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  1. I viewed it when the owner was trying to sell it,i walked away as it had serious rot in the area behind both rear wings,quite common on the earlier 9000.
  2. I would but it has too many pedals for me--damn!
  3. Vantman

    Truck Shite

    That's a nice tidy fleet you have.
  4. Oh dear,this is less than a couple of miles from where I live!! https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/JAGUAR-S-Type-4-0-V8-Only-53434-miles/333330441493?hash=item4d9c0ae515:g:KA8AAOSw4i5dff9x
  5. My 2008 9-3 Aero is NOT comfy!!
  6. 6 speed gearbox from a 9-3 ss diesel will fit but the gear linkage would have to be changed from cable to rod,so hardly worth the effort.
  7. My partner Christine doing something she has wanted to do for a long time---Wing Walking, the crazy woman!
  8. I know of a serial Senator collector near Dymchurch who used to have 5 Senators but now down to only 2,plus a garage full of spares,i sometimes see him in the local cafe so i will do my best to try and make contact with him.
  9. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/105618252805607/search/?callsite=commerce_mktplace_www_hoisted_pdp&hoisted_item=474085726766219&query=peugeot 405
  10. Yes but only 1998-2001,steel or one type of alloy only though.
  11. Morris FGK i think,bigger engine meant a bigger snout,earlier ones were known as 'noddy' vans.
  12. Thanks. Malt loaf every time!
  13. Headlamp issue may be the orange relay,under bonnet,fuse box near battery. Was the Dart Charge paid please?
  14. It does work sometimes! I was out in it for most of yesterday and it worked ok. Othertimes it failed and I would forget to cancel it and then all of a sudden it would start working causing much confusion to me and other motorists!
  15. Turn off at the next junction and go round the roundabout to rejoin to go back!
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