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  1. Thanks Vaughan for being a gr8 and painless buyer and sorry I couldn’t have been more help!!
  2. I remembered I DID get a photo of that Toyota!
  3. I like tose Saturns, they are pretty weird looking, it’s like they designed their cars to look futuristic, but five years in the future futuristic.
  4. I see this beast occasionally also, but never get round to taking a photo of it:
  5. I saw this in South Pasadena in LA a few months ago, and was delighted by a) how mashed it was and b) how it was driven out as it wasn’t there the next day. We are stricter over things like this here and I’m amazed at seeing cars being driven missing front bumpers like it was nothing.
  6. Is it an r56 with cam sensor fault? They are really nice cars apart from daft stretched chains and chain guides.
  7. More KSeries true facts: The cup holder in an MGF is the same size as a bottle of K-Seal. The MGF sales brochure gave the boot size dimensions as ‘adequately holds eight 5l bottles of Highland Spring’. if using Waze in any KSeries engined car, the adverts always bring up the nearest scrap yard.
  8. Let's make our own Harlequin Golf: I think we've gone a bit too far: Of course it's a non-runner: https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/1297044794207541
  9. It would look nice if it didn't have those chrome plastic grilles that hark back to the old Detroit days the Americans insist on putting on every car they make. 😄
  10. DavidB

    End of shite?

    I'm looking at spending £1000 - £1500 for a car I would not have paid £250 for a few years ago, I think folk have just gone a bit mad with pricing - but pretty much anything sub £700 on facebook marketplace is gone very quickly.
  11. If you search 'spares or repairs' in ebay, it locks down the category to Cars > Renault and won't let you change it to any other make. Not even entering 'spears reapers' or 'Mini 2008 onwards' will change it!
  12. Bless you! https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/314333000191
  13. Has 'only' been around the equator four times.
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