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  1. DavidB

    My SJ

    I’ve been taking stuff off, cutting out rust and welding. The rear right corner needs most work, so I started there. The area round the hinges are a bit rusty. Also two big dents, the bottoms are frilly, and the floor around the fuel filler has completely gone. It’s all flat and simple fortunately. I plan on starting at one point and moving round, no cutting everything out and then you're left with a car full of holes and motivation gone. I think this hit something prior to being committed to OLLI lifestyle, the dents are quite deep, and next to previous dents/tears that had been repaired with filler. The filler had cracked, and had dried algae/moss in them. This area is rank and all needs pulling out. I've had a good going over the SJ and all rust is on top and easy to reach thank f***. Here is my ghetto panel puller, these did the job like two joysticks controlling some bizarre, 1970's Russian/eastern bloc arcade game . I then spent a good hour removing everything from the back, one of the reasons was to remove the heinous amount of mud from every cavity. Twas satisfying seeing decades old dirt falling out. I managed to get every screw/bolt out intact, bar two that snapped immediately on the bumper and one on the mudguard. I used molegrips first, tightened around the bolt/screw head (any tighter and I would have poo-ed myself clamping them), and then a normal screw driver to remove it nicely. The red patch on the left arch is a repair - it's solid, but they welded it over rust so it has to come off, likewise, same on the other side. Also bathroom sealant, because why do a proper job and attach the panel to the rest of the body when it's hidden from MOT tester behind a clip on side panel. Here's the finished welding on the back pillar - I put the new metal over the bit on the body I want to remove, so when I cut it out, the new bit fits in the slot cut out, so it slots in place perfectly, and only needs a blob of filler to tidy it up. Tomorrow I will hopefully tackle the rusty bottom bit, or the floor corner. One of the previous owners had the good sense to fill every thing with a layer of cavity wax, and the whole underside is undersealed, it's very clean apart from those few areas.
  2. I worked as a graphic designer for years, if anyone needs them reproducing to high resolution, send me a pm and I’ll try to get it done quite quickly. Seeing some of those repros badly made with weird logos and wrong fonts make my graphic designer brain seize.
  3. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/712723549506841/ Such comfort. SIX HUNDRED QUID.
  4. DavidB

    My SJ

    That might be, I need a rear axle, I wonder if they're the same? I kow Jimny's aren't similar, hence driving 220 miles to buy a transfer box that doesn't fit. I've made a bit of progress with this, it has new doors, the driver's door now has glass in it, and I've replaced the ignition components. I've also replaced cam belt, tensioner, etc. The distributor could not be turned to adjust timing anymore, so I pulled it out, turned it a little bit and put it back in and now have more adjustment. It actually runs very nicely now, but I have a rumbling from the back over 30mph, getting louder the 'faster' it goes. I think it might be bearings or even wheel related. It drives like a normal car at the moment and doesn't feel sluggish apart from missing an extra gear. I've since put it into garage to start big tidying up.
  5. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/640167643522372/ Always good to have a story to go with it.
  6. DavidB

    My SJ

    I swapped the doors - there’s no way of getting these out with a screwdriver, so need to be drilled out. I live on the second floor, and I haven’t got a 50 metre extension cable so used my battery drill. I bought a load of HSS drill bits from tool station, but one set of bit sizes did all 12 bolts. The other door was completely rammed.
  7. DavidB

    My SJ

    Thanks, it’s worth spending money as it’s so easy to work on, I’ll get the rebuild stuff for it. Theres loads of Indian Maruti stuff on eBay but even the quality in the photos looks terrible!
  8. DavidB

    My SJ

    I finally got a correct transfer box, got the pulleys off the old one, swapped everything over and now that noise has gone. I also got a new rust free driver's door and straight boot door from the same seller - I've drilled out the hinges from the door, I'll do the boot tomorrow, but impact driver and hammer on the car's hinges are proving difficult. Boot door has a wiper and squirter. Also is heated! 😲 Next problem is rebuilding the front offside wheel swivel hub, which is leaking so badly the inside wheel is covered in grease. Previous owner said he changed the wheel bearings on three wheels, but I'm inclined not to believe any of his claims now. There's an eight part tutorial on YouTube on how to rebuild them, so I think I'll just get a replacement front axle. There's also a vibration coming from somewhere - I think it's the back axle as there's a noise coming from that area over 30mph. I want to check some things, but I'll have to wait until I get some garage unit sorted now. Mechanically this thing is so simple, I took most of the running gear out in half and hour without even needing to jack it up, but I'm reluctant to drive it until I know it's not going to go bang at some point. Also still need a driver's door window.
  9. DavidB

    My SJ

    I did get some fetching bull bars though
  10. DavidB

    My SJ

    😢 are the mounts different? It’s about 2 inches off and the shifter is already bent against the space in the floor.
  11. DavidB

    My SJ

    It’s only £40, sure I’ll haggle him down possibly. Anything is better than having the mechanical version of Buddy Rich under the car.
  12. DavidB

    My SJ

    Would it be an appropriate purchase (direct swap) for my heap?
  13. DavidB

    My SJ

    Just to check - do you know which TC this is, and whether it would fit mine? https://scontent-lht6-1.xx.fbcdn.net/v/t1.0-9/p720x720/90678030_3092013964151628_4204468280624152576_o.jpg?_nc_cat=105&_nc_sid=3b2858&_nc_ohc=KH_aZVsAT2UAX9yQD4Z&_nc_ht=scontent-lht6-1.xx&_nc_tp=6&oh=22ccf565ec4c0e684c2f3b3a562f0ea6&oe=5F2D6AA9
  14. DavidB

    My SJ

    Wow, they're exactly the same size and shape! Kudos to Suzuki and their small cars, even that new Ignis looks like a Whizzkid, I love what they're doing. As with most of these, they've either been off-road or on a farm, and they're shagged, or they've been looked after and they're a few thousand. This was just shy of £1k, and I can't find an MOT'd SJ for less than a grand, so I think I got "lucky". Everything is shagged on it, but it's fairly easy to fix. Even the body metal is single skinned (and flat) everywhere, hence their minus 5 crash rating. The previous owner said he spent less than an hour changing the clutch. The simplicity of it means it feels like you're driving a 9v powered sardine tin. I think it's currently much less than it's 45bhp from the factory, and I have to sort it out. TBH, I can not get parts for this, so I'll probably end up getting it running properly and then sell it on.
  15. DavidB

    My SJ

    I snapped a bolt in the inlet changing the thermostat, it took half an hour taking this lot off, very easy. The snapped stud will have to be drilled out, I’ll clean stuff up and replace the majority of the stuff with new stuff. I’m having random overheating issues which I assume is down to draining and air locks. Radiator is clean inside though.
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