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  1. I'm only 900 miles in to my own EV adventure, but I can't really see why I'd want to go back. Just daft amounts of fun, other than anything else.
  2. I would argue it's an classic already tbh but I'm not an underwriter
  3. I could have sworn I'd done it this year tbh, I definitely did the others. Weirdly. Good stuff!
  4. Plenty of life left in those filters! (uh, literally)
  5. Well played! I saw you at wetherby, then went home to my comfy bed, then drove to hull, looked at some fish, chopped the Venga in for a Prius (no sunroof), then drove home again. Amateurism.
  6. Some action shots from yesterday evening. Courtesy of beloved daughter + potato phone
  7. Wonder if the 19 is dropping oil? Keep meaning to have a look. Yup. Not the weather for doing owt though.
  8. Home! Thank you so much. Lovely to meet you. 14/10 hospitality points. Had I known what a wonderful adventure it would be we would have made a full day of it! Excellent stuff. Car also lovely, much fun to be had.
  9. Thank you very much though! It has been a surprising tense 24 hours or so chez depear.
  10. We are super excited. Hopefully it'll be with us a while.
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