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  1. Sad new, but the 416 had a good run I suppose. As for Direct Line, one for the ever growing c**t list.
  2. Thanks, yes I remember that from your FS thread. I haven't had a rear wheel off yet to see what they're like, but obviously if they need doing I know what to expect. Also @barefoot said this in the same thread: I've also remembered that the parking brake is a two stage thing. If you just pull out the little lever, you get park. If you pull it out & hold it out for something like 2 or three seconds, you get something like 180 newtons of force, which makes it utterly immobile on the steepest of steep hills. I've tried it and you can hear the extra buzz when it engages fully, so hopefully the garage will know to do this. Can't see why they wouldn't as they're a decent outfit.
  3. Same here! Once home I was on alert for a few days, as the last 'modern' car I took on a long trip (a Volvo S60 to Sweden) shat its alternator a week later. Next job is the MoT which I need to book for next week. Possible fails are the front brakes and last year's TRE advisory, but I'll be getting the front discs and pads changed anyway. Plus I need to clear that fault code again so the EML remains off for long enough.
  4. Continental road trip in an 1100. That's doing things properly, isn't it.
  5. Sorry but I hope not! It's in my garage out of the way, so if I do have problems there's none of the urgency I had with the others I offloaded on to you...
  6. Well, I've currently got the head off my Morris 1300 as I'm doing the valve stem seals. Hopefully it doesn't progress from Project to Broken - contact six-cyl. But you've probably got enough BL bilge already!
  7. Fair enough, sounds irritating. A bit like the variable intermittent wipers that seem to have a mind of their own. For example toggling the switch between frequencies doesn't have the desired effect. Not sure if it's me being a twat or the auto wiper function getting involved when it shouldn't.
  8. AS Shatis update. This glorious thing got us to Geneva and back last week no bother. With the cruise set it's like driving my living room, but with more comfortable seating. You'll have to believe me that Mont Salève is in the background and not the Malverns. The trip wasn't without drama, as I managed to kill the battery whilst leaving the lights on during the day. I knew that would be an issue at some point as there's no warning noise as you open the door. Not surprised it happened whilst abroad either, as I was tired and relaxed which is often a recipe for fuckupery. I engaged with the locals and managed to get a jump, so that was alright. The jump pack I took with me wasn't up to the job, so lesson learnt I've now bought a NOCO GB40 that I'll take everywhere. It's already been used once this week to jump the Skizzer Espace, which is my fault for not using it enough. Stating the bleedin' obvious but old cars need to be used, don't they. Gratuitous shot with a pogweasel Corrado.
  9. I'm being cheeky saying this, but I hope your jump pack is fully charged...been having battery woes myself!
  10. I did wonder if the exhaust was leaking, as I noticed a moistness along one section when checking things over pre-road trip. Thanks for the reassurance! My cheapo code reader finally had a use. Not often I have a car new enough for the OBD shiz.
  11. Here's what I got: Did it drive OK for you when it popped up last? Come MoT time hopefully some Cataclean will sort it. Just an idle thought, but for 800 miles I was using the wrong fuel. Apparently this engine needs E5. So I put some in the other day. Could be related to the EML coming on....who knows.
  12. Cheers m9. Hopefully it's just that. Didn't think to pop the ashtray out. Oil change and lubed the wiper mechanism earlier, as a squeak was disturbing the quiet waft.
  13. @barefoot @Fat_Pirate @BorniteIdentity @dean36014 and anyone else who's owned the Shatis. Where's the OBD port on this thing? Google says it's underneath the centre arm rest but I can't see it. I'm meant to be taking it abroad next week, but today it decided to show me the EML. I was 50 miles away at the time but got home OK. Could be something minor I suppose, but EMLs and limp modes aren't something I want to play roulette with 600 miles away. TIA.
  14. Ah, I did wonder if that's the Palio I spotted in Clapham once. Couldn't be arsed searching my thread. On my watchlist already, just in case the bidding stays sensible.
  15. Thanks for saving this as overall it's a decent car. Hopefully it won't need much for a new ticket in October. It isn't entirely watertight though...in the next downpour you might notice a moist passenger carpet. I sealed up the satanroof, but it could be the door seal that's the problem. But at the end of the day who cares, so long as it runs!
  16. Where's the auction place?
  17. Mind you, a few people did help him push it to one side.
  18. I'm surprised there weren't more FTPs in the queue. I offered to tow the Avenger that conked out on the access road (he was up that sloped part), but by the time I reached him it started up again. No other sod offered, and he was at least ten cars in front of me.
  19. Great boost to the mojo, isn't it. Although we're still in that post-show danger area where the eBay searches are being hit hard. After seeing the wonderfully blue interior of @Kiltox's Mk3 Astra I'm wavering... Nice Rover products BTW.
  20. A week day evening? Mine's running at the moment. Not sure how long that'll last mind...
  21. Blimey that sounds a bit of an effort. Maybe I was lucky with my manifold replacement then. Although I'm not entirely convinced the new but used replacement doesn't have a crack somewhere.
  22. There was a Bristol and an Interceptor there this year. Yet @RoadworkUK had to plead his case for his lovely 306. Very odd.
  23. Didn't realise you were there either. Would've been good to catch up. Hope you're keeping well!
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