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  1. I had this delivered today, has been sat for 12 years, but everything works:
  2. At least he's coming to collect though. I made 70 quid on this, not including about £200 on parts/labour and a £50 MOT, so he can not be doing the enthusiast thing before he drives it away.
  3. Are those signs legally binding?
  4. I only ever buy cars that aren’t listed with a price on Facebook groups, with just ‘make me an offer’ as a guide. I -always- offer the max price it’ll be worth in ten years, as it’s a future investment. I never haggle with the seller as he requested ‘no thymewaisting bellends’, and with a guaranteed concrete promise he will ‘just put it back in the garage for another five years’, so I don’t want to miss out.
  5. Ask seller if he knows where the OBD port is. If he knows exactly where it is and answers immediately, assume he’s cleared error codes before you’ve arrived. Ask if the EML light comes on. This will add extra excitement when it does eventually come on after two minutes of starting and seller can say ‘it’s never done that before’.
  6. I’ve got my AX on eBay and it’s nearly reached what I paid for it, I’ve had a lot of questions about specific things, I really hope I don’t get an ‘enthusiast’ winning it, as a club member ‘enthusiast’ tends to be a massive pain in the arse with all the ‘I’ve got three of these, they’re all maintained etc’ stuff I’m not bothered about. It was a 99p start.
  7. This guy probably - he's got in another RX7 FB in sorry condition (for £4k). https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/225149148084 I'd love one of these (in good condition).
  8. For all the 'make us an offer' facebook group posts
  9. How does anyone clutching a carving knife not instantly lunge it directly into handbag faced, two bit, professional food warmer Gordon Ramsey’s map-of-Colorado-esque forehead while he is dishing out his criticisms, I don’t care if he’s ‘nice’ in real life, fuck him and his leathery, prematurely aged mummified casing. The fact he’s been doing the same thing for 15+ years, bothers me.
  10. I've done about 200 miles in this and it's been great. I took it to Southport and back (100 miles) and it was fine. There's a random clacking that sometimes happens when it's coming to a stop with the clutch down, it never does it in drive. I can feel it through the transfer box lever more, but no idea where it's coming from really. It stopped when I engaged locking hubs on the front wheels and when for a blast down Thurstaton beach on Friday - but eventually comes back. It doesn't sound terminal and I thought it was the spring on the handbrake mechanism catching on something on the TB?
  11. Those MGF's have aged really well, they look so much better now you don't see many of them.
  12. I've had "brake pipes covered in grease" in the past.
  13. I must have put at least 100 cars in for MOTs and in my entire life have had -one- that has gone through, a late 80's Nissan 300ZX with rough bodywork. I put my AX through the other day and it only had one fail in it's past and it failed. Is it just me being unlucky or is it a given that pretty much all cars over 10 years old fail MOTs?
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