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  1. Happened to be doing a delivery next door to the Saab specialist 2-Stroke to Turbo in Hertfordshire this morning, so I popped in to have a look at their Saab hive on my 45 minute driving break: These three 99s really grabbed my attention. I've not seen early 99s like the first two for many years: However, my favourite car of the three was the brown one, as not only was it more 'me' (cellular foam bumpers, big indicators and original paint/patina FTW), it was the same age as me All three cars are for sale, but they're far too expensive for the likes of me Pawnote: The 96 Anniversary in the background is a very well-known car in Saab circles and is in the midst of being fettled.
  2. I ought to get a set of these, as the 10mm bolt attaching The Aero's fuel filter bracket to the car's body is rounded AF and is preventing me from replacing the filter.
  3. I'd most definitely be interested. I'd love another 940 turbo estate
  4. So are the tools from the 'Middle of Lidl'
  5. I reckon so, as it was sleeping peacefully in the middle of the road when I encountered it
  6. The ones I bought were standard ones, but they might not be available any more.
  7. I found a 'stubby' Snap On 13mm combination spanner on the road outside my former workplace about three years ago. It was invaluable when I did the sump drop on the Aero late last year
  8. C.K do some good screwdrivers. I've had a set made by them for over 20 years now
  9. I think it would be quite fun to re-enact the Car article using a couple of cars that were brand new when the challenge took place. I'm sure that The Volvo (registered on 1st September 1990) would be up for it
  10. I'd love a Volvo 66 one day. Variomatic FTW ^^
  11. As someone who is over 6 feet tall who weighs a little over 15 stone, I'm sure that I look a lot less silly in an old Volvo than I would in a smart car
  12. I wouldn't mind one of these for commuting and pottering around, but I fear that I'd look silly in it.
  13. That is an amazing looking car, which puts me in mind of a mid-1980s Cadillac. Super Saloon, indeed
  14. Due to passing my probation period and also due to my company bringing more of its brand new DAF CFs and LFs into use, I was finally allocated my own truck this week, after six months of driving various shagged-out Volvo FEs and DAF LF 7.5 tonners, namely a 65-plate DAF CF: It's nice to have a truck with a decent stereo with AUX-IN capability, electric mirrors, a comprehensive built-in driving timer and lots of places to store the flotsam and jetsam of everyday truck driving. Hopefully, it will be mine for the foreseeable future
  15. The area around the NEC is the closest I ever get to Brum by car, and that's only once a year at most. If I need to go to the city centre from there for any reason, I take the train from the airport.
  16. I was going to offer them £500, which is no doubt far more than they paid for it. I reckon it would sell quickly if they reduced the asking price to £2000.
  17. That turned up on the back of a beavertail in November at the scrap metal merchants on the estate in Shoeburyness where the company I work for is located. Even from a distance, I could tell that it was really nice and was genuinely concerned that they were going to frag it. I'm glad that they didn't, but nobody is going to be interested in buying it for the price that they're asking, not even hardcore Monstro fans. I was going to find out how much they wanted for it, as I quite fancied it myself, but it disappeared from view just before Christmas and I've not seen it since.
  18. It's alleged that Isuzu Askas were sold in the Republic of Ireland for a brief period. If so, I wonder if there are any left?
  19. The Gen II Saab 9-5, which I reckon would have become quite popular if Saab hadn't gone bust. The super-rare Sportwagon version was a real looker in my opinion.
  20. The Aero has a new MOT, but to get it, it needed a new parking brake cable, as the old one had seized up, causing roadworthiness issues. Surprisingly, the rest of the car was okay: The total cost of the repair, including the MOT was £205, which I believe was a small price to pay to keep an interesting car on the road for another year
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