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  1. Yes,that's the one,there was loads of EKRC stuff in it when i bought it,it was used mainly for changing the on route time tables.
  2. I owned a pick up version of the E83W, it cost me £6 in 1974!
  3. That's where my old Saab went to !!!
  4. Slightly off topic @barrett i know you have an interest in kit cars and i found this article in a 1966 local pub guide i have and thought it might interest you--
  5. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/215074523041848/
  6. That brings back mostly good memories---
  7. I bought a VW Beetle-897 TDV- from Square Hill Motors in the early 1960s.
  8. If only i still had a yard--it would be full up by now anyway! The AEC Swift is about 15 miles away from me.
  9. I know the location of this if any person is interested--
  10. That dent adds even more 'character', please don't spoil it by polishing it all over!
  11. Vantman

    BX Roll Call

    I have had two,a diesel manual,the model of which i have completely forgotten and a BX19TZi Auto which i lavished much money and polish on! A wonderful comfortable and speedy cruiser,i drove it to the CCC international in 2012,a total of 600 miles and it drove perfectly. Sold it to a chap in Birmingham and his wife wouldn't drive it so he sold it to a chap back down my way but i lost track of it.
  12. My Colt that i owned,still going as far as i know and owned by a forum member--
  13. I had a couple of spells of lazy starting in the damp weather with it and i just dried all the ignition components out thoroughly and it was ok after that.
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