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  1. My car insurance started to get expensive when i turned 70, then even more expensive when i turned 75 and then my insurer said 'just wait until you are 80! To be fair £400 for my V70 is bearable considering i am a stroke survivor☺️.
  2. This was long before handrails were required, just common sense and good footwear were needed. With lightweight loads and a coach differential 240 horse power was plenty.
  3. They were not that popular but you could here a TS3 coming about a mile and a half away! Foden also had a similar two stroke engine.
  4. It's winter so it must be a convertible?
  5. @rainagain The last code i used was UKS2021 but obviously it might be 2022 or 2023 by now.
  6. My ex Toleman MAN 16.240 (with a coach differential!) and Hoynor 7 car with a peak when i ran out of Blackbushe a long time ago when i contracted to R P Greaves,Dover.
  7. I 'wobbled' a couple of traffic light posts and bent a lamp post with my Hoynor peak a few years ago!
  8. Taken during my 'relief driver' days for various local hauliers. This turned out to be a long term job for Derek Minter,a well known 1960s 'King of Brands' motor cycle racer,one of my idols. This was his newest F12 which he used to polish monthly!
  9. Had this for 40 years,it's been on umpteen different cars,vans and lorries. Obviously it's my initials and it must have cost me a fortune in transfer fees over the years!
  10. It's that MOT time of year again for the Scruffy Saab so off to the the local boys that look after it for a pre MOT. Front brake pads renewed, nsr brake caliper freed off, new wiper blades on the headlamps, engine oil and filter changed as well as the fuel filter. MOT passed, no advisories! Another years motoring ahead and it's just over 77000 miles now but it still looks scruffy😄.
  11. Visa Leader in Kent-- https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/1319439252205828/?hoisted=false&ref=browse_tab&referral_code=marketplace_top_picks&referral_story_type=top_picks
  12. I am officially really old then, Clement Attlee was PM when i was born!
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