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  1. I've checked the Mahle catalogue and they are indeed listed. Question is are they available? XU10J2TE was a popular turbo conversion for the 205 gti crowd and all their forums suggest pistons are unavailable. I will follow this up.
  2. The head was freshly skimmed and overhauled so unlikely. I'm thinking storing the block sans head in my horrid damp asbestos garage is the culprit.
  3. Hi shiters I've hit a problem with my 2.0 pez turbo XM after reassembly of the engine with a good skimmed head. Rough idle and EML on led me to do a compression check and the results were depressing; 3 cylinders in the high 90s psi but one at 62 psi. So cylinder one is looking borked but normal oversize pistons are not available, just Germanic forged racing jobs at £500 plus. So I'm thinking about having the cylinders bored and sleeved back to standard. Anybody had any experience of this both cost wise and durability wise?
  4. I was unable to attend past few meetings due to parlour state of my finances and associated lack of gainful employment. Once this situation is improved I will return! And may even eat steak.
  5. Just don't leave it too long. Winter is coming and my middle aged boned don't like the cold.
  6. Hi Conelrad You're welcome to borrow my engine crane if you want? I can even deliver and provide technical Support.
  7. If this gets broken there's a few bits I'm after as well.
  8. The wrath of Mrs Costa is far worse than a major ftp.
  9. I was en route to Chumley and my clutch went bang 4 miles from the show. Best of all on a sharp bend on a hill on the A49. Mrs Costa was fuming and gave me the silent treatment all the way back in the recovery truck. Recovery man said he was used to it! Preliminary diagnosis is pull clutch forks slipped off release bearing or roll pin on clutch arm snapped.
  10. As a born and bred Gloucestrian I take exception to that. Which is why the whole Costadelglosta extended clan relocated to Cheshire and Lancashire
  11. This is bargain of the century. I would have snapped it up but I already have an XM and don't need a divorce. Oh and I forgot to add do the Belfast ferry, less hassle and they do a damn good artery clogging feed.
  12. More of a hundred footer than a ten footer I would say. Must have had a serious scrape down one side as all the panels are full of wob and the paint is lifting. The other side is factory paint and looks much better. I'll park so you can only see the good side next time. The looks are more than compensated for by the smell of delicious frying fish and chips it emits!
  13. You may be onto something there. I suspect that was a little too specialist for Mrs Costa.
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