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  1. £17750 for our Tourneo Custom, which we will have had for 3 years next month. I've just had a quick look on Autotrader and it seems that's what the same year example are currently selling for!
  2. I'm genuinely not a troll and I've ever enquired about cars when I'm not looking to buy. However seeing those lines on advert really makes me want to ask if it's still available. A bit like a red button with a do not press warning.
  3. I saw 1 ALE on a Land Rover Discovery. It was coming out of the Everards Brewery HQ car park near Leicester.
  4. It's near enough a lifetime part really.
  5. I think these are 10 years/125k interval for the belt
  6. Me and few mates we big into Minis in the late 90s. We would go at least half a dozen shows a year. I always liked the Mini 30s, probably would prefer the Red one, but think the interiors are probably one of the best of all standard Mini, except perhaps the Mini Cooper 35 LE. I seem to recall that the 30s seemed to be rustier than even examples from the same year? They seemed to go around the scuttle panel more than other Minis? Unless for some reason the black ones fared better I wouldn't be surprised if the 2017 rebuild was its second.
  7. I like the 1979 Mini 1100 Special. The only non Clubman Mini to have a factory 1098cc engine. It came with alloy wheels and a 1275GT instrument pack and a central console. Metallic paint with a vinyl roof. I nearly bought one unseen about 8 years ago, but chickened out. Saw it later that year in Newquay on the Riviera Mini Run and instantly regretted not buying it.
  8. Wow! I remember that day well, can't believe it was over 8 years ago. I wasn't in Hinckley, but other random areas across Leicestershire also had it, my company Astra got hit, but it wasn't very noticeable. A few colleagues with private cars had to claim on their insurance.
  9. Probably sidelights, especially with most recent cars with drl and auto lights.
  10. Is the needle 180degrees out? Shadow of rev counter suggests just over 3000rpm, which would be about 55/60 if similarly geared to my 205XS.
  11. A mk1 Polo Formel E. it only had a 100mph and I'd estimated I got to around an 106-108mph. It was a 3+E and top speed was supposed to be achieved in 3rd. It was 18 year old me's party trick telling people my 1.1 polo would do over 90 in 3rd. Most said Bollocks, so it was "get in then". I think it could see 95ish on the clock in 3rd, but downhill and with wind behind it would pull a bit more in E (4th). The other one was another Polo, a Mk2 Coupe S. Again only 100mph in the clock. This was a 5speed and I could fairly easily see 105ish and I remember easily cruising at 95, 5 up. One night I finished a shift sorting parcels in Atherstone and just wanted to get back to my student house in Nottingham. Along a stretch of the A42 the speedo was almost pointing at the floor! It must of been 115 if the numbers carried on.
  12. Is this the same engine as a 2006 9-3 with a 2.0 150bhp unit. If so noob tune can probably get this to 220bhp. Not getting this done to my 9-3 is a regret.
  13. I'm not wishing to take part in the PCP bashing that takes place on here, but I'm struggling to understand who would buy this car? To have this as a company car with fuel it would cost £15k:yr in tax - it would actually be no more expensive to lease it at your own expense! A Volvo XC90 hybrid with a list price of £74k would only cost £5k. So it seems almost anyone having this car is spending at least a grand a month of their own money. Whether co car tax, lease costs, or depreciation if buying in cash.
  14. Seems cheap* to me. 39x£736 is £28704. If you bought one cash for £80k would you expect to get £51.2k for it at 3 years old? If not the Lease seems a cheaper all round option. I suspect the excess mileages will be about a £1 per mile.
  15. I suspect those 300,000 people have 60% of the wealth!
  16. I've got quite a few: Get up earlier (and probably go to bed earlier too) Walk an average of 8000 steps a day Cycle at least 100 miles every month lose at least 2 stone, but ideally up to 4. Try not to worry/minter about relatively insignificant problems. Read more books Learn more about cycle maintenance- possible do a training courses. I was up at 6:30 and had done 6500 steps by 9am, so not a bad start. The big Breakfast in Morrisons cafe whilst waiting for my windscreen replacement is probably not ideal though!
  17. It's been fairly calm on the forum recently, but surely this deserves some warning points if not a ban?
  18. Can someone please start listing cars fitted with A-series engines?
  19. The 1.8t is 150bhp, which is actually 2.0l engine. There is a 1.8 120bhp that is non turbo and actually 1.8 - not driven one but specs suggest it slow and miserable and I doubt it’s very tuneable. It’s might only be 30bjp less but the torque is massively less. - 123lb/ft where the 1.8t has 177. I also had a 1.8t, not the fastest car, but power delivery was smooth and Progressive through the rev range.
  20. Should most garages have a pump to remove oil through dipstick hole or filler - I thought many modern cars don’t have drain plugs anymore. We took our car to a different garage for a cheap oil and filter change and forgot the about the Bodge to oil sump to fix a leak that means the sump plug can’t Ben removed. They appear to have responded in a Nuns and Kittens will die fashion. Just waiting for an update from my wife.
  21. ^ I don’t know, but I quite like the dust, so it’s not a problem for me.
  22. You say that, but when I did all 4 corners on my Saab 9-3 (plus a service) it took me about 6/7 hours! However 3 hours work to save £160 seems worth it to me.
  23. No Caliper on quote as each item is listed on quote as a supply and fit price. They also list the make of pads and disk and they match what ECP would supply. They are Pagid front pads £74.14 and Eicher Premiim Brake Discs (2) £126.63 both plus Vat so £240 all but a few pence. My concern is a Caliper is required which will increase that price substantially. This was all done 11k/12 months - the car has been standing for the last 2 months though.
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