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    Bren got a reaction from Rust Collector in The new news 24 thread   
    I obtained this yesterday for the SD1.

    New they very expensive  - £300 +. Too much for something that will be used infrequently. I have had to adjust the timing as the current lucas item is past it's best and will not start the engine with the correct timing. Just psyching myself up to fit it - lack of access means it is a ballache.
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    Bren got a reaction from lesapandre in Vanishing motoring YouTube channels   
    Emily Shields had a lot of volvo related stuff but there has been nothing new for ages.
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    Bren got a reaction from Tenmil Socket in Warren Works... An MG6. In for test. It fails. NOW PISTONHEADS APPROVED CAR!   
    Ask Maurice Green?
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    Bren got a reaction from warren t claim in AS Communal MK4&5 Mondeo Thread   
    Another mk IV with rear brake issues. I stripped and cleaned ours a few months ago - I noticed the pads did not have long before leaving the chat. I decided to replace them as we are away next week.

    The n/s wheel would still rotate easily with the handbrake applied. The levers were a mess. I stripped them as much as I could and used needle files wire brush and plus gas to get them moving again.
    I bought pagid pads that were not cheap and did not come with the clips that fit to the carrier. Disappoint.
    Hardbrake worked on the o/s but the piston was very reluctant  to move - I had used a draper tool designed for the MK3 granada on the n/s but it is a tight fit - this was useless on the o/s.
    I broke out my rewind kit - it has the tool for Left and Right. Unfortunately the tommy bar is useless on a stiff caliper and mullers your hands. I put box spanners inside each other and used them as an extension - a bit more leverage was what was needed. Undoing the bleed nipple was not going to happen as it resembled a rotten tooth.
    Even though the mk IV has been out of production nearly ten years I am still surprised how grim these things get underneath - the protection looks to have been minimal.
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    Bren reacted to High Jetter in The new news 24 thread   
    Swinging it,so cash... Congrats!
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    Bren reacted to SiC in SiC's consolidated moderns - 2004 BMW Z4 2.2 and 2005 BMW 330i (new arrival)   
    Before I'm consigned to the looney asylum, I should say that we also own a naturally aspirated petrol Honda Civic!

    My wife loves it but to me it's like the fallback car on Top Gear/Grand Tour.
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    Bren reacted to 808 Estate in The Bikeshite Thread   
    The Interceptor has arrived.

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    Bren reacted to trigger in My life in cars - Capri & XR3i   
    Long time, no see! I've been very busy behind the scenes with life stuff but i have been chipping away on the XR3i, long story short it ended up being a shit load of worth as expected boot floor needed a patch

    but that was all the welding it needed, plug number for snapped off in the head, it was a utter twat to get out but a easy out and going for it with the chatter gun managed to get it out and save my arse with a head rebuild.

    ended up changing all the valve stem seals whilst this was off, brakes were completely stripped down and all replaced

    It needed new brake lines and master cylinder and servo  as they were kanckered too so they got replaced as did the exhaust system

    The fuel system was a nightmare, the tank was rotten, as was the pump and hardlines and all the pipes so everything got replaced which cost a fortune!

    the sender unit was rusty and seized but i managed to save that with a good clean and WD40

    also replaced the injectors and metering head, absolute mare all that! the gearbox end plate had rusted through and lost all it's oil and that was replaced

    both driveshaft seals had failed too and needed replacing, 
    Loads of other stuff has done but i won't bore you anymore but suffice to say it was a slog and i don't have photos!

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    Bren reacted to SiC in SiC's consolidated moderns - 2004 BMW Z4 2.2 and 2005 BMW 330i (new arrival)   
    "I think your car has just arrived outside"
    *I wipe my bleary eyes and look at the time*
    Shit it's 9:30am and I just have forgot to set my alarm clock. 
    *Gets out of bed, grabs the nearest clothes and goes outside*

    Thanks to @NorfolkNWeigh for delivering!
    I'm back to three cars needing a wash again. 😅
    Also does owning two 6cyl Bangle BMWs turn me into a wanker now?
    Man maths says this should be a handy spares car for the Z4 vice versa.
    Just going out to drop the top and enjoy the sun. More later...
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    Bren reacted to Rustybullethole in Laters city life, Im outta here for a bit   
    Snout nearly out. Off I fuck. 
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    Bren reacted to Mr_Bo11ox in collection mission to SPAIN!!!! COMPLETED IT M8   
    Just checked in 11.3 kg of tools
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    Bren reacted to sdkrc in collection mission to SPAIN!!!! COMPLETED IT M8   
    I don't have the original Simca 1100 review but I did find the 24,000 mile report in the Nov 1969 issue of Motor

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    Bren reacted to Mr_Bo11ox in collection mission to SPAIN!!!! COMPLETED IT M8   
    So, I've got this Simca now.
    Seller came to the airport as planned. He was messaging me from outside "hurry up,  this parking is gonna clean me out" but i had to wait in the long queue with all the other gullible English folk, all having to have their passports minutely inspected and stamped. Took almost an hour, while all the Spanish folk were done and gone in 10-15 mins.
    Anyway with that done I grabbed my bag of hammers and ran outside to this beautiful sight right outside the terminal:

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    Bren reacted to Mr_Bo11ox in collection mission to SPAIN!!!! COMPLETED IT M8   
    Will do some more photos and inspections/reports tomorrow when I have a few more watt-hours in my battery but sò far I'm desperately looking for, and failing to find, stuff to stress over. It doesn't even have any oil leaks man. Alternator and battery are a year old and after all that fan belt chat, there is a new spare in the boot.
    The tickover is a little high and I noticed when backing into the hotel parking earlier that it seemed slightly smelly, so tomorrow I might whip off the air filter and check the choke is coming off fully. Otherwise i am just gonna get On with my big journey home!!!

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    Bren got a reaction from St.Jude in F**ked Black Rover 827 SLi - The Mistake Machine   
    I know when these failed on SD1's ( only 3.5's had them ) the car would die completely but then restart once everything had cooled.
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    Bren got a reaction from St.Jude in F**ked Black Rover 827 SLi - The Mistake Machine   
    Easy start is volatile. A yellow spark is a weak spark. Do these have an amplifier on the distributor?
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    Bren got a reaction from Matty in F**ked Black Rover 827 SLi - The Mistake Machine   
    Good progress. Well done to all involved.
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    Bren reacted to Mr Pastry in F**ked Black Rover 827 SLi - The Mistake Machine   
    Inhibitor switch then.
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    Bren reacted to St.Jude in F**ked Black Rover 827 SLi - The Mistake Machine   
    So all credit to @Noel Tidybeard and @Lankytim who came over today and gave me a hand.
    Thanks to them we have worked out a few things.
    1) The starter relay does work, but there is no power going to it to energise it.
    2) Bypassing it cranks the engine. The starter engine works.
    3) Using easy start it will not start. There is a spark. Kind of can hear a burble from the back and there is a smell of petrol there too from the exhaust.
    4) Fuel is going to the engine.
    So it’s cranking but not starting, and something is stopping the starter relay engaging. @Lankytim took the cap off of it, so you can touch the side of it and it’ll start the car.
    But we are further forward now. I may now go to change the fuel pump (as there is a spare) to see if that does anything. I will need to see if I can check the strength of the spark.
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    Bren got a reaction from Snake Charmer in The Bikeshite Thread   
    MOT'd for another 12 months - probably last time I take it for it's test - it's not suited to somebody the wrong side of 50. I will bleed the front brakes again is the lever is a bit soft for my liking.

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    Bren reacted to Schaefft in F*ck me it's Early Collection Thread   
    What else could it have been!

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    Bren reacted to Jon in F*ck me it's Early Collection Thread   
    My Commodore is likely too early for you (1979) and only one up from base spec, so certainly not awash with toys.

    But it does have a Holden 308 motor!

    Got it back just before Christmas, after resolving its years sat in my garage as a 'project' by throwing money at someone else to fix it. Bit of a cop out, but nice to have it done.
    Really should do a much overdue fleet update.
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    Bren got a reaction from NorfolkNWeigh in Do you have any motoring superstitions or OCD traits?   
    Both climate controls must be same temp.
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