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  1. thank you for explaining as i didnt understand what VM, i thinking GM
  2. bloody good work and eye for making stuff work where it wasnt designed for.
  3. im being thick not asking what VM stands for?
  4. what did the fox say?? is it borked?
  5. just realised when bagging up the used torn gloves the plunger on the old one had no resistance, when compared too the new one... that the fault i bee getting>??
  6. Missus neighbour has random gas guzzling bmws, and they gone and this appeared
  7. Thought I'd make a start swapping the egr valve, day 1 ,struggled with 2 bolts getting out, no room , freezing cold, got it off,my body said it was time !! 2'c couldn't feel my feet and toes, fitting new one will be a pain...
  8. Nothing exciting , spending the shift in a horrendous mg 1.5 auto doing patient transport service
  9. this has got me looking at volvo estates
  10. good on old mopeds scooters and french classics
  11. welcome too the beige page, where you located?
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