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  1. When i worked in the parts department of the local BMC agent in Canterbury these 'snout' type were known as FM models.
  2. @beko1987That is irresponsible,please dispose of it in a correct manner.
  3. Lorry could be an Austin/Morris 504--
  4. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/414322276259001/
  5. Now for sale---See 'FOR SALE' section.
  6. Wow--there i was roaming about facebook and up pops this pictute of the Bedford OB that belonged to Arnold brothers who i worked for at Chilham,straight out of school in the early 1960's. I remember it so well because i had to wash and clean it twice a day with a hosepipe,bucket,sponge and chamois leather.
  7. Vantman

    my spots.....

    Yes, a 100E or a 103E. (Memory fade).
  8. There is a good cafe at Rye Harbour,The Bosuns Bite where good grub is available.
  9. It certainly is a nice place,we try and go there at least once a week,if i feel flush we go on the little train from Hythe.
  10. A 'not much to report' update--As i have sold my Saab 9-5 to Sims00 of this fine forum,the Mazda got the job of daily driver,approx 10 weeks and 1300 miles later i have had zero problems,just fuel,no oil or water used. A few dashes to and fro the M20 keeps the cobwebs out of it. Whilst parked at a farm shop i had an offer to buy it but that came to nothing as did the offer from a man who knocked my door and asked to buy it. What a fine machine it is !! @egg
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