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  1. I find it a bit harsh that the company is going to lose business because of this. He probably had an off day. Maybe they will go out of business completely because of it.
  2. I would love another one of these, I saw a white one today and they’re so small in comparison to everything else on the road. I think I prefer them over the 944. Do you know of any for sale?
  3. I love rewiring, I always remove any bodgey wiring done by a previous owner. Always solder and use heat shrink and then wrap it in that fabric tape, it looks OEM. I hate those red and blue plastic spade connectors!
  4. Probably won’t update this again but welded the rear arches and floor up now. tapped the end of the welder and the whole tip broke off. I would have had this done if if were not for these occurring maladies. 😪 Welder is fantastic, but everything is going wrong in a way. Im trying to source bits needed to complete the build for the Suzuki 16v engine but it seems difficult so I’ll stick it on eBay and going to put a C20XE in it. I know them in and out and gearboxes are always available and easily adaptable.
  5. Well another regulator bought (these are only £15 on eBay and are good), but this time I’m not taking any chances. Also slipped with the drill and ... I spent my regulator-less time shaping some metal so I could weld it on. I bought this stuff which is a godsend, and also a vice. Everything fits and I just have to cut a bit out and weld a few curves in and the body is done. I started on the inner arch, but stopped as I was getting a headache from garage stuff.
  6. Last outer arch done! I shaped the whole thing with a hammer, some pliers, and a wooden pallet. Was going to start and finish the inner arches this weekend. Unfortunately ... Bottle tipped over and broke the new regulator off again. Will have to attach the new one ‘remotely’ when I get another one, this is just taking the piss. It sticks out too much.
  7. Progress! I’ve been in this every evening for a couple of hours. Only one outer arch to go. I removed all the bits from the engine bay, clean everything up with the bench grinder wire brush and put everything back together again. This was sprayed, screw rollering, it’s awful and takes a stupid amount of time to get anything acceptable. Never again I’ll do the same with the running gear lastly, I have axle rebuild kits coming from India so should arrive when I start. Still have a huge amount of things to do though. Engine and gearbox don’t use the existing m
  8. No images showing in Firefox on iPhone, all menu buttons blank and everything is that beige colour.
  9. Both front arches are now done with trim mounts, and I only have the left rear to do. I have started taking the front end apart and wire brushed in an angle grinder and painted everything. I just want it done now, and I hate yellow.
  10. I’ve been over speed bumps in a Land Rover and a Hilux and they absorb them but this takes off and your arse hits the ceiling, never mind your head. Once I realised it wasn’t going to roll over, you can go through corners quite fast, it’s so much fun. The sticker under the bonnet says it’s an SJ40V, and not SJ410V - I wonder what this means?
  11. RARE-IUM Most common element on the periodic table. Rare items (eg Nissan Figaro) found amongst hundreds of other identical rare items (eg Nissan Figaro) on eBay. Can also be used to describe undesirable, unwanted items.
  12. I put the original wheels on and got new tyres on. I think they had the originals, they were ancient. What colour would go with light grey?
  13. Been putting this off - with the engine out, I have to start welding the arches so I can spray the bay and then put te other engine in i spent ages getting new stuff to fit perfectly And welded some new mounts on Back not so tidy, but you’ll never see these parts. Other side isn’t so bad so I’ll get cracking with that. Worst is the inner arches to do as there’s a lot of curves.
  14. I found a small hole near the accelerator pedal - someone had put a piece of metal over a rust hole and then screwed the pedal base to that. Look at them wood screws of random lengths. I’m using the old door for my metal, the metal on this is quite thin, but it’s better than rust. The garage poltergeist pushed my gas bottle over and broke my brand new one hour old regulator clean off at the union, and nearly sent the bottle off into the stratosphere in a rush of escaping co2 gas, so that stops any welding for a while. Bastard!
  15. Also, what's behind headlining that's been stuck onto metal for 36 years? Fortunately, surface rust came off with a flap disc.
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