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  1. I reckon the advertised bug has been off the road for donkeys. Someone has had issues with registering their own BB at some point and for whatever reason have taken the I.D from matey's car for their own.
  2. How much do you like the car? Whilst paintwork is never cheap, there are cleaner mk1s out there as a starting point. On the other hand, if you do stump up 800 notes for some shiny paint, the car will still owe you under 2k and they're great fun regardless.
  3. If you’ve got five minutes, this fella’s skills are pretty impressive.I don’t like what he’s done, but I’m in awe of his attention to detail. http:// https://www.facebook.com/1016660582/posts/10219997149491854/
  4. "You might be the chap driving around in a car that has her reg..." £2500 with six days remaining. Reserve not met.
  5. Been planning on selling the Z4 for a while now, but thought it would be prudent to wait as MOT is due late July. Glad I waited to be honest, as when I advertise it in a month's time, I'll be mentioning the MOT expires in January 2021.
  6. That reminds me of a thread I used to dip into on RR years ago. A disabled lad was very slowly tarting up his Neon, but didn't really seem to make much headway despite his efforts. Edit: Turns out he dropped a 3.3L V6 into it, but doesn't actually appear to have finished it yet, eight years later... https://forum.retro-rides.org/thread/137868/1997-chrysler-neon-engine-speed?page=1
  7. Fiancée was made up with her mini Mk1 Fez parked outside of the MILs house yesterday. The number plate detail was a particular crowd pleaser. BIL had a quick play on photoshop and created a quality* result. We physically moved our cars out of the way to stage the photo- neighbours must have thought we'd lost the plot! I can see repeat visits to the fancyplates site imminent...
  8. Coverdale carpet? Photo for reference. Soz, I'll get my coat.
  9. Right now I'm wishing it was 1994 again and I had loan of an A plate 1.5 323 estate from my then boss. It was slow compared to my mate's 81 323 1.3 BD hatch though. Not quite sure why - the 1.3 responded amazingly to being driven hard through the rev range, whereas the 1.5 was just...flat. There was something very satisfying about driving the estate though and I always liked borrowing it. This one is identical to it... I'd love to source one over here, but they appear to be pretty much extinct now. Am really enjoying reading about your 626. Keep going with the updates!
  10. I can see this one going around. And around. And around. And around.
  11. I wonder when this will end? I've got two which are due MOT at the end of July.
  12. That's amazing mileage. I'd heard good things about the 2.2 cdti in the 04 and newer shape Accords and CRVs. I guess the Civic engine is a tweaked version of the same motor.
  13. 265k? That's pretty impressive from a boggo Civic!
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