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  1. Beat me too. Although I have the honour of being the shiter living closest to that area... There's no Skoda Avenue though.
  2. Woody

    Haunted Radio

    Who ya gonna call?
  3. Woody

    Haunted Radio

    To try to answer in turn: Th battery seems ok, it starts the engine easily on the first turn (TDi PD 1.4) and has only gone flat when the radio has come on overnight. There's no CD In the machine, never used the CD facility just the aux socket. No remote, just controls on the unit. And it seems to like Radio 2, so definitely some 50s rock 'n roll there! The only way I can really test it is to replace the head unit, I guess. Does anyone know if other Skoda units would be a straight swap (I don't do vehicle electrics!)?
  4. Woody

    Haunted Radio

    I swear the radio in my Roomster is possessed. We were in bed the other night and the missus complained about the boom boom boom of music she could hear in the distance and how inconsiderate some people could be. I went outside to see if I could hear where it was coming from and saw the radio in the car all lit up... It's done it several times since so I've taken to turning the volume down to zero when I park it up so at least it doesn't make any sound if it randomly turns on. Which worked fine until I came out to a flat battery one morning. Now I've taken the fuse out which has stopped the problem, but the wife is complaining about having to listed to nothing but the tuneful 3 cylinder diesel. Has anyone an idea what's causing the radio to switch on randomly? It also switches into 'phone' mode at its whim, sometimes every few seconds. It's a standard fit Skoda 'Dance' unit.
  5. I'm interested in having this off you, I just need to check into the why's and how's of doing it...
  6. Original post now edited to include readable photos!
  7. No worries, thought they wouldn't be good enough when I upped them. Will do em again in the morning
  8. Re-converted and checked issue 26, all the pages are there now! (Have amended in original post too) https://www.dropbox.com/s/s7lwiv8vnjcrn5f/Jalopy%20No.26%20re-converted.pdf?dl=0
  9. Apologies, my PDF converter thingy had a lot of trouble with issue 26 for some reason, and it was getting late and I lost patience with it after the fourth attempt. I'll try again...
  10. These? From the Jan 87 issue. Quality is a bit shit as it's getting dark
  11. Oh, and here's the top sellers for November 79...
  12. Is this what you wanted? First prices I can find listed are in the Jan 1980 What Car?, the road test is in the Dec 1979 issue. I've included a bonus entry in the COTY contest too! ETA: Don't know why some have come out on their sides,sorry... Happy to email them to you if that's better!
  13. I've taken the liberty of converting these to PDF format so those who want to read them like proper magazines but on one of those new fangled laptop or tablet device thingummies: Jalopy No.5: https://www.dropbox.com/s/jx8n0esdp799hwt/Jalopy%20No.5%20converted.pdf?dl=0 Jalopy No.11: https://www.dropbox.com/s/41hndtqsbxi24lq/Jalopy%20No.11%20converted.pdf?dl=0 Jalopy No.12: https://www.dropbox.com/s/f1e46th0h9gbkw9/Jalopy%20No.12%20converted.pdf?dl=0 Jalopy No.16: https://www.dropbox.com/s/gnv964z9gpr8ay5/Jalopy%20No.16%20converted.pdf?dl=0 Jalopy No.26: https://www.dropbox.com/s/s7lwiv8vnjcrn5f/Jalopy%20No.26%20re-converted.pdf?dl=0
  14. Leave this with me until tomorrow, I'll dig into my What Car stash in the garage and find this for you. Any particular month you'd prefer? I'll have a look for any road tests too, I'm sure I remember at least one!
  15. You now have the opportunity to relive that incredible* experience with this amazing* and rot free Furby!
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