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  1. Something very odd going on with this one. Last v5 issued in 1970 apparently (unlikely) and last taxed in 1990. Looks like it was partly cancelled on dvla's system or something. Help us out @LightBulbFun
  2. 2.4k for a straight looking Santana doesn't seem too bad tbf. The description is great: Very rare ( 1 of 2 registered) VW Santana, good and solid with a few rough spots, wheels are dreadful, good entry to the classic world, drives, changes gear and stops well
  3. Yeah, unless there's been a response since? It didn't address the time scales and the fact a completely inappropriate lift was used to remove the cars though. I'd be flippin' livid if someone rolled up with a 'sauna removals our pleasure' lorry and proceeded to lift my £££ Porker/ whole car collection. Somebody somewhere screwed things right up.
  4. Fantastic news. Almost ready for McDonald's drive-thru?
  5. Anyone spotted this? Looks like Cardiff County Council have screwed up. The original story: The update (the owner is in hospital currently): Council approved contractors would remove a Porsche of high value with care on on a transporter, right? Let's hope the cars end up returned to the owner undamaged, although that seems unlikely...
  6. Apparently Taylor had owned his 'Yota since high school. Looks like no-one spotted the fuel leak...
  7. I last used that stuff in 1993. One of the garage lads used to flick a can of five wheel steel over the wheels on some of the forecourt cars during prep and I had to clean the mess up with this stuff. I didn't realise it still existed!
  8. Dorset plate so it's done a couple of miles at some point, assuming the car's already in Scotland. Mot out in 2020 I see - you're a brave fella! Good to hear the daily's effectively dailying.
  9. Imported in 1996 apparently. Shown a bit too: http://triumphmayflowerclub.com/events/rallies/northernrally2017/ I wonder how it ended up looking a bit down at heel on a used car lot?
  10. Underseal is to underbody as what car covers are to paintwork.
  11. Isn't that the one @Motown agreed to buy and was then ghosted by the seller?
  12. Any roffle interest in these? 42 magazines all in excellent condition from November 1986 up to December 1993. 5 tickets for £2 including delivery. I'll start a separate roffle thread if so. Otherwise I'll stick them on the 'bay.
  13. Wow! Proper rarity then! Shame mine doesn't have the box. It's a keeper anyway. I've also discovered my Corgi Collector magazines running from November 1986 all the way up to December 1993. I'm in two minds whether I keep or sell for a minute. Is there much of a market for them?
  14. Right. After exhuming my 1/18 Bburago from my parents loft last weekend, I've cleaned them up this weekend. Unfortunately, they've been badly stored. Boxes were hanging filthy dirty and the models must have been really dusty before they were individually wrapped in old towel material and popped into an open box. On some, the paint has started to bubble slightly in a couple of places. The F40 bonnet red paint was flat as a pancake and I literally had to use cutting compound to try and bring it back. Add to that, I'd forgotten that as a car-crazy kid, I'd pulled off the wheels and taken the models apart so many times over the years that the front suspension setup on both the F40 and TestaRossa is damaged and ideally needs complete replacement from a donor. As for the 300sl, the snapdragon yellow repaint I gave it with the leftovers from when I blew in some panels on my Metro is tired, but still looks pretty good in my eyes. Unfortunately the bonnet hinge lugs are broken so I could do with a donor for that, too. So, in all, a frustrating outcome. One lovely little surprise though. In with my Bburago was this Hong Kong made, large (16cm) plastic bodied Imp Californian I'm guessing? I think it was one of the last things I ever bought at a swapmeet, at least 25 years ago. No maker's mark on it though. These Cararama Volkswagens were in amongst the models too! They must a similar age. If anyone spots a cheap 1/18;donor F40, Testa Rossa and/or Mercedes 300sl, do let me know!
  15. FFS. Favourite mug, too! Who was the member on here who organised these a few years back?
  16. Wow. That's a prime example of why it's worth finding a trusted MOT tester. I get the impression this one doesn't like old cars.
  17. Sad to hear but kudos to you for all the work you've done to the car. Could be worth tagging @Mrs Spart too?
  18. The sound of a VR certainly is addictive. I don't blame you!
  19. If you want a quick sale and it's cheap... *joking
  20. Both of mine had already been imported from Italy and were complete with Nova declaration. I then applied to Doovla for UK registration whereby they insisted on sending out a chap to give it a basic i.d inspection. Simple enough really.
  21. Looks like @strangeangelowned it for a fair time: I think it was his thread I used to follow, although I can't find it currently.
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