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  1. This sold for an amazing £169 in 2009 when it was in better condition - it looked like this back then: 😵
  2. Period Tokico suspension if only to show that nice blue colour the Japanese painted stuff in in the 60’s - 80’s.
  3. My missus still had plates from Wisconsin from when she lived there, and only changed them to New York in 2019, seven years later, is that illegal?
  4. You wouldn't believe how nice it is not lying on my back doing this, separate chassis’ are great.
  5. Does anyone like straight brake pipes with curves in? I use a mini pipe bender.
  6. It's completely f*cked, so at least it'll be worth it for that eng ... 😵
  7. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/455881158976453/
  8. “You can paint a cock and balls on it for all I care, it’s your car! 🤣 I don’t understand why middle aged men who should know better get so angry and aggressive on this forum about other people’s cars!
  9. I removed the clip out when I started it I used 'drain cleaner' (Sodium Hydroxide or lye), and it's doing a pretty good job of removing any further rust and paint from my bolts. I know it’s not acid, but I don’t want anyone sticking their hand in it. The red bottle was more effective I think. https://www.practicalmachinist.com/vb/gunsmithing/sodium-hydroxide-caustic-soda-lye-useful-stuff-158041/
  10. Have you had a go of it - and am I right in saying I need lower voltage for the plating process? I'm going to clean in caustic soda prior to plating. I don't want to use acids/alkali's, but it's OK if you're really careful, and sodium hydroxide is the absolute limit of what I would use, I don't even want to use that tbh. It takes about 30+ seconds to do that bit I've read, but bubbles forming on the anode is the main problem. There's a good video on YT of someone doing a piece of brass on a sewing machine.
  11. Here is my nickel plating method - this is the first time I’ve tried it to be honest, I'm just going off online info. I bought the nickel ingots a while ago and here’s what I used - the creation of the nickel solution I used a 12v battery charger - the plating, something with a lower voltage, so one of those switchable adapters. I bought a plastic tub, filled it with white vinegar, popped the two nickel blocks in connected to + and - and left it for twelve hours. The vinegar turns a greenish hue, which means it’s all nickely. I put this in
  12. I’m only lowering a couple of inches max, it looks adorable in a Choro-Q kind of way. I have been nickel plating my old bolts and things and anything that became a bit orange over the 40 years (ie everything). I did this through reverse electrolysis - I’ve tried this years ago on an MGF caliper which did a good job. I used tap water with some salt (for added conduction) and baking soda (to aid in the bubbles I think) and the positive to the anode and negative to the rusty part. I'm not an expert at this, and only following online tutorials. Most of them seem have their own ways
  13. I'm not saying that black wayoyl is rubbish as it pretty much kept my chassis and underside from rusting, but the Raptor stuff is 100% worth the money.
  14. I can’t believe I’ve had this nine months. It sat in the garage for a month, the mot ran out and I decided to ‘prep’ the body, but it’s been tricky and been stressing a bit, so I took the body off. I think the next stage is getting it primered but not sure when that’s going to happen now. Worst part was cleaning the underside. It was caked in mud and had wayoyl under that. I did it with a wire brush in an angle grinder and it was grim. the front was raised and the body ‘slid off’ onto wheel castor things ive cleaned up the chassis and painted it in Upol R
  15. Why do most of the pictures on autoshite show up like this? Or is it just on my PC?
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