The Morris is now my main car as I had to bin the Xantia as it broke on a multitude of levels. So far, so good, and we're only doing local trips at the moment anyway. In a perverse way I'm enjoying having an old shitter with no heater as a winter beater. Every journey is an event! I've also done some That'll Do seat repairs.
  3. Great updates as usual. Referring to filler as 'pudding' always raises a smile too. Proper 70s terminology.
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  5. RobT

    Morris 1300

    I also did a couple of easy jobs. The giffer carpet was looking a bit manky, so I gave it a wash in the bath when Mrs T wasn't looking. Proper replacements are 200 quid, so I'll stick with the Allied off-cuts. Suits the oily rag nature of the car anyway. ACF-50 to protect the chrome from winter salt. I saw Harry Metcalfe use it in one of his vids, so figured I'd give it a go. Mind you two cans were £26 and there's no doubt cheaper alternatives.
  6. RobT

    Morris 1300

    Some of it was as there's traces of old wax in certain places, although I don't think it was in the bulkhead area...more on that below. I've been doing some low rent tinkering on this over Christmas. The brakes had became too bad to ignore any longer (pumping the pedal finally did nowt), so I started off replacing the rear cylinders but it turned out to be a knackered master cylinder. New Lockheed one bought for £72 and 20 minutes later it was on followed by a bleeding session. Done properly for a change with a tarp and old bed sheets to catch any spillages. I still need to clean up an LHM stain from a few months back, so lesson learnt! Next up was the manifold, as it's been farting from there since I bought it. A combination of the gasket and a few barely visible cracks. Everything came off relatively easily, which was a pleasant surprise. As you can see, it's been running a bit rich for a while. But could worn valve stem seals be doing some of that too? It does smoke from cold (but soon settles down), and number 4 plug is on the oily side of acceptable, so I think I'm going to have a crack at doing the job myself. Obviously I should have done all this in one go rather than put the replacement manifold on, but at least I know it'll come off again. Plus it's handy not having the car immobile for long periods, as I like moving chod about for no apparent reason. Not much else to do at the moment is there... With the carb and manifold off I decided to have a poke at the bulkhead. I knew it was crusty, so dug out the worst where I could and in true horse has bolted style put some rust converter on the remaining metal. That can be something to deal with in the spring/summer. I also took the radiator off and gave it a good flush. Battered but it'll do. Probably needs a recore at some point, but it doesn't leak. With everything back on it wouldn't idle at all, but tightening up the manifold bolts underneath the inlet ports, plus a fair bit of carb tinkering, got it running more or less on song bar a few pops from the exhaust. I leaned it off a few months ago so it wasn't running too rich, but I fancy getting the old Gunson Gastester going for a more accurate idea. I tried using it the other day but it wouldn't run off the battery for some reason, so I'll have to hook it up to something else. Or it might be broken of course. So the next exciting* instalment will be me ruining my cylinder head and valves...lots of research and buying of stuff to do first.
  7. I'm an anti-social bastard who doesn't like mixing anyway, so makes no difference. A Christmas at home with the cars, perfect!
  8. Not if you're straight in the head, no... Can't be bothered engaging in Facebook arguments tbh, I got a price I'm happy with after all. However, I have reported his eBay listing as he's lying and claiming it's a one owner car. The photo in the advert is an old V5, included as part of the history. Owner tally is five. Facts can't be disputed.
  9. I'm afraid my posts are all over the place in News 24, rather than one fleet thread. I should probably do it that way really, makes more sense. Morris is here though, but you've probably seen that.
  10. Room for the Innocenti in the back? Dry-ish storage m8.
  11. Christ, I only sold it this morning. At least wait a few days! He paid £1,000 and I anticipated a £1,995 flip, but that's just greedy. Sunroof aperture is rotten btw. Lovely car otherwise.
  12. Chronologically... In and out. Saab 9000 from brownnova that needed a door, which I sort of fixed. I think it's still on AS. Out. Gooner V6. Stupidly quick and great fun, and a decent car overall. Trying to sell it was like pulling teeth, but roffle to the rescue! In. Morris April lockdown purchase. Still being tinkered with. Can't see me selling it for a while. The 11 went soon after, and I hope it still lives. Out. Running issue got gradually worse, 2.1TD pump problem I think. In and out. June's ill advised purchase. Turned out to have HGF, so I sold it on a few months later. Same bloke who bought my/egg's old Senator hoovered it up and set about fixing it, so that's good. In. Pez auto high mileage Xantia. Ex-giffer and the best of the three I've owned. I want to keep hold of this, as it's a good versatile daily. In and out. Getting the rear brakes sorted took some effort. But I learnt how to flare brake pipes in the meantime, so the new MoT felt like an achievement. Money from the above sale is burning a hole already. Quite fancy a Merc W124 next, or just some random old shit that needs fixing. Either way it'll be a last huzzah before having a lean 2021, due to the household income taking a dive at some point. The Metro and Cavalier remain fleet stalwarts. Although I need to figure out what to do with the latter, as it's out of MoT and worryingly surplus to requirements these days.
  13. That Sherpa is within walking distance of me. But no, I'm not bidding on it.
  14. Fleet update. MoT pass on the Rover 820 last week, which was a relief as getting any work done was a hassle I could do without. I spent ages on those rear calipers and handbrake so it felt like an achievement getting a fresh ticket. After all that I'll make an effort to sell it now (not a process I'm looking forward to tbh), and will also ask actual money for it. Gets a bit tiresome losing money on cars every single time. Plus it's a lovely old thing and drives really well. Front wheel is on lock as I was checking out the CV boot severely deteriorated advisory. Doesn't look that bad, so I'll leave it for the new owner. The Xantia keeps doing main car duties well, and my hydraulic pipe fix seems to be have worked. Nail in the rear tyre last week means I'm running it in the 25 year Michelin spare, so I'll get that fixed soon. Here it is with the Skizzer Espace, which is still fantastic despite losing electricity. I'm hoping a new voltage regulator will fix that. Got the part, just need to remove the alternator. I'll do that on Boxing Day or something. It's also an ideal location for a coffee break, when I couldn't be arsed fixing cars the other day. I've also been mucking about with the Morris. It needs a new brake master cylinder, or a refurb of the existing one, as the braking is finally comically shit. Reversed into my garage wall the other day because no brakes and ill judged twattery. No major harm done though, just a giffer style sent on the bumper. The itch to buy something else has also reappeared. Shouldn't, but these things are inevitable aren't they...
  15. I felt like doing that to my old 11 a few times...
  16. That's had me in tears......of laughter!
  17. Now that's something to celebrate. Getting older has benefits!
  18. Three weeks ago the Xantia sprung a hydraulic leak. I felt a bit glum as I thought it was curtains. But £40 later I bought some compression joints and pipe. WAFT MODE REINSTATED. Access was a faff even though it doesn't look so in that pic (and fingers crossed the joints remain dry) but by gum I've missed the ride. Together with the new accumulator it seems better than ever too, so I'm feeling like a right smug bastard this evening. Just to temper such feelings, part of the rusty front wing finally fell off. I had a dig and the sill and body seems to have escaped relatively unscathed, but will have a proper look another time.
  19. That's nice to hear, thanks! Must admit I have been learning a fair bit this year with the older stuff. Although I reached my threshold when that Carlton needed the head gasket doing. Oh to have a yard or unit...
  20. Liked for the update, not the Jag delays & potentially knackered Focus bearing. Hope you get it all sorted m8.
  21. Good old fleet logistics! Winter daily the Invacar? Just put a big coat on for the cold days...
  22. Indeed. I should say at the time of my garage break in it contained a 1997 Rover 114 SLi. The CVT gearbox had main bearing failure, so I almost wished they'd taken it. Edit: above is in response to lesapandre's post on the previous page. I should've quoted.
  23. I suppose a length of chain befits the giffer nature of the car! Generally it's OK around here, although a few garages were broken into earlier in the year. I had mine done 9 years ago, literally a few weeks after we'd moved in. They lifted the bikes and other stuff but left the car untouched. Sometimes driving unwanted old crud helps.
  24. That's the issue, and also the general clunkiness of Diskloks. Hopefully the various other solutions I use are better than nothing.
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