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  1. 22 hours ago, STick220 said:

    Evening all,

    I also ventured here from RR, nice to find another friendly motoring community. I’m mainly interested in stuff from the 80’s onwards, currently running an ST220 Mondeo which was my daily for 11 years until this winter, too worried about the salt eating away at it now.

    Looking forward to browsing the forum 😀

    welcome aboard, st220 you say, any pictures?

  2. 38 minutes ago, RoverFolkUs said:

    You'll always find oil in the intercooler pipes. A film is normal, a few drips is typical signs of wear but no immediate cause for panic, anything more than a dribble would probably be bordering excessive 

    it runs out when left downwards

  3. 5 hours ago, stuboy said:

    I used my hydraulic jack, was impressed, slow but then I didn't have the engine running..


    Forgot too say i was looking for a split hose on intercooler, but all i found was oil seeping from where 1 pipe connects too the intercooler, pulled off 1 off the top and engine oil there too... am i thinking turbo seals are on way out..............

  4. 8 minutes ago, kevins said:

    Vehicles registered as prototypes  can be mot'd and driven indefinitely but only by the manufacturer for testing purposes,  There was a top gear where one manufacturer employed the presenters for a day so they could "test" their prototypes.

    We have also IVA'd prototypes which then allows anyone to drive them.




    red renault with ross kemp>?

  5. 17 hours ago, stuboy said:


    Tried the cheaper injector loom and it really don't plug into the loom naturally, and 1 bolt hole no where near fitting, I've emailed my local vw dealer with the part number....



    But I've had an idea... its only 5 wires.... chop off connector off new plug and connect the old plug off the old loom......


    Gotta work right?

  6. replacement loom delivered late tonight via amazon, ive accidently bought 2, ones 20 quid and thats been delivered today and other just over 30 quid,  think ill just chuck on the one delivered today and see if resolves the issues, as expecting the dearer one to be same quality..

  7. 7 hours ago, stuboy said:

    3 hours sodding about with the galaxy, and it started and ran fine took it down the road, and then start lacking power and running rough... im fed up with it now, the loom I bought wasn't lining up so I refitted the old one...

    Physically it's killing me...lol


    Time for a new vehicle... sports car... 48 is it midlife crisis time...lol









    I ordered this part and ... 1. Bolt hole won't line up, 2. Twist on connector wouldn't go on.




  8. 19 hours ago, wuvvum said:

    I pulled the cover off the Lexmoto 125 thing I bought last year - it's been sat untouched with a cover over it in the back garden since October.  To my surprise, with the fuel switched on and a bit of choke it fired up after half a dozen kicks and ran fine.  The tyres even still had air in them.  So it might actually be worth me sorting it out and getting it back on the road in the spring.

    please do it as i need enthusium to sort mine out.

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