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  1. I've lost track of who ended up owning this one on here. Great to see it hanging on in there - I'm pretty sure it's the same one lots of us have featured on the Autoshite mugs from a few years back? Looks like it's going under the hammer anyway:
  2. She sang a couple of good songs years ago, mind.
  3. Still looks hawt even when it's not moving.
  4. Poor sod. That's almost as horrific as 'Jayden'.
  5. Stunning. I love Lanzarote - we fully intend to go back when the little'un is a bit older.
  6. What's the silver longroof estate? Impala?
  7. Perfect donor 👌 One slight issue... Longbridge Jr has gone Warhol on it this morning 🤣
  8. That's a proper Bobby Dazzler, Dan. Thanks for my diecast too - safely received yesterday!
  9. Interesting project. BIL has a 2006 Mazda 2 which looks as though it has some Demio DNA looking at the side profile. I think his is based on a Ford Fusion - they were a joint project between the two manufacturers and we've found Ford stamped onto a few parts, including the engine block. His is unkillable and it sails the MOT every year. Does the Demio have a Ford equivalent or is it a thoroughbred?!
  10. Sad times. Honestly, I think this is my favourite car on here. At least you've done a cracking job of giving bringing it up to a decent standard since taking it on.
  11. How good do that pair look? Particularly the Granada. I spotted a mk2 I've never seen before driving locally here in Mid-Cornwall yesterday. Despite the fact they no longer look huge, it still looked great driving past.
  12. Isn't that the derv one which has been for sale for months? Owner sounded like a bit of a shiter tbf. Edit: https://m.facebook.com/groups/667997093300529/permalink/4944303082336554/ Edit again: https://www.carandclassic.com/car/C1528062
  13. My parents are getting on in age now and I've been given instructions to pop around tomorrow with an empty boot. The plan is to offload my remaining childhood bits and pieces which are still in their attic. I'm pretty sure I picked most of my original collection a couple of years back; however there's definitely a few Bburago remaining including my 1/18 Mercedes 300SL which I repainted in Snapdragon yellow almost thirty years ago! I have a feeling I started stripping the paint again for another paint job, but can't quite remember. It'll be interesting to see them all again after almost three decades anyway.
  14. My driveway (a few weeks ago!)
  15. Spotted this one the other day. New one on me!
  16. Tippers is about a mile from our place. I've used them a couple of times for Lambretta plates and on my most recent visit I took some photos of their range for LBF to perve over for general perusal. Worth considering? More here:
  17. I can't get my head around the fact this little old dear is 86 years old. I spotted the listing and thought this was pretty special too:
  18. Vintage Aeroyal on a modern frame. Controversial!
  19. That's a real shame that Toyota ruined a brilliant little car. We hired a proper Aygo when we stayed about an hour from Nice in 2014. I'd never driven one before and assumed it would be terrible. Instead, I was really impressed - it was lively, the three pot sounded alright, MPG was excellent, cabin design was ingenious and genuinely felt spacious considering it was a small car. It was like a mountain goat on many of the narrow, winding hills where we stayed too. It was a hoot to drive and I loved the thing. It was one of these: In stark contrast, the Yaris we hired in Lanzarote a couple of years later was terrible. It sounded much more like your Aygo X - lardy, slow, not particularly good on fuel, dull as dishwater and generally unlikeable. It was the polar opposite of it's little sibling.
  20. I had the glow in the dark streak racing as a joint present with my little bro. It didn't last particularly long from what I remember.
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