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  1. Whatever happened to this, did you get any further? Looking at this photo, it looks like the chassis had been shortened by a few feet, which would look quite nice! I found that photo of the one I saw in Thailand - I was sure it was a Cabstar but I think it's an Isuzu Elf, it's amazingly knackered though.
  2. Built the engine back up and a quick drive home turned into a backfiring extravanza that had neighbour's curtains twitching and pedestrians ducking for cover. I got sick of the engine being a fool, so when someone told me the 16v EFi engine from a 2000's Suzuki Alto fitted, I searched Facebook Marketplace for an example, and I found an Alto in Manchester with a slipping clutch, so off I went to get it. It was drivable, but there was an undisclosed knocking from the front, which turned out to be a cracked mount which had the wheel moving freely forwards and backwards, and I had 40 miles to drive home. Also had an engine light on, which turned out to be the lambda sensor. Engine was quiet and nippy and couldn't wait to ditch the carb/choke combo. So the next day took the engine out of the Alto and the SJ, and got to work figuring out what I would need to get it all together. I intended to just use the ECU and everything. It was OBD2 but didn't have anything like wheel sensors etc to work. Everything mounted perfectly, but there was 1mm of space between the end of the head's dizzy unit and the bulkhead, even with the gearbox spaced on it's mount 1cm, it wasn't going to make it any better and when I saw the RWD oil pickup pipe from the SJ protruded into the crankshaft and the sump overhung the block a bit, I just got the willies and reversed my decision and removed everything. Also - bonnet wouldn't close! The thought of cutting a hole in it for a bulge finalised it for me. I concentrated back on my F10A and found one of the retaining bolts on top of the valve had come loose and the clearance was about 20mm. I rebuilt everything, put the engine back into the Alto with a brand new clutch and subframe mount. Most of the oil and gearbox fluid ended up on the floor, so I can't start anything until I get some of that stuff! I spent a few days doing this, but I got two good* working** cars out of it in the end.
  3. Yeah, it just felt so solid and planted (and comfy) to drive, they looked nice as well I thought. I found some old photos, and forgot how rusty it was, the underside wasn't affected weirdly. Not sure what I was going to do with it. I would definitely have another one of these, but they haven't been cheap for years now.
  4. £11K bought this pristine unrestored MG Metro Turbo, from a £7000 starting bid. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/325182801303 There’s a project here for £5,500 https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/394108831571 I had a Metro GTi with a 1.4 16v K-Series (it cost me £100 in 2010) and it was such a good car.
  5. I'm the seller, the other place it was for sale was on here, it never sold here because it wasn't sub £200. Have never pulled an auction. There was a reserve which it surpassed by about £1500.
  6. Yes, would love that. But it's easier to just let people bid instead of standing there waiting for someone to not turn up on your lunch break and do the 'what's your best price, it's got faults' (experience).
  7. Common ebay terminology - selling car, won't take buy it nows or lowest price, but car is for sale elsewhere, and I 'reserve the right to remove etc etc' Buyer refuses to acknowledge 'not asking buy it now' because of a technicality, with his 'hang on ...', oh no you caught me out. Oh no, it turns out he's an enthusiast. I would rather deal with skint council estate types than enthusiasts.
  8. I’ve been driving this fine since I got it mot’d with a few problems. Recently I was scootling along and noticed a sound that was like a knocking, kind of like pinking. The engine gradually got slower and more smoke out of the exhaust until it could not be driven any further. I did a full diagnosis on it and found very little compression on pistons 1 & 2 - checked valve clearances, spark etc prior. Pulling leads off 1 & 2 plugs made no difference. Oil was spitting out of the plug bores as well when cranking the engine on the starter. It was definitely burning oil in the cylinder, and I think either the rings, valves and head gasket had gone. It’s barely done 1000 miles since rebuild so something was obviously wrong. A few weeks later I spent about five minutes taking the head off and the problem seemed obvious: There was a massive hole between 1 & 2, but not letting any oil or coolant in. Pistons are heavily coked up, you can feel a good 1mm of carbon in the crown of pistons 3 & 4, and obviously 1 & 2 are too oily. The valves look ok but I think I’ll change them for new ones and reseat them and also change the piston rings. Is there any other way if oil getting apart from blowing past the rings? Carb and timing might be wrong, but I’m guessing over-fuelling and or oil has caused the weak point between cylinders to become way too hot.
  9. Probably not bad for £350 really. Put a couple of grand into it to make a couple of grand out of it though. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/459159039272102
  10. Yes, the square type - they are pretty weathered and exposed now:
  11. There are two 827’s in HK Breakers in Wrexham, they’ve been there for about five years.
  12. This 2008 one is on 15,000 miles and had it's first MOT welding this year to various bits underneath, though not that bad - filler cap is fine though, and it is otherwise close to like new apart from elderly scrapes. I love these cars, and it smells like my Orion from which I got rid of in 2001.
  13. I MOT’d this a couple of months ago, it failed on a completely seized rear brake cylinder and plate lights. it’s been nice to drive really, new suspension has made such a difference! How much do y’all reckon this would be worth as I’m thinking of selling, worried it’ll end up fifty foot in the air covered in chequer plate and painted matte green.
  14. B4 HEP AFTER HEP 🤮
  15. I don't know how much of a tightwad you have to be to fit an LPG tank to an already 70mpg 700cc car ... ? https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/1304442420075864
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