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  1. Dave7

    '59 Ford Zephyr

    Thanks. Those prices are certainly cause for concern though!
  2. Does anyone have an idea on the parts supply situation for a '59 Ford Zephyr? I'm considering one for reasonably cheap (pictures before) as a summer driver. They are reasonably uncommon in Canada but does anyone know a good online parts supplier for brakes and suspension bits over in the UK?
  3. Dave7

    my shite

    Fantastic. I like the Scimitar but love the NSU.
  4. check out http://www.superlite-wheels.com/ they have good variety of fits in the Minilite style. I have a set and the quality is quite nice.
  5. Dave7

    Details I Dislike

    bizarre 80s bank machine inspired rear end.
  6. I think the Mayflower is fantastic. I'd buy one in a second if one came available and I had the means at the time. Rare over here but there are a few. I think I'd probably put a Spitfire engine with a more relaxed ratio rear axle though.
  7. Plymouth Turismo rather like this. Passenger seat was broken and the rather large lady doing doing the testing thought she broke the seat. I didn't correct her so probably passed on guilt.
  8. Fantastic. I'd love to see it but its a long way from here. I did finally get to see Cadillac Ranch a few months back. Its in a similar vein. Outside Amarillo, Texas on the old Route 66. Ten Cadillacs nose down in a field. They have been spray painted on uncountable times.
  9. Fantastic. Nice to see someone still using theirs.
  10. Great trip. Those Camrys are everywhere here so its a bit odd to see everyone fawn over them but looks like a nice purchase.
  11. Yugo comes out smelling of roses in that. Nice article. Hard to read but here is a similar one from Canada
  12. Thanks folks. I'm from Western Canada - near the Rockie mountains - Lethbridge, Alberta.
  13. Canadian spec 70s Minis had terrible bumpers - most have been converted to earlier style. We had Vauxhalls, Rovers longer too. Plus the Envoy versions of Vauxhalls. http://www.thetruthaboutcars.com/2010/0 ... nvoy-epic/
  14. Fantastic save. Amazing that is never made it long enough to have the tires replaced.
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