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  1. After much deliberation, I concluded that this is the answer to all my problems. Does anyone have a nice(r) pair of bumpers?
  2. ...fuck it. I've bought it. I'm very excited.
  3. That would be fabulous, Ian. It's annoying that I can't un-see the ridiculous TV On The Radio 1980s fantasy unit. Google has dredged up Yoko models for sale in Russia and Germany... https://www.ebay.de/itm/Yoko-CCTV-1-in-dash-TV/393112382944 ...the latter being very tempting indeed. The white noise displayed on its screen is exactly what I'm taking about. Modern.
  4. That Blaupunkt equaliser binnacle is quite a thing – and here's one in real life... https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Blaupunkt-BEQ-S-Equalizer-Gooseneck-Rare-Vintage-70s-Car-Radio-Equaliser/124328280429 ...but when did soiled 80s car radio tat suddenly become so expensive?
  5. Just stumbled across this... https://www.autoweek.com/car-life/but-wait-theres-more/a1912791/must-have-accessory-well-equipped-1980s-driver-2-screen-dash-tv/
  6. More power to your elbow! Here it is being excavated in 2016…
  7. Good answer! The function of the radio is of minimal importance. Though I like both in isolation, I rarely feel the urge to enjoy cars and radios simultaneously.
  8. There’s a hole under my left elbow in my Citroën GSA and filling it presents an opportunity. Unfortunately, while I like cars and radios to an “inappropriate” degree, car radios aren’t on my nerd spectrum. I am therefore lighting the nerd assistance alert beacon. The interior is two-tone brown-on-brown, with embellishments in brown. Being a GSA, it can swing freely between 70s kitsch and 80s spank. Below is some pornography to set the scene. Ideally, of course, it needs a tiny CRT display linked to a ZX Spectrum with a speech synthesis cartridge and Death Star exhaust port targe
  9. ...just this highly glamorous photograph from Paul.
  10. Fucking well done for liberating the Rover. More power to your elbow. Yes: the battleship grey Favorit is in my permanent collection. My friend Paul Johns disentombed it from the Garage That Time Forgot. We gave it an autistic mechanical going-over and used it for the Autumn Sun Run in France in 2018. I’m pondering a good-quality respray and general tidying-up. It’s not my usual style, but I feel it deserves it – and it’d look fabulous in shiny battleship grey.
  11. I've been quite a grown-up, this year. Out... Tatra 613-4 KATi Citroën Ami 6 MGB GT6 In... Lada 2106 Rover 75 Tofaş Serçe Fiat Panda 30 Volvo 740GL Hindustan Ambassador ...and possibly a Kalmar Tjorven. Babysat; mended; rallied; soiled; handed back... Škoda Favorit 135L
  12. To save fucking around now this bumping exercise is obsolete: Left to right – Rodacar, ZAZ Tavria, Moskvich Aleko, Tarpan 233S, Skoda 105, IZh 2125, Żuk
  13. SOLD! Thanks to everyone who expressed an interest... I'll tell Scott who you are in case the Ami gets regurgitated.
  14. ...so while Scott mulls this over, here's a 'can you guess all seven non-Citroëns in the photograph' procrastination exercise. Hint: they're all East European or Russian.
  15. Yes... it's an IZh 2125, as this man is explaining: I'll go and poke at the Ami later today.
  16. Does anyone fancy a 1965 Ami 6 Break that’s lightly broken? It needs light recommissioning and a gearbox rebuild. It’s very rust-free and it hasn’t been welded, but it has been resprayed at some stage in its original colour. I recommissioned six years ago with new brakes, new Michelin tyres, electronic ignition and various other bits-and-pieces, then drove it to La Traversée de Paris. It thrummed along excellently… really quite nippy. Unfortunately, though, the transaxle started making a nasty knocking noise on the final leg of the return trip. I never got round to investigating. The seats ha
  17. The Panhard's exhaust bears the weight of the transaxle, too – and it supports the carburettor. It's lucky exhausts don't rust.
  18. As I bolted the space-age cowling to a Panhard PL17 engine last night, I mused that it was the coolest-looking engine ever. But then I remembered thinking the same about a Tatra 603 engine. Any advance on these two?
  19. Attention! This Militsiya Volga is an M21R – the proletariat-spec base model built from 1965 onward.
  20. I need to hire a car in Ekaterinburg next week. Look at this catalogue of delights… http://imavto.ru Uz-Daewoo Nexia, Lada 2114, ZAZ Chance, Datsun On-Do. Ekaterinburg is a modern city! Though the Lada’s ‘convenient ashtray with illumination’ was beguiling, the pull of the Datsun's 'handy gearbox' was too strong to resist... ‘The budget front-wheel drive Datsun On-Do is more than a reliable car. The elegant sports sedan is built on the Lada Granta platform, but it features a more modern design and a handy gearbox. This model is easy to learn from the dynamic silhouette of the body, the spec
  21. I've done it slowly and inexpertly it in various terrible cars. It's exciting – and perfectly safe. https://youtu.be/xrvna4Qkz4M
  22. I'd be very interested to read Mac's lengthy article, if he obliges. Sam
  23. Can I have another random please and take advantage of your two-for-£25 combo mega-deal promotion?
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