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  1. Still for sale! Wrapped this up ready to send to a member on here, then he wouldn't reply to me.
  2. Replied about your Clio 👍

  3. You should use Tippex for the white roof.
  4. Taschen "20th Century Classic Cars - 100 Years of Automotive Ads" 476 page hard back book, filled with 90% car promotional imagery and a bit of text, from the start of 1900's to 2000. It's a huge book and it's really nicely put together, typical of Taschen. £12 posted!
  5. Hayne's "The First 25 Years" hardback book. It says 1985. 120 pages of solidly written Hayne's information. I bought this years ago, and I've never even looked at it (apart from now). £11 posted.
  6. Retro Ford magazines - £10 posted, from number 13 to whenever. I bought these every month to read on my lunch break, although I last owned a Ford in 1999. Can throw in extra Practical Performance Cars mags in as well, which are really interesting, it won't change postage, I hate to recycle things like this.
  7. Scalextrics/Scalexctics/Scalextrix/Scalecxtricxcs/ Scalextric stuff All work but cars missing some tyres and whatever. Have been in my mum's loft since whenever, taking up space and I'm having a severe clear out. £20 posted. SOLD!!
  8. I covered the pipe to check for leaks and when I removed it, a huge black plume of smoke came out. I repeated this a few times and when I disassembled the thing, it was full of soot. I have had black smoke from the exhaust for ages which has been cured a couple of weeks ago with a few fixes, and assume this is a build up from that. There are vids on YouTube of people doing this and getting a face full of soot. The reason I’m asking is because the car runs a million times better, like I’ve cleared something out. What has happened here?
  9. Would a non working glow plug ECU cause my diesel to be incredibly sluggish for the first few minutes from cold? diagnistic errors point to broken glow plug ECU and four non working plugs, which is because the EVU isn’t working!
  10. The great gatsby, wuthering heights, 1984, to kill a mockingbird, Ed wheeler dealer book. can’t wait to read thi
  11. Only 41 tickets left, hurry before they all run out.
  12. Fuck it! £8 per ticket, if that's not out of everyone's price range.
  13. 1999 Audi A4 TDi 'SE' Little bit tatty, with a few scrapes on bumper corners, etc, but looks reasonable. MOT until July next year I think it's the 90bhp model HID Xenons, original radio, front/rear windows, heated electric mirrors, tyres have loads of tread (including spare alloy wheel), aircon/climate control. Replaced the speedo LCD screen - need to replace the central locking pump in the boot. Typical VW/Audi build quality with the odd knock, rattle, etc from nearly 20 year old fittings. Very recent cam belt and water pump change (this year), and I'm changing the oil filter/oil/thermostat and coolant temperature gauge sensor tomorrow. Doesn't smoke at all under acceleration, etc. VEGETABLE OIL FRIENDLY. I'm getting 65mpg average from it. "Taxed to get you home". £450, located near Chester (can meet at a train station). Just washed and photos: Interior: MOT History: https://totalcarcheck.co.uk/FreeCheck?regno=t223pdd
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