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  1. Don’t know, I had to do a rewire, different to modern ones anyway. Have tried to get the bulb on the dashboard to flash but it just spazzes out the relay if I connect to the relevant relay pin. I fixed the brake light issue which was a loose connector, and then put new coolant in - it decided to wait until I did this to start emptying the contents of the cooling system. I removed the rad and heater matrix and flushed them both out. There’s something very satisfying about flushing solid silty orange water out until it’s clear! There was so much sediment in both. MOT is tomorrow so hope nothing else goes wrong.
  2. Fuck me, this fucking car, etc Spent a fair few days trying to track down a relay for this. Just as a reminder it looks like this: I think the ones on these are earthed from the indicator stalk or something. No wiring diagrams on the internet though. Visited every scrapyard and motor factor (most of whom looked at my like I had two heads) in the area, closest I got was one saying they offloaded a load to someone called Greg. Greg said it was at the back of his garage somewhere and he might sort it out one day. I finally went to a scrappy in north Wales and bought as many relays as I could. I got it all wired up and working in about 8 hours, but the brake lights don’t work. 🥲 Only have to change a driveshaft boot which is tiny and it’s ready for another full price mot as I missed the retest.
  3. I put this in for an MOT, the drive was OK, it still feels like everything is about to fall off, but I still think it's quite cute and everybody looks at it. The indicators failed on the way there, and the fail sheet was quite disasterous. I put it on an ebay auction - a car I paid £1450 with about 300 spent on it, and it went for £1350. 😪 The fella I bought it off had it up for £2000. I think I should have done the whole "I'm walking away" with £900 in me 'aaand. One of the things it failed on was king pins in the front suspension being loose, which is probably the most expensive thing to fix on the whole thing - I bought recon ones for £175, because they're horrible to do, and I tried. I got in touch with someone who refurbs them, and even he said he hated doing them. They had significant play in them even off the car. It took approximately ONE HOUR to remove, change bearings, refit hubs, brake components and other bits and put back on. I reckon you could rebuild every component on the car in a weekend. I fixed the broken headlight mounts by modelling and printing out some new ones, and just make nice fitting washers for the lens where the original plastic head screws had broken. These work great, even using a crude wood screw to hold them on. I love 3D printers! I replaced the bushes on the gear change column, which always go. I just couldn't find more than two gears no matter how much I adjusted them, it was like stirring bricks with Pepperami - taking the whole thing out (10 minute job) showed original bushes were cracked! I bought a brand new shaft with pressed bearings on and new bushes for the rest. It changes 'beautifully' now! The passenger seat runners were completely seized and bent. No amount of messing would straighten them, I found a pair of ball bearing runners from my old Peugeout 106 that luckily I didn't throw out. I welded these onto the frame and the seat is fantastic now. Bolted to the floor with 1" box section. I cleaned up the wheels and sprayed them a nice grey - they only need the wheel caps to look nice now. Also yellowed the headlights and painted the terrible front bumper with 2pk satin black. The only thing it needs now for another test (retest lapsed today due to new parts arriving too late), is a 'boot' on the rear outer driveshaft - it a one inch wide bit of rubber. I think I'll make my own - shafts unbolt and are a synch to change. The other thing is the indicator flasher - they stopped on the way to the MOT as mentioned, and I haven't been able to cure it with new flasher relays. The old one is broken, and I'm wondering if new relays are incompatible with difference in pin order connections. It's one of those metal cylinder types, but I can't get one from anywhere local new. Does anyone know what the other ones do - the second from left is burnt out, I think it's the intermittant wiper relay.
  4. I've never wanted a Morris Minor or an MGB, I would love a Spitfire or a Midget though, must be the whole image/reputation thing.
  5. From near Madrid back to Granada Ah, that's a good bruy, well brought.
  6. DavidB

    Stop smoke

    Doesn't this just make the oil thicker so it doesn't seep past seals as easy, like the gearbox stop leak stuff (that stuff doesn't work though).
  7. I've only been beaten three times where I had to sell the car broken as I had given up, the first was this: Mitsubishi Starion - bought for £250 with problem cutting out: Spent loads on it, and over the space of about six months, I never got it running properly. New engine, filters, gaskets, fuel lines, etc etc. Painful and endless diagnosis, with the only info on the net at the time was on an American forum for a completely different engine (2.6). Desperate times. I believe the fault was originally the ECU, but developed more faults along the way. Parts bought from American, Japan, fitting parts and no difference. It was endless. I bought another one many years later, and it had the same problem - I nearly cried, but bought a new fuel pump and it ran fine, so maybe it was that. The next was my Suzuki Justy 4wd - bought with slight hesitation problems. I chucked some of that fuel treatment stuff in it, and it promptly never ran properly again. Could not get it running right and it used to keep running when turning off the key ending with an abrupt and very loud explosion from the exhaust. Neighbours got sick of it every night so I put it on ebay.
  8. Most in north Wales are still old school, I don’t go to them that often but used to go a lot. It’s great once you get past having to deal with the typical scrap yard owner paranoia.
  9. My most memorable scrapyard story I have is seeing an omega parked up and start taking the cruise control stalk off to put in my Astra to be told by a worker it was actually the bosses car parked up. Have also gone to pay for my bits and found the place closed for the day and locked up and had to scale the front gate to leave (leaving the bits behind obviously).
  10. Temperature Gauge Road, Industrial Action Avenue, More Aerodynamic in Reverse Street, Phoenix Four C@nts Drive, Lord Sterling’s 150 Rover 800s Boulevard, K-seal terrace. Some of the street names of the cheap, ramshackle,awful, shit, orange brick housing estate built on the old long bridge site are named in tribute to the car maker.
  11. Yes, they're all pink.
  12. A few times on ‘reeves and Mortimer’, there were stickers on doors that said ‘my other entrance is a porch’
  13. What a pain in the arse, his imagination is definitely more flourishing than his bank account, what a complete bullshitter. The worst thing part is his only intention was to just waste someone's time from the beginning.
  14. I know these would a little bit out of place on gangster Barry's financed 2016 Audi A3 TFSi (with the blacked out windows and sub woofer exhaust), but whatever happened to these and why isn't at least one person selling exact reproductions of these on ebay to the retro-community? If this van's rockin', don't bother knockin' ... hilarious 🤪 https://www.facebook.com/CheapClassicCarsUK/photos/a.102385475164704/218879976848586/
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