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  1. And the fully working electric aerial !
  2. It's ok Ben,it's an older car and if they hadn't explained it to me i wouldn't have known it. Relaxed motoring ahead,when they delivered it back they were impressed how well it drove--and they drive all sorts of cars.
  3. The little Mazda has just been returned to me after much fettling by the boys at the garage,new cambelt and tensioners,new water pump, new rocker cover gasket and auxiluary belts. The old belt was very slack due to a failing tensioner so i can now drive it without playing roulette and without the r/c gasket leaking. They also fitted new rear roll bar bushes and drop links so less rattling now. They also renewed the coolant and done a level check as well. I only had to pay labour as all parts except the water pump and coolant were very kindly supplied with the car when i purchased it from
  4. I was half interested in that when it was advertised months ago but then the seller decided he was going to keep it forever---obviously not.
  5. Current plans are to perhaps move on the 'slightly modified' Saab 9-5 auto and replace with something like a Jaguar XJ,Mercedes S class, or an Audi A8. so many to choose from! Keeping the Mazda 323 Coupe as i am just about to send it to the garage for various things to be done.
  6. Whitstable Times and Herne Bay Herald - Saturday 03 September 1932 Freehold plot of land situate and known as Plot 1 Hillman Avenue, Studd Hill Estate, Herne Bay, having a frontage of 20 feet to Hillman Avenue and a return frontage to Rover Avenue of approximately 65 feet including main Co.'s water, electric light and concrete road frontage and return frontage. Subject to usual building restrictions as laid down by the Estate, free conveyance on payment of one shilling. Presented by the Studd Hill Estate, Herne Bay, via Bro. John L. Stedman. Fenced free of charge by C. Cheyney, West Blean T
  7. East Kent Trim Supplies are 5 minutes from me if you need anything collected from them.
  8. As my Saab is in the garage having a new alternator fitted,the Mazda got pressed into service today for the first time since i purchased it earlier in December. An essential journey was required so it started first time as one would expect and off i went to deliver the parts required for the Saab. The lads at the garage were quite taken with the little Japanese car so arrangements were made to finally fit a new cambelt,tensioners and water pump to take the guesswork out of has it been changed or not! Next job will be to change the rear droplinks and roll bar bushes as it certainly clatter
  9. Welcome back Skizzer--Merry Christmas!
  10. First out this year,low mileage Saab 9-5,got bored with it as too ordinary! Second out was the Citroen BX,annoyed me too much with it's never ending starting problems-- First in was this Saab 9-5 auto, 220 HP, lowered 35mm--lovely and lively--- Second in was eggs Mazda 323,not used much yet due to Covid--
  11. Still available on my laptop!
  12. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/486457885667467/?ref=browse_tab&referral_code=undefined
  13. Whilst in my ownership it had a non start which turned out to be damp plug leads etc,while we were in there we cleaned the rotor arm and distributor cap and all was fine after that. It's nice to see it still going well. New bump stop here--https://www.saabits.com/suspension-and-steering/saab-90-99-900-rear-bump-stop
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