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  1. Well, if you'd told me when I bought this car in 1991 that it would be a star of a major classic car show in 30 years time I might have given my head a wobble. But so it came to pass. Great day out at the Festival of the Unexceptional, and a commendation in the Concours d'Ordinaire. And a nice weekend in Lincolnshire with Mrs Gricer as well. 500 miles of trouble-free Kia motoring too, though I managed to scratch the wing while putting air in the tyres, like a numpty. Anyway it now has its own little name board for the next time it goes to a classic car show. Which it certainly will...
  2. Yes, really early shot of Korean spec cars. Those bumper sticks were popular in Asia. the second car in line is probably a mingebag spec 1.1. Those were sold here but in very small numbers. Note also - no side trims, and Korean-standard spots.
  3. I know the owner of that one. Proper Kia fan!
  4. They were a thing in 80s Korea - a lot of cars had them, and other aftermarket knick-nacks like bonnet ornaments and flowery chintz seat covers. Saw it for myself on a press trip in 1987. Whitewalls were so popular they were a factory option. When Kia UK started they thought it would be an attention-grabbing gimmick to offer them - and it was. Most buyers specified them, and people remember them to this day. They were offered for about 3 years.
  5. Kia managed to lose two of the original trims at SMMT test day a couple of years ago. Shouldn’t have let the hacks hoon it round the alpine circuit!
  6. LONG OVERDUE UPDATE After the epic rescues of 2016, not a lot happened. The blue Pride kept passing its MoT. I trailered the van up north so all the Prides could be together (aaah!) and then came Covid, so I couldn't even visit them for almost a year. Meanwhile I'd had an amazing find online - a NOS front bumper, all the way from Bulgaria. I paid my €43 and waited. After a few weeks, it arrived, in a cardboard box the size of a car. Amazingly, it was the right part. And I'd located another supplier of significance - of which more later (he said, mysteriously) The blue Pride's rust wasn't getting any better, so it was time to get the bodywork done. And it was its 30th birthday in May, so what better time for a refresh? A suitable bodyshop was recommended to me (High Gloss Motor Bodies of Stockport) and the trip was on. I drove the car from Blackpool to Stockport, which is probably the longest journey it's made in decades. As I left, I realised it was probably the last time it'd see its home since 1991, as the plan was to bring it home to Surrey. Lump in the throat... Not a peep, despite monsoon conditions. 10 days later I'm on the train to Stockport to collect - and drive it back home to Weybridge. Chris at the bodyshop has done a superb job of matching the difficult metallic blue paint colour on the resprayed side panels and doors. Rust door bottoms and wheel arches are gone, and the mum-inflicted bashed wing is fixed. And the new bumper makes it look rather special. But it needs another touch to make it properly special... The journey home involves a stop in Stafford. Because Stafford is the home of Mr Whitewalls. By a process involving alchemy, the dark arts, a motorised contraption, a heat gun and a bottle of paint, Mr Whitewalls set about the task of whiting my walls, baby. And then it's onward down the M6 for the 200-mile journey home (not a peep from it - what a great little car it is) to be reunited with a matching set of original wheel trims... I honestly can't keep smiling, just looking at it, with its little whitewalls and proper trims. The Pride did us proud for 30 years, and now I've repaid the favour. And even better - it's been accepted for the Concours at Festival of the Unexceptional. Come and say hello. Next job - project van!
  7. Ye gods. I've seen one of these at the Tokyo show in 1999, Didn't realise they actually built it! £20k for a 20-year-old rarity.
  8. I hope you are enjoying my Shiteabilia column too.
  9. This speculation about the prototypes being scrapped is based on a casual remark from a security jobsworth to a passing enthusiast who saw the cars outside. Gaydon are on the case, and I'd expect that's where they will end up. The stuff about R&D VAT is nonsense, BTW.
  10. The cars that will never have a following, of course are '90s compact MPVs. Scenic, Picasso, Zafira, anyone? Literally zero appeal.
  11. Kia Pride has a micro-following of me. But I have three of them to make up for the largesse of others.
  12. yehitsryan, on 08 Oct 2018 - 10:52 PM, said: ...whilst the 323 came out as a Kia Pride and a Sao Penza. No, no, a thousand times no! The 3-door Kia Pride was basically a licence-built Mazda 121. It was built in Korea for Ford and supplied to US and Australia as the Ford Festiva. Kia developed other body styles - 5-door, 4-door, estate etc. These were never made as Mazda or Ford cars. Later, the Pride was built by SAIPA in Iran (still is) - and the versions there included a pick-up as well as hatch, saloon etc. The SAO Penza was a UK invention devised as a stop-gap for Kia dealers before the Mentor (Sephia) was ready. It was a South African Mazda 323, rebadged in the UK and only sold in the UK. It has nothing to do with the Pride, and the Pride is unrelated to the 323.
  13. Great save. I absolutely love these and SEAT-based 850s, as I learned to drive on one. ATB139L, are you out there?
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