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  1. A ratio for EVERY occasion but what a mither!
  2. Even more gearchanges! They sound great but after driving one you can see why people bought Mammoth Majors or Gardner engined Fodens!
  3. He was on Salvage squad iirc - Isle of Wight?
  4. Steve Mayle - very talented truck restorer The Foden stroker clip is his son John - what a lovely motor but what a load of hassle to drive!
  5. Could well be a purpose built / original Heavy haulage motor - where was it, may I ask?
  6. Bedford and ERF pic taken in April 2010 in Kington --- all cleared now, sadly
  7. Lol. Peter has about 20 of them in varying states of repair The noise inside those Fodens when they are pulling stays with you for many hours!
  8. Two surviving -- ugly things! Here's the other survivor: Quest WNT502Y by Alan Drake, on Flickr The set forward cab caused problems with axle loadings and the chassis' apparently cracked regularly
  9. Got it in one - I reckon it'll never get sorted - as said above.. the driveway is non existent and long so a huge job there - Probably mentioned but the previous owner reaffirmed his credentials on an episode of Salvage Hunters -- Stratospheric prices!!
  10. Thread resurrection.... the 100 ton Scammell is still safe and in the shed but they have cleared some fair chunks of the site out ---
  11. The Scammell gate change box!
  12. to be fair it is geared really well and most of the time it is fine --
  13. This ERF was stored for 10 years! https://flic.kr/p/b4av7r
  14. With the mega inflation of the late 70's, many lorries were bought before being needed - prices were rising all the time so it was best to buy and store - This ERF was stored for years too:
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