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  1. Thanks chap - brilliant sleuthing. I've fed this back to the granddaughter and she's impressed that her grandfather owned such a cool looking machine 😅
  2. Briggs and Stratton lawnmower engine 1980 six wheeled hybrid EV. https://www.motor1.com/news/404696/briggs-stratton-six-wheel-hybrid/amp/
  3. Interesting back story on it, for sure. The original owner must have been hell bent on resurrecting it considering what happened in the accident. Is it you who started the PH thread about this car?
  4. I've got some updates for WU, my 1960 series 2 Lambretta which I'll add soon. In the meantime, the daughter of the original owner has been in regular contact. She's just sent me this photo of a bike outside of her grandfather's place from back in the day. I've had to explain that it's 100% not a scooter 😅. Could anyone identify the motorbike though? It would be nice to let her know, regardless.
  5. I like the way the ad blurb begins: "It is with a sad heart I must sell one of my PTs this one I have owned for the last 11 years.." Much as I quietly, and completely irrationally, quite like PTCs, it's clear this poor chap is unwell. It would be great to see him on here!
  6. Toyota's FT-EV concept from 2011 could have have worked a treat and been ahead of the game with pocket-sized EVs.
  7. Excellent news and worth all the hard work!
  8. Why did you sell the E92 in the first place? I assumed you were buying back your old 5 series touring. That always looked one hell of a car.
  9. Keeping it Mitsubishi, one of my colleagues has a Lancer GS2. Clunky looking thing and I reckon I can count on one hand how many I've seen in the metal. Future dodo material.
  10. It's lovely, there's no denying it. Didn't the standard GM tidemark on these stop below the side trims rather than an inch above though? I'd be doing some checks with a magnet for £7k. Edit: I stand corrected! I can't quite work out why GM didn't end it lower down. I guess it could be to follow the line of the top of the front bumper. Odd choice though.
  11. That Mercury Commuter needs to be preserved in all its glory.
  12. I'm thinking of tunnelling below the garage/garden Dibnah style, and building something similar. I reckon I'll install a discrete drop hatch somewhere on ground level too for so the courier can drop kick each diecast delivery straight down into the epicentre and Mrs DL won't have to worry about the inside of the house doing a Trebus any more.
  13. My brother pranged a few of his motors in his youth (as did I) and his 1600E Onion is still high up on his regret list. It would have been just under a decade old at the time and he bought it cheap from a fella who was desperate for the money for whatever reason. The car was way cleaner than it had any right to be. By then, most Escorts and Onions of similar vintage had rusty sills, arches and non-existent battery trays. His was totally solid. It's time on the queen's highway ended abruptly when he pulled out too hastily from a blind junction into oncoming traffic and someone ended up with their front end embedded into his B pillar. He still hates talking about it.
  14. That's a new one on me. When I read FULLBORE, I imagined a minimum of six cylinders, a fibreglass two door bodyshell, a low centre of gravity and the need for driving gloves for the discerning driving perverts. Then I saw these photos...
  15. This thread links well to my concept cars/photoshop fred here:
  16. I'd forgotten about the Horsey Horseless.
  17. Mk1 Tigra. Not sure I ever remember seeing one on an M, either.
  18. Use for budget weddings? Ready to roll.
  19. Registered as a 1.2 petrol. Police owned... weird?
  20. I had to use a bit of dremel action on the battery holder in order to remove the old batteries on the boy's model . It was almost as if the holder was moulded around the batteries or something. I had to fiddle with the sprung contacts a fair bit before it fired into life.
  21. Longbridge Jr was given a decent box of secondhand cars from a friend's mum recently - they date from the last couple of decades. A few caught my eye including this Mattel/McDonald's light up diecast. New batteries and Bob's your uncle. It's also survived a five minute dip in the bath too, fortunately. I can't see any other matching models online so assume it's relatively rare.
  22. If there are any Mercury Commuters with dogs, please keep me posted!
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