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  1. I think you are correct, but it is kind of strange to rotate a letter 90 degrees and make a logo out of it.
  2. Hello. Long time no post. Can someone please explain why Mitsubishi used this logo on Galant Sigmas? What does this logo mean, where did it come from? Cheers.
  3. For some reason the US spec bumpers on the E21s or even E12s doesn't bother me as much as these poor little bastards.
  4. Once a common scene in streets of Tehran, now only a handful have survived.
  5. Lol!.... Yes all taxi drivers here have PHDs in political science, and they all blame you lot (British) for the revolution and blame BBC too. This should have been on the Paykan thread not on the 2-door avenger.
  6. 3rd generation Nissan Junior Pick-Up, still in production! They are absolutely horrid, I hate them. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nissan_Junior
  7. OMG! That 505 front-end! Appalling...
  8. Seriously?? Never seen an E28 example outside the US with those bumpers. During the 70s in Iran there were a lot of US spec E12s and E21s, but they were all shipped to Iran from the US, during a student scheme that the Shah's government had allowing returning students to bring back one car with themselves.
  9. This turd I really can't stand! And they are all over Iran and still in production!
  10. Since Juke has come to the market there has been uglier cars on the road, so I might have to say that Juke is actually looking a little bit better now, just a tiny bit.
  11. You are a psychopath, except on the above R107
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