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  1. Just been down to GSF and bought this ... hopefully I can't get it started and drive around at 50mph..lol
  2. Felt bad not using the galaxy, so went out to start it, dam thing didn't wanna know , 2 jump packs and jump leads it wouldn't go... think the batteries knackered... yes I know lion are 5hite
  3. i think it looks good and kinda honest in its appearance , no fancy white walled showrooms, shiney tyre walls, and dropped on its aRSe. wonder where it was first purchased from. and are the tyres right size , look tall, could be im used to elastic band tyres..
  4. i had a facelift 1.6 pinto laser so basic it only had a clock instead of a rev counter
  5. for the truth i only ever read ...................
  6. they are and id have one as a 3rd car any day
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