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  1. I'd love to know the story behind this. Unless it's, Moon buys Dino. Moon smashes up Dino.
  2. Not in the market for a slice of Y10, but can't help but notice that this little Italian madam has had more Englishmen than I've had hot dinners. The little devil will be getting a reputation in a minute
  3. Black paint is two ends of the scale - either it looks bloody horrendous, or fantastic. I'd say yours is near as damn it fantastic now; the graft is clearly paying off. As others have said, I'm sure the old chap would be tickled that his old motor is getting some tlc.
  4. These nutters will start tinting their headlights next, so it's easier to not see things in the dark. Oh, wait...
  5. Imagine that happening today. Or not. It's a shame the whole design and make process has become so clinical. Never knew that's how the E30 touring started.
  6. Not sure if there's been a recent thread on here on cars which manufacturers could have been successful with... I couldn't find any? Feel free to add your own.
  7. I bought one of these a few years back, but haven't used it much tbh. I recently dug it out of the box to mop the MX5 I'd had sitting on the drive for a few months, which had heavily oxidised black paint. I started on the bonnet - plenty of h20 sprayed on. I managed about three quarters of it before the sponge head imploded and became useful to no man or beast. Upon closer inpaection, the area I'd mopped was streaky as hell as well. Like Trigger, I settled on a hand job, and buffed the shit out of it. Looked damn good by the end of it, if I do say so myself. The moral of the story is, if in doubt, spend hours doing something manually and end up with an RSI.
  8. The main A35 road approaching Bournemouth from 2000-2005 often had a load of stolen Fords and VXs dumped or burnt out at the roadside. Only when driving back there all these years later this summer, I noticed a distinct lack of dumped cars. My thought was what are the latest generation of car thieves/arsonists up to, instead of old school activities? Cyber theft? Stealing from Asda? Selling ketamine to school kids?
  9. Vin Diesel drives a diesel van, which is normally powered by red diesel.
  10. I'm trying my best to interpret the RAC fella's expression. The best I can do for now is, 'Oh shit...'Edit: I assumed the recovery bloke was the one in the orange hi-viz. I'm now wondering if in actual fact, he's the one balls deep, next to him.
  11. What's the craic with the caravan? Don't need it and don't have the space for it, but love the look of it. Even that dim-witted, BL hating, knobhead Son of Clark would struggle to smash that one up without a pang of guilt.
  12. Digging around a bit deeper on the 'net, Thurleigh is only home to unregistered and new cars now. All the old stuff has gone, presumed beanz tinz.
  13. Good man. Looks a decent job where you've actually chopped out all the grot, rather than bleb a load of patches all over it. Are 206s prone to still rot, then? Whatever the case, you just gave your lad's motor at least another 12 months on the queen's highways.
  14. Transformation seems to underestimate the work done here. There's clearly not a hint of, "That'll do!" about this restoration. Restepc.
  15. The cherished* number plate must be worth at least a zillion Groat as well. Bagain indeed.
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