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  1. Agreed. In the US, that car would be at least $5,000 USD and not £500 GBP. I wish I could buy cars that cheaply! Anyone want to sponsor my immigration application to the UK?
  2. No, nothing wrong at all. I'm sorry if I didn't make my point clear. My issue isn't so much with the Camry, itself, but rather with the sort of people (where I am in America) who flock to it, zombie-like, without even considering other alternatives. I realise the perception in Britain is very different, no doubt because the Camry never enjoyed anywhere near the level of popularity in the UK as it does (or rather, did prior to the SUV onslaught) in the US. Over here, the Camry is the stereotypical car for people who don't like cars. I'm not sure an equivalent exists in the UK? Maybe V
  3. "Big Corolla" hits the mark perfectly. The Camry satisfies the three main requirements for a car to be successful in America....... 1. it's big. Yep, Yanks still like their cars big and comfy. Except now that car is more and more likely to be an even bigger SUV. 2. It's reliable. If it doesn't work, we won't buy it. Should it need more than oil changes, spark plugs and tyres over the course of 250,000 miles it will be deemed "junk" and buyers will stay away. 3. It's cheap. We're a stingy lot, over here. Real wages haven't risen in decades, so everyone's skint. A car
  4. Here in the US of A, these cars are as numerous as cockroaches in a greasy-spoon restaurant. And, just like a cockroach, these cars refuse to die. Until it was recently surpassed by the RAV4, the Camry was Toyota's top selling model and America's top selling passenger car for two decades straight. We're tripping over the damn things. Book an Uber on your phone and, chances are, the car picking you up will be a Camry. They were the go-to choice for risk-adverse consumers who valued reliability above all else. In other words, the overwhelming majority of American car buyers. Camry
  5. Greetings, fellow Shitters! It's Autoshite's resident token Yank, again. Allow me to take you back to the glorious year of 1987. Ronald Reagan delivered his famous "Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall" speech. The Great Southern British Storm killed 23 people in the south of England. Dirty Dancing, Lethal Weapon, and Beverly Hills Cop II arrived in cinemas. Rick Astley recorded "Never Gonna Give You Up". As you can see, it was an historically significant year, indeed! It was also the year Rover began it's latest (and ultimately last) attempt to crack the potentially lucrative No
  6. Once you remove all the yellow oxidation rom the headlights, go over them with a clear enamel spray. This will prevent you from having to repeat this tedious task again.
  7. Look out! Here comes Mr. Lahey and Randy!
  8. What are the chances of converting to an aftermarket throttle body injection system and electronic ignition? Seems to me ditching the finicky carb and old fashioned distributor would cure the ills you are experiencing. How about a retrofit aircon setup? Are either of these a realistic proposition with a car like this? I know you'll lose concours points for originality but the end result would be a more comfortable, reliable, and usable car. I've done the classic car ownership thing before and I'd like to do it again. However, the older I get, the less willing I am to give up mode
  9. Who buys a car over 96 months? People who desperately stretch to buy a car or truck they really can't afford. Every redneck who wants a blinged-out King Ranch Edition Ford F150, despite the fact they live in their Grandma's trailer and only make $10.00 an hour at Wal-Mart. The working poor who still refer to themselves as "Middle Class", never mind the mountains of evidence to the contrary. Those who still buy in to the delusion of the American Dream. Those who have yet to catch on to the fact America is totally fu&%ed!!!
  10. As America's handling of the Coronavirus pandemic has proven, the U.S. is really a third-world country that pretends to be a first-world country. This reality can also be seen in America's car culture. Decent used cars are priced out of reach for many of the working poor, who are forced to buy overpriced bangers from dubious BHPH (Buy Here-Pay Here) dealers charging interest rates that would be illegal in any civilised country. Even the consumers who can still afford to buy new are discovering their incomes have not kept pace with the skyrocketing prices of new cars. Hence the rise in 84 m
  11. There's a lot of truth to that statement. America has plenty of risk-adverse consumers who value the allure of a warranty above all else. When most Americans speak of "quality" in a car, what they're really talking about is reliability. Driving dynamics, handling, soft-touch plastics, fit and finish all count for nothing. As long as the car starts with every turn of the key and asks for nothing in terms of maintenance, it will be perceived as a "quality" product. This is why the dullest of dull Japanese tin boxes are some of America's best sellers. The fact most of them are built down to
  12. I thought some of you might be interested in some YankShite they forgot to stop making. In 1982, General Motors introduced it's new front drive "A-Body" platform. The A-Body spawned the Chevrolet Celebrity, Pontiac 6000, Oldsmobile Cutlass Ciera, and Buick Century. For most of the 1980's, the A-body cars formed the backbone of GM's mid-sized offerings. However, by the end of the decade, newer and fresher models arrived to replace the A-Bodies. As the new "W-Body" cars were rolled out, they began to replace the now dated looking A-Bodies. The Chevrolet Lumina saloon replaced the C
  13. In Canada, you could still buy a new Mk IV VW Golf and Jetta even though the new Mk V was already on sale. The City Golf and City Jetta continued in Canada (with slight styling tweeks) throughout the newer Mk V production run.
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