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  1. Sat Nav!!! I thought Christine sent you a road map?
  2. Lovely car,so much character,well done for finding and purchasing it.
  3. A bit off topic but if you need parts this is the number you need,at the head of the letter!!! Actually it's the parts needed for a Lanchester Eleven that was in for repair at the garage where i first started work.
  4. Sold,see the news 24 thread.
  5. Starter motor failed again,it now looks like another visit to the auto electrician---or sell the ungrateful thing!
  6. Thanks,i was a bit aprehensive about buying it blind,but the dealer gave me the previous owners phone number and after a couple of lengthy phone conversations about the car i agreed to buy it,it was delivered today on a transporter and he took the ungrateful BX away as a part exchange,i was most surprised that he did!
  7. Traded the ungrateful BX against another Saab---2004 9-5 2 litre petrol auto with a *slight*upgrade and lots of history,91000 miles and bought from a fastidious previous owner.
  8. Starter motor purchased and fitted,back to normal now--hopefully!
  9. Many thanks for your kind offer,i have now sourced a BNIB one,collecting tomorrow.
  10. Well it left me stranded yesterday with starter motor failure so i guess that was the problem,it's back home now whilst i search for another starter motor.
  11. I went to start the BX yesterday morning using the usual procedure--turn key,wait for glow plugs to go out then turn key further to engage starter,it didn't catch the first time so i repeated the procedure only to get a half hearted attemp from the battery and clouds of acrid smoke from behind the dashboard!!!! Jumped out and a quick disconnect of the battery followed by much swearing. The general but sweeping concenus is it is either the battery,the starter motor or the ignition switch,in my wisdom i don't think it is the battery as surely that wouldn't cause the smoke in the dashboard effect? Anyway it now stands in shame on the drive awaiting somebody who knows more than me about the problem. Ungrateful BX!
  12. I used to do all the car movements for Autocrafts with my 3 car transporter and this was a second vehicle for accident recovery,fuel cost was built into the job and mechanical spares were ok-ish,it was sold before it became a problem.
  13. Here's one i used to operate back in the late 1990s--
  14. Collected the BX from the specialist today after he had fettled it and checked it over for MOT in a few weeks time. Work done included--sort out the front brake pads which had been incorrectly fitted,brakes are loads better now. Reroute the throttle cable and adjust the pedal which has made it more comfortable for my foot. Renew the fuel filter as the old one was cruddy. Fit a new gaiter to the rear suspension cylinder. Fit a new wiper blade and spray bar. And best of all,fit a new window regulator and motor to the drivers side front---HOORAY!! Work to do before MOT--Needs welding to the rear chassis rails/boot floor area which means lowering the subframe,needs a new gaiter on the other rear suspension cylinder. A lovely comfortable drive home😊😊
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