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  1. I would argue it's an classic already tbh but I'm not an underwriter
  2. I could have sworn I'd done it this year tbh, I definitely did the others. Weirdly. Good stuff!
  3. Plenty of life left in those filters! (uh, literally)
  4. Well played! I saw you at wetherby, then went home to my comfy bed, then drove to hull, looked at some fish, chopped the Venga in for a Prius (no sunroof), then drove home again. Amateurism.
  5. Some action shots from yesterday evening. Courtesy of beloved daughter + potato phone
  6. Wonder if the 19 is dropping oil? Keep meaning to have a look. Yup. Not the weather for doing owt though.
  7. Home! Thank you so much. Lovely to meet you. 14/10 hospitality points. Had I known what a wonderful adventure it would be we would have made a full day of it! Excellent stuff. Car also lovely, much fun to be had.
  8. Thank you very much though! It has been a surprising tense 24 hours or so chez depear.
  9. We are super excited. Hopefully it'll be with us a while.
  10. Weird, normally I'd be praying to be outbid, but this time quite the opposite. Not hindered by the good lady doctor Mrs doing very big eyes at me and asking if we can have it every 4 minutes or so.
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