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  1. Wow, I didn't realise this one was saved in the end. Any photos of the unearthing? How much welding did the old girl need? Brilliant to see it still in one piece and looking to live still.
  2. This Ledbury Maestro van appeared here a while back I think. Now sub £1k with an MOT into next year. 1 owner from new and includes spares. Bereavement sale. Someone GIB. https://www.carandclassic.com/car/C1552379
  3. Assuming the engine rebuild is recent and with paperwork, that's a billy barg for a relatively solid Merak. Gorgeous looking things. I still haven't forgiven Clarkson for wrecking that tidy red example on TG a few years back.
  4. A face only its mother could love. The alloys look like they could have been stolen from an early Bini too. I'd be really tempted to replace the Y with a C just for shits and giggles.
  5. It looks to have had a comfortable existence for many years. Definitely worth looking after - the 323 estates are seriously thin on the ground now.
  6. Just spotted online. Just imagine a filling station being designed with such style now... Aral Tankstelle, Bochum 1960
  7. Does anyone fancy this original 80s 1/18 Bburago Ferrari Testarossa for £8? It's really clean and the paint shines up a treat. The only issue is the front hub pins are damaged so one front wheel is floppy. The other has been glued and is stable (and still turns left and right). The other is easy enough to glue into place or alternatively display as is - you don't really notice it to be honest. Complete with original box (missing plastic). Postage can be arranged no issue.
  8. Agreed - 505 looks like it could clean up a treat. Front wings look frilly and a cheap spares car is never a bad thing I guess though. The 305 van looks like a fair bit of work!
  9. Probably the last thing he wants to hear right now, but if he's in the market for a similar driving experience in an equally lithe shell, the mk3 MR2 Roadster is a riot to drive. So direct, so much fun and apart from rear crossmembers, not particularly prone to rust. Sad to see the state of his mk1 though - it looks pretty rogered.
  10. ALFA ROMEO ITALDESIGN CAPSULA "The real peculiarity of the #ItaldesignCapsula consists in the interchangeable base, made up of the transmission, the steering wheel, the tank, the spare wheel, the boot, the heating, the lights and the engine, which was the 1.5-litre 4-cylinder boxer (104 HP ) of #AlfaRomeo Alfasud. The bodywork could be easily removed and replaced with others of various types, intended for the transport of passengers, goods or even cars: among the suggested applications there was also that of a tow truck. The car body of the minivan was made up of five parts: the side ones, the front and rear ones (which fitted into the base) and a roof spar, designed to keep them all together." Via @autofdate Edit: It wouldn't have looked too bad if it didn't have the upstairs level...
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