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  1. Replace 'front door' with 'facebook marketplace' and 'magically' for 'tragically', and Cavcraft will definitely confirm that.
  2. DavidB

    Bodge Jobs

    I used my own piss to replace coolant when a pipe blew on my car in London at 11.30pm on New Year's Eve.
  3. DavidB

    Hairy Pussy

    Did you swap this for the Cadillac?
  4. I was once working underneath my car in a tight lock up garage unit. I caught the hood of my top on a random undercar protrusion, and the only way out was through the front. My girlfriend was in hysterics at the sight of me turning the air blue as I emerged with half the torn top on my body, and the rest still anchored to the protrusion 2 metres away under the car.
  5. I would not have spent a month replacing a gearbox, steering rack, and radiator on a completely shagged Clio i did 50 miles in that I swapped on here.
  6. I always use it! I admit it is weird but you get used to it and with big bubbly tyres it feels like you’re driving a cloud.
  7. Setting handbrake on these - slacken the cable nut off a lot under the centre console, press the brake pedal down a few times, tighten cable up until it's tightish. There are auto adjusters in the drums, you can't even really adjust them from outside the drum using the bolt holes (you can wind it in close enough with the drum off like when you fit new ones). Mine has just passed it's MOT on two ARB links and handbrake crap on one side. My 1.2i gets about 50 mpg average.
  8. If anyone asks 'what's your best price', reply with this: Take comfort in the fact that they have no clue who this is because their world is X-Factor, Strictly Come Dancing and buying music that's been on adverts.
  9. Replied about your Clio 👍

  10. You should use Tippex for the white roof.
  11. Only 41 tickets left, hurry before they all run out.
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