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  1. This is all pretty much done now, just replace sump gasket and put brand new rear caliper radiator and fuel tank in. I replaced the valve stem seals and all the tensioners, pulleys, water pump, gaskets etc. It does turn over, will have to wait as it sits outside while my Mito abuses my ramp. I jet washed the externals and internals of the head and block, some would say this is bad, it gets them clean though. Those of you who get light headed at the sight of blood, avert your eyes, I nicked my finger on the super sharp exhaust manifold gasket.
  2. DavidB

    End of shite?

    I'm looking at spending £1000 - £1500 for a car I would not have paid £250 for a few years ago, I think folk have just gone a bit mad with pricing - but pretty much anything sub £700 on facebook marketplace is gone very quickly.
  3. If you search 'spares or repairs' in ebay, it locks down the category to Cars > Renault and won't let you change it to any other make. Not even entering 'spears reapers' or 'Mini 2008 onwards' will change it!
  4. Bless you! https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/314333000191
  5. Has 'only' been around the equator four times.
  6. Yes they were at the bottom not that long ago, I bought a mk3 Astra GSi for £250 without an engine and seats in 2015 and sold it complete in 2017 for £3000. It’s just the rarity of them now. I never really had any problems with rust on them in the day, but now they are all needing work once the decent under seal starts drying and peeling and getting crud behind it. My mate sold a pristine Astra GSi for £10K a couple of months ago. In hindsight and all that.
  7. I've taken the engine apart, I have new water pump, tensioners and pulleys and new gaskets. Also will replace the steam seals and all that. The pump looks "recent", although it was completely stuck in place. Tensioner could barely by span by hand. I found attacking the block with a wire brush attachment in an angle grinder and a little one in a drill gets everything nice, and then blast the whole thing with a jet washer and rattle can it with ECP Tough Stain Black Paint. I was going to do the piston rings, I might still do it, but I'll put the block and gearbox back in and do it in there. I'll take the springs and valves out of the head when I get my compressor back. Gearbox has been cleaned the same way, I'm waiting on a load of stuff through ebay, hopefully will be in the car by the end of the week.
  8. Can anyone tell me if it's worth getting these to replace the existing exhaust manifold studs in the head? They are stainless steel with copper bolts. Two have broken off already and I need to remove all of them. Will they somehow corrode with the heat? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/125269941127
  9. DavidB

    Stars in Shite

    That woman from Swing Out Sister with her PT Cruiser.
  10. Released in 1985 during the original run of the Transformers 'generation 1', 'Steamer' was based on an MGF car which transformed into a kettle. Armed with a gun that fired high temperature OAT (green or pink) against rival Decepticons, and a steamcloud that provided cover for his fellow Autobots in battle, his position as stated on his 'tech specs' was 'Hard Shoulder Surveillance.'
  11. I've finished 99% of the welding, phew. There's one tiny little hole on the sill that is either on top of the ramp leg and I'm not doing it lying on the floor. The interior is all back in as well. I did all the brakes, brake pipes and new handbrake springs/mechanisms - will do proper bending with my bender once I've got new flexi-hoses. I think after I've stripped the exhaust and cleaned up the underside the car won't have a spec of rust on it. I've got the engine up and will begin rebuilding it this week some time. Caliper bleed nipple broke - experience says just buy a replacement/exchange one, I put it on to fit the brake pipes for now This is really clean and any surface rust just came off: I got all the bolts out as well:
  12. I bought a Suzuki Alto in March with a knackered clutch for it's engine for my SJ which unfortunately would have taken a lot of cutting etc to fit so it lives on as my daily and has been great. It feels like a complete heap at times, but I love it really. I blind bought a Cavalier SRi 16v in October which turned out to be a complete non-runner with 'rust issues' - has been a "weldathon" and is keeping me busy and should be done by January. My Suzuki SJ is still on the road, will be getting partially stripped in January to get resprayed (again) as it just wasn't good enough the first time round. There's also a rumbling that's getting worse that I just cannot track down. I spent too much on a Citroen AX (£720) with low mileage and a short MOT - I spent about four hundred quid on a few jobs, as well as partial respray and tidy up, and sold it for £790 not including ebay fees. Bah. I have wanted one of these for ages - mk3 MR2. Didn't really gel with it, I don't really like convertibles, although it was a really nice car. Sold to Jamie on here. I sold my Micra to a guy who came over from Ireland, stayed in a hotel and took it back over with him. He had the same colour one years ago and was looking for another. I also sold my A3 Quattro, easily one of the best cars I've owned, gr8 CAR: Also said goodbye to my Brabus Roadster thingy - I should say good riddance but I miss it and would have another one. I've just bought something stupid but will be picking it up in 2023.
  13. Wait for it ... £7,500.00 - reduced from £8990 Oh hang on, it's an ... "enthusiast / collectors car." Wheels, colour, interior, engine - I doubt you could find a least desirable version of a Calibra. It could only be less wanted if the reg plate ended in PDO. The actual ebay description is just hilarious and complete nonsense. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/155330545250
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