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    mouseflakes reacted to cort16 in eBay tat volume 3.   
    reminds of this plate currently for sale on Facebook (obviously)

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    mouseflakes reacted to nacho man in eBay tat volume 3.   
    This looks a bit alright for £695

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    mouseflakes reacted to Fabergé Greggs in How did you discover Autoshite?   
    Great question- I've been meaning to share this.
    I googled the registration plate of my Fiat X1/9 and it appeared in someone's spotted thread with the caption "sporty shite".
    I was deeply offended but I stayed around long enough to realise that it was a great compliment!
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    mouseflakes reacted to wuvvum in How did you discover Autoshite?   
    This is true, but that's (at least in part) because there ain't no £95 Mk2 Cavs any more...
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    mouseflakes reacted to pshome in How did you discover Autoshite?   
    googling for Tagora i ended up here.
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    mouseflakes got a reaction from nigel bickle in How did you discover Autoshite?   
    Pretty sure it was a coachbuilt Hiace camper you were bidding on, or selling? And a CX.

    I persuaded Reg to come here after he bought my Renault 14. I remember when he first reported driving past your gaff. He thought he'd struck the shite mother lode.
    I came here after seeing some geezer called 'Pogweasel' was bidding on a Renault 6 on ebay. He had a link to Autoshite in his ebay 'about me' page.
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    mouseflakes reacted to wuvvum in How did you discover Autoshite?   
    Ah yes, young Regie.  A sad story.  Such a promising young lad he was.  Then he discovered wimmin and it was all downhill from there. 
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    mouseflakes reacted to vulgalour in Renault 6TL "Crapaud"   
    Renault's new boot seal arrived today, again ordered from Woolies.  The Laguna one that might have been available suddenly wasn't so I ordered a length of suitable edge seal from Woolies which arrived today.  Really easy to fit you just peel the old one off and push the new one on, trimming to size where the lock latch is.

    Flat old one can go in the bin.

    Again, not a lot left over.  I needed just shy of 4 metres to do this and I wish I'd done it ages ago.

    It doesn't make that odd crunchy noise when closing the tailgate now and it feels like it seals, the test will be when it rains.  Mike had been kind enough to clean up the access plate from under the back seat.  I need to glue some sort of strip seal to it and clean up the car side so this makes a good seal when reattached. I'll likely drill an extra hole in it too so it can be clamped down better, there's no visible hole to screw it into the floor that matches that on the plate itself.

    Next thing then was to check how the doors had actually sealed.  We've had a small amount of rain and I had noticed the car wasn't fogging up as much so I was hopeful the new seals were working.  Started with the best sealing door and yep, that seal is working lovely.  The door made that satisfying new seal noise when the door was opened too and there wasn't signs of moisture in the door opening.  Good job!

    Front door on the driver's side not as good.  I really should have removed the mirror before putting the seal on so I have a small section that needs resealing once I've done that.  I didn't have my allen keys to hand when fitting the new seals and thought I could get away with it.  The leading edge of the door where it joins the lower A pillar also hasn't stuck so I need to reglue that too.  Not the end of the world, just niggles and easily remedied.  The good thing is that there wasn't really any obvious water ingress on the floor this side now.

    The worst door, that being rear passenger side, is still causing problems.  Water is still getting past the seal here but it's not clear how.  The seal is channeling the water as it should but a small amount is still getting down the back of it.  I may have to just push the top of the door frame in a bit like I did on the front door this side so that it meets the bodyshell better.  The doors on this car are quite flimsy things.

    I did find a small hole.  At first I thought it was just black paint.  That will need some attention and I'm not sure how I missed it when I did the gutter removal.

    I also noticed the headlining at the windscreen edge was dry now so I may have sealed that succesfully.  With the exception of the rear passenger door, the cabin was dry inside so I've certainly significantly reduced the water ingress problem.  I can't do anything on the Renault's engine today as I have none of my tools at home and my loan car was taken back a couple of days ago so I haven't the transport to go and get them in a timely fashion.  I can pick them up on the weekend as I'll hopefully be helping Mike put the Rover back together.
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    mouseflakes reacted to plasticvandan in Renault 6TL "Crapaud"   
    having the doors shut tight against the seals should work magic in keeping them in the right place,just leave them shut for a day or two
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    mouseflakes reacted to vulgalour in Renault 6TL "Crapaud"   
    It finally stopped raining today!  Time to crack on with some sealing jobs on the Renault.  I was going to squidge some more sealant into the windscreen seal but it sits in so snugly I can't, instead I ran the tidiest bead of sealant I could manage over the edges of the seal where it seems to be letting water into the car and we'll see if it does the trick.  If not, I can clean it back and try and different approach.  That was fairly quick to do, if a little messy, and left me lots of time to get on with the next bit.
    I'd put a shout out on various fora for suggestions on where to get some door seals and after looking at the various wares on offer, it was http://www.woolies-trim.co.uk/ who came up trumps with their larger arrowhead profile foam door seals.  This isn't self adhesive so sealant is required to fit.  12.5 metres were needed in total for all four doors, I bought 13 because you can only buy in 1 metre multiples and it's always best to have a little bit extra, just in case.


    I worked on one door at a time, stripping off the old seal and fitting the new one.  The drivers side was still sealing fairly well so I could have probably got away with not doing it, but I'd rather fit new all round.  The old seals were quite tired.

    Remember, these are the GOOD old seals.  It's no wonder the rain was getting in really.

    One thing I did learn is that a lot of the glue holding the old seals on had also failed so water was getting in not just around where the old seals were shrunken but also where they just hadn't bonded to the door frame.  Not any use to anyone so in the bin they go.

    To make sure I had enough seals to go around, I applied the polyurethane sealant to the door frame and then fed the new seal on from the roll I'd bought.  Starting at the centre of the bottom edge so the join was in the least visible place and least likely to cause sealing problems, I worked my way around the door frame, holding the seal in place with tape.  I swear I ended up with more sealant on me than on the door and this stuff only seems to clean off with thinners.  Got there in the end.

    Here we see a rare display of a Renault 6 "peacocking" in a vain attempt to attract a mate.

    There wasn't much seal left over.

    Ages ago when I jacked up the car, water came out and we couldn't figure out how it had got in to where it was coming out as there didn't seem to be an obvious point of ingress.

    On rolling the back seat forward and lifting the floor mat to check for water to mop out - it rained LOADS yesterday - I noticed the blanking plate over the fuel sender was loose and quite a lot of water had got in underneath.

    The boot seal is next on my jobs for replacement, look how flat this is.

    It got a bit cold so I'm hoping the sealant cures okay, if not I can always reglue things.  The doors are more difficult to shut now than they were and you can see the seals are squishing into the places they need to so I'm cautiously optimistic.
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    mouseflakes reacted to nacho man in eBay tat volume 3.   
    Jims Executive motors
    Travel in style

    Travel in style all right.
    TWO pairs of sunglasses.
    Thats style

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    mouseflakes reacted to garethj in eBay tat volume 3.   
    OMG SNOW CHAOS?  Don't put up with imitations, go for a genuine Jeep.
    Snow Chaos

    Sand Chaos

    Abandoned Chaos

    Just Chaos

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    mouseflakes reacted to garethj in eBay tat volume 3.   

    Wow, they really built these things didn't they?

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    mouseflakes reacted to AMC Rebel in eBay tat volume 3.   
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    mouseflakes reacted to wuvvum in How did you discover Autoshite?   
    This one?

    Edit:  I think it was the CX you messaged me on (the GTI Turbo).

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    mouseflakes got a reaction from strangeangel in eBay tat volume 3.   

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    mouseflakes reacted to Anglevan in Anglevans dash cam pics from around the globe !!   
    Thought i'd share some dash cam pics - I do a fait bit of mileage and often see chod about, the magic of the dash cam is it's so easy to capture em as you drive alone even if the pic is crap. Just for the record i'm not a middle lane hogger it's just I find that overtaking gives the best oppertunity to capture the shot !!!
    These have been taken over the last couple of years so lots to share so will upload as and when time permits.
    Think this was Huddersfield way


    spot the Mini

    Not really a spot as this belongs to a family friend that I just happened to be following - he's owned this for near on 30 years now.


    It's funny how you remember certain pics - this guy flew passed me while on his mobile - naughty!!

    How do you spell Citroen again??

    I see lots of these on my travels - common as muck

    Spot the Polo - taken in Morley, Leeds


    Spot the Mazda - looked mint

    A local car - the grey minor is a regular and a daily driver, done over 400k or so I was told.

    Will try and keep this updated - more to come
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    mouseflakes reacted to nigel bickle in How did you discover Autoshite?   
    Regie Ritmo pointed me.
    So long ago, few here will even remember him!
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    mouseflakes got a reaction from M'coli in eBay tat volume 3.   
    1.4. Needs a radiator apparently. MOT 'til next October. £100. Looks like that's a replacement wing?

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    mouseflakes reacted to buckbuckbuckie in Name that part! Grille edition   
    I have been sorting through some of the parts that came with the garage (thread got deleted) and have started identifying them ready to sell.  I've identified a good few but I will put all the pics up.   I thought some on here might get a kick from this so here you go!   
    Number 1

    Number 2

    Number 3

    Number 4

    Number 5

    Number 6

    Number 7

    Number 8

    Number 9

    Number 10

    Number 11

    Number 12

    Number 13

    Number 14

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    mouseflakes reacted to Junkman in eBay tat volume 3.   
    Hold me back!!!


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    mouseflakes reacted to bramz7 in Brammys BXcellent adventure, ZX RAFFLE all gone, draw tomorrow, pp details later   
    It went on eBay last night for £185. Madness. Oh well, I'd rather the knowledge its with someone who will look after it.
    Anyway, this happened:
    1990 Citroen BX14 RE. by Sam Osbon, on Flickr
    I got a BX. Much more fun to drive. And amazingly, half the cost on insurance.... First impressions are that it needs a tidy up but drives super well. I don't think I've had a car with such a good clutch?! 
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    mouseflakes got a reaction from oldcars in eBay tat volume 3.   

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    mouseflakes got a reaction from Cavcraft in eBay tat volume 3.   

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