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  1. Leave it on the radiator though be warned, some of the pages may never come unstuck!
  2. Not been on here in ages though thought I'd make a grin post as with great surprise my transit passed it's mot on Wednesday. Considering the advisorys last year and the fact I've managed nothing more than to clean it once and give it an oil change I'm dead pleased not to be arsing about in the dark trying to make the free retest. Tester did say I've either got my work cut out or may want to just drive it into the river before next year! I'll do some work on it soon, honest.
  3. I've owned one which was spotless but binned off when it went pop. I've had a hand in 'race prepping' four more, none of which were seriously grotty though all got a bit bent in the 'racing' process so went in the bin too. Despite my callous mistreatment of the breed I quite like them.
  4. Put me on LPG hit list please too if others fall through it sounds like just what I need for the 2.0 DOHC transit.
  5. Neighbour knocked on the door Saturday morn to enquire if the Renault Clio that was now stuck on the back of his 3 week old 5 series belonged to me. I could tell he already knew the answer so there was no point in denying the fact. I'd left it running when I parked on the hill the night previous to have a failed attempt at finding which orifice it had pissed out all it's expensive pink coolant over the course of the evenings driving and after assuming it had holed the rad had clearly just turned it off and slammed the door in pure disgust of it's seemingly inability at holding onto it's fancy water. I am in the habit of leaving my motors in gear, especially after the granada incident some years back though clearly I am a twat. Neighbors bimmer is a company car and due to my skintness it will all need to go through insurance. The bimmer needs a bumper which will surely cost a mint. On the plus side my towbar is unaffected.
  6. I see the problem here. You seem to have bought a late model vehicle.
  7. Pleasingly shonky. They normally hold off the rot pretty well so I guess that one's had a life by the sea.
  8. I gave up with this with our transit tramper van due to the camper reg regs though at 20 years old I'm hoping to wang it on the classic policy next year which should add fully comp and minus a few hundred sheets. A few places asked for a photo of the 'conversion' though of course I'm too much of an upright citizen to take pics of someone else van so I forgot about it. No two people/quotes/vehicles are identical when it comes to insurance so just do the leg work is my advise too.
  9. White leather is surely only good for those who cant be bothered to mop up the bodily fluids after back seat relations no?
  10. MOT testers response to wheeling this out of the transit today ''You got papers for that mate'' *Latest I could find pic, Imagine the same bike but with more wear and wheels. Despite the looks, abuse, last minute fixeration and the slight cat C mishap late last year it's another clean sweep with no advisorys for the old donk. It has had hours and some not insignificant monies spent on it this year so I was quietly confidant though never the less dead chuffed with the result. Just need to fine tune the suspension and then I'll concentrate on building up the spare lump as a hot (luke warm would do) motor top starve of lay up time when the one pot lump eventually boils it's swede.
  11. I'm sure many on here will agree that this is the holy grail of sierra ownership. I shall too hereby add my interest of ownership should you or boll get bored with it.
  12. Work threw out a load of ATF a few years back and I can concur it turned my NA 309 into a proper road burner. The Clio gets a bit of 2 stroke now and again though only when I dilute the veg mix with pez from the TY250.
  13. We had a 1.9 NA derv Mk3 and it was ace. The only Mk4 I've driven was a GTI and although it would hit motorway speeds quite happily it never did feel particularly swift. All of this matters not here I guess. It will rust less and feel more modern.
  14. I've got one of these. No idea how good it is at theft prevention apart from 2 years of still got car in South East London which I suppose speaks volumes. The rubberized handle, shape and weight makes it great for administering justice should the need arise.
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